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Pop Up Tents for May 2015 Foodie Events: Promote Your Business Now

pop up canopyMay 2015 is a perfect time to promote food and beverage businesses. Why? There are many national food observances scheduled to take place during the month and businesses of all sizes can easily capitalize on them with our pop up tents. The pop up tents can be set up just about anywhere and are attractive enough to draw large, enthusiastic crowds. So, which May foodie events should you add to the company calendar?
We’ve got a list of monthly observances for food and beverage businesses to consider planning a great, promotional event around. It includes, but isn’t limited to the following:

  • National Mediterranean Diet Month
  • Aramanth Month
  • National Sweet Vidalia Onions Month
  • National Vinegar Month
  • National Barbecue Month
  • National Egg Month
  • National Hamburger Month
  • National Salad Month
  • National Salsa Month

There are a series of weekly and daily foodie holidays happening in May 2015 too. So, businesses with little time may want to choose one day promotions instead of month-long ones. That list includes, but isn’t confined to:

  • Drinking Water Week (3rd through 9th)
  • National Raisin Week (3rd through 9th)
  • Food Allergy Awareness Week (10th through 16th)
  • National Nutty Fudge Day (12th)
  • National Pizza Party Day (15th)
  • American Craft Beer Week (17th through 23rd)
  • Mudbug Madness Week (21st through 24th)
  • National Taffy Day (23rd)

At Canopies and Tarps, we’ve got instant, commercial, automotive, striped and NBA pop up tents in stock that could be used during any of the events that we mentioned above. They may be purchased individually or as part of a package. Our packages vary and may be supplemented with add-ons like PC PVC tube strap anchor kits, PC PVC stakes tension strap kits, banquet tables, side rail skirting, folding chairs and heavy-duty roller bags. We’ve also got high quality, mesh wall kits especially designed for May foodie events. To learn more about our pop up tent collection and get your companys future plans locked down, please contact us today.

Athletic Field Covers Help Get Employees Moving During Health & Fitness Month

athletic field coverGlobal Employee Health & Fitness Month is coming and athletic field covers can help you prepare for it. The annual observance was partially designed to get people from around the world to temporarily walk away from their sedentary jobs and get their blood flowing. Consequently, its possible to host a wide variety of fitness and health events throughout the month, including those that are best suited to take place outside.

Our athletic field covers will help keep both indoor and outdoor fitness areas in pristine condition. For example, lets say that your company wants to host a baseball game during Global Employee Health & Fitness Month. One team will be composed of employees and the other will consist of upper management. Our collection of athletic field covers includes products that will protect both teams bull pens equally. We also have athletic field base covers, pitching mound covers and windscreens.

The windscreens are made from 8.2-ounce vinyl and feature evenly spaced grommets. So, you could use the grommets to hang up vinyl signs that support both the employee and management teams. The screens also come in colors that may just match one of the hues used in your companys logo. Some of the popular colors on offer are gray, white, forest green, Carolina and navy blue. As for the bull pen covers, they come in shades of black and white, which pair well with our silver and white base covers.

The gymnasium floor could be used during Global Employee Health & Fitness Month too. The come in various sizes and colors like yellow, red, black, white, royal and blue. Put them down to protect the floor before company basketball games, indoor aerobics or early morning yoga. The polyester reinforced, laminated vinyl will stand up to whatever your employees can dish out. To learn more about them and the other covers that we mentioned, please contact us.

Truck Tarpaulins: Trusty Agents of Goodwill and Community Landscaping

11x24-black-truck-tarp (2)Maintaining a property is tough, especially when warm weather arrives. It seems like the grass always needs to be cut and the weeds arent far behind. Then theres the power washing, mulching, harvesting and pool cleaning work. It all needs to get done too. Many Americans can handle such work on their own but what about the ones who need help, like the aged and infirm? Oftentimes, they cant take care of lawn care tasks on their own. So, why not help them out if you can?

At Canopies and Tarps, our truck tarpaulins are perfect for guys and gals looking to help their neighbors complete a few seasonal lawn care tasks. They come in a half-dozen sizes and will certainly keep those lawn mowers, landscaping tools and bags of mulch dry. In addition, the 6-ounce poly tarpaulins are tough enough to survive those times when your 4-cycle weed whacker mower decides to spit out chemicals all over the bed of your truck. Why? Unlike cheap tarpaulins youll find elsewhere, ours are chemical resistant. So you dont have to sweat loading up those engines with fluids.

And as for those chainsaw blades, machetes and other sharp-edged tools. Well, they wont leave abrasion marks or stains on our truck tarpaulins either. Oh and thats ditto for mold, mildew, punishing UV rays and standing, hard water. Plus, they wont leave your wallet empty like a glass of iced tea on a hot day. Prices start as low as $17. Consequently, you can order more than one and send your teenagers out in their pickups to help the neighborhoods elderly too.

When youre not fastening the truck tarpaulins down with their built-in, beefy D-rings, theyll fold up nicely. So, you can store them behind the seat, in the truck or your portable tool chest. The storage location is up to you of course. To learn more about our truck tarpaulins and start helping the needy, please contact Canopies and Tarps today.

Reduce the Frequency of Canopy Top Replacements with Routine Cleaning

white replacement coverIf you have a patio that you enjoy spending time in, you probably already have a patio cover that helps provide some much-needed shade. While patio covers are designed to be quite durable and weather-proof, there still comes a time where canopy top replacements may be necessary. Thankfully you can reduce the need for replacing the canopy top as often by focusing on proper maintenance.

Pick a Sunny Day for Cleaning

Keeping your canopy cover looking great is simply a matter of doing a deep clean from time to time. In order for the canopy fabric to dry properly, its recommended that you pick out a warm and sunny day in advance. This way, the canopy will dry entirely and moisture wont be able to lead to mold.

Check for Any Fabric Stains

Stains can occur on a canopy from sources such as grass, tree sap, and even mildew. In order for you to treat these stains, youll want to avoid using bleach since this can cause discoloration. Instead, look for fabric cleaners designed for outdoor furniture.

Use a Laundry Machine if Possible

If your canopy is small enough to fit into a washing machine, this can help cut down on a lot of time cleaning. The short cleaning time also makes it easier for you to do more routine cleanings.

Keep an Eye Out for Any Damages

When cleaning your canopy, its a good idea to use this opportunity to look for any tears in the fabric. If you see any significant damage, it may be time to purchase a canopy replacement.
Contact us for help choosing a new canopy top that fits in perfectly.