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Do All Water Level Fluctuations Require New Pond Liner Installation?

Pond LinerDoes it seem like the water level in your propertys pond is dropping abnormally fast? If so, perhaps the pond liner has sprung a leak. To find out for sure, its best to survey the area and take what you find into account. After all, sometimes it isnt the pond liner thats to blame. The fluctuations could be caused by surrounding trees, local wildlife, drought, normal seepage and evaporation.

If none of those conditions are present and the ponds water level has dropped more than a foot in a months time, chances are it is an actual leak. It still may not trace back to the pond liner through. Why? Leaks may also be caused by faulty embankments, broken pipes and dislodged rip-rap. Therefore, wed encourage you to review those areas before assigning blame.

Oftentimes, correcting those types of leaks involves nothing more than new pipes and soil additives. For instance, we have known farmers who quickly repaired their ponds leaks with dump trucks full of bentonite, sand and rip-rap. Of course not all property owners have been so lucky. In other situations, the installation of concrete support walls may be needed.

Should a check of the shoreline and plumbing system turn up nothing, smile at your good fortune. Then consider draining the water and having the pond liner replaced with one from Canopies and Tarps. Choose one that is compatible with your propertys soil makeup as well as the ponds primary purpose. For example, our 30 mil liners are ideal for heavily used properties laden with rough soil. Theyll resist all of the organic materials known to cause pond liner damage as well as hold up to heavy human or animal traffic.

Once the new material is in place, shore up the support walls for good measure and refill the pond with water. For more information about addressing pond leaks with our 30 mil liners, please contact us online today.

Build or Setup Firewood Storage Areas Now and Save Big on Tarpaulins

Firewood CoversLast winter, you waited until the last-minute and ended up paying too much for firewood. Dont let that happen again this year. Start now. Why? August is the perfect time to set up a series of storage areas with the aid of our firewood rack bracket kit, ready-made racks, tarpaulins, rolling carts and scrap lumber. Simply place an order, choose a spot and add or build the firewood racks accordingly.

Right now, the firewood racks, bracket kits, rolling carts and tarpaulins are on sale. So, youll like save more than $100 off of our standard, retail prices. The ready-made racks are ideal for families who have limited space and know exactly how much firewood theyll need. The largest one is an impressive 12 feet long. As such, it should hold more than a cord of wood.

The rack bracket kits, on the other hand, are perfect for large properties that can accommodate long stretches of wood because they can be customized. Consequently, families like to use the kits to store multiple cords of wood in one or several areas of their respective properties. Also, they are suitable for building smaller and oddly configured stacks too.

And keep in mind that well ship all four firewood storage essentials to you quickly. That way, youll be able to take advantage of early firewood season discounts and have time to properly season each chord as well. So the savings wont end with your purchase from Canopies and Tarps.

Once the racks are built or safely put in to place, theyll be ready to receive as many shipments of green or seasoned firewood as your family sees fit. Plus, the tarpaulins, brackets, racks and carts are strong enough to last winter after winter. Consequently, youll never have to procrastinate and overpay for your households yearly firewood supply again.

To learn more about our firewood storage essentials and place a timely order, please contact our Canopies and Tarps staff members within the next 24 hours.

[Vinyl Tarps] Do You Have the Right Machine Cover for Your Riding Lawn Mower?

vinyl tarpsAutumns impending arrival signals the end of summer lawn care and honey-do tasks. We know that some of you are breathing a happy sign of relief over that. However, it also marks the time when homeowners must prepare their lawn equipment for winter hibernation. And that means there will be a bit more work in store for the weary. This is especially the case for those who use riding lawn mowers.

Before the snow flies, youll need to thoroughly clean the riding lawn mower and extract the battery. The battery should be cleaned too before being stored underneath of a chemical resistant, vinyl tarp with the rest of the batteries from your homes lawn and recreational equipment. Afterward, youll need to empty the fuel tank otherwise it may crack or gel up once the temperatures dip below freezing. Store the leftover gas in a metal can or use it up instead.

When youre done, cover the riding mower with a poly or vinyl machine cover from Canopies and Tarps. With enough advance notice and the right dimensions, we can use some of the worlds best, all-weather vinyl to craft a custom cover for your riding lawn mower or youre welcome to buy some of our standard ones. Then push or roll the riding lawn mower into its designated, winter storage area and seal the area up tight.

If you dont already have a suitable place to safely store your homes riding lawn mower and other equipment for the winter, dont worry. We have portable carports and garages that may be used to shelter riding lawn mowers, push mowers, weed whackers and the like throughout the winter. To learn more about our custom-made, riding mower covers as well as other top-notch items that will keep lawn equipment safe during the winter months, please contact us today.

Canvas Tarps: A Fun Way to Decorate the Kids College Dorms in School Colors

Canvas TarpaulinsIts no secret that the time you have left with your college-age children is quickly slipping away. Before long, theyll be away at school decorating their own dorms. So why not help them get a head start on that with our canvas tarps? Our blog is full of great ideas on how to convert canvas tarps into a wide range of interior design elements. Heres one more and its perfect for the kids dorm rooms:

Remember how important school spirit was when you went to college? Well, this canvas tarp project harkens back to those days. It involves making a bunting flag, lamp shade and matching memory wall hanging for the kids dorms. Youll need one untreated canvas tarp for each project as well as the following items:

  • Paints, Rit Dyes and Fabric Markers in School Colors
  • Sewing Machine or Needles and Thread
  • Wooden Clothes Pins
  • Wooden Dowel
  • Hot Glue and Glue Gun
  • Tape Measure or Yard Stick
  • Carpenters Square
  • Pencil
  • Plastic Buckets or Pails
  • Clothes Iron and Board
  • Inexpensive Lampshade
  • Scissors
  • Jute Twine

To make the bunting flag, trace a series of matching triangles on to the untreated, canvas tarp. Then cut them out and dye them using the schools colors. When the triangles are dry, clothes pin them to a stretch of jute twine and youre done. The kids can use the ends of the twine to hang the flag up when they get to the dorm.

The lamp shade covering is made in a similar way. Simply cut the canvas tarp up into matching strips. Dye the strips and when theyre dry, hot glue them to a cheap lamp shade in the design of your kids choosing. After the glue cures, they can add the shade to their favorite desk or floor lamp. It will look stunning next to the bunting flag and the rest of their dorm room dcor. We promise.
Finally, lets talk about the memory wall hanging. Cut the canvas tarp into a long rectangle and dye it to match the other dorm room projects we mentioned. Later, fold over the top edge of the tarp and sew a pocket for the wooden dowel. Run the wooden dowel through the pocket and attach a piece of jute twine to each edge. It will serve as a hanging loop.

Afterward, give the kids a coffee can full of fabric markers to take to college with them. Tell them to hang the wall hanging up in their respective dorms and let their friends draw on it with the fabric markers throughout the school year. And yes, the wall hangings are simple enough to make year after year. So the kids will be able to have a unique one for each year they attended college.
To learn more about decorating college dorm rooms with treated and untreated, canvas tarps, please contact us today.

Late Summer Crafts: Guess What People Are Making With Our Canvas Tarps

Canvas TarpsIn previous posts, we talked about using canvas tarps to create area rugs, picnic blankets, childrens forts, home theaters and wall art. They were great projects to be sure, but theyre by far not the only crafty things that may be made with our high quality tarpaulins. So today, we wanted to share a late summer project that were sure youll all enjoy. It involves converting our durable, canvas tarps into personalized hammocks.

Personalized hammocks made from canvas tarps are fun to create and will look fabulous in the back yard. They may also be hung indoors and used to hold the kids stuffed animals and other plush toys. We got the idea from the website, My Magic Mom. The websites creator used a drop cloth for her project but weve found that our canvas tarps work just as well as the painters cloths, if not better.
Our canvas tarps come in two main types, water-resistant and untreated. Some of the tarps have built-in D-rings and the others have strong grommets. The D-rings are excellent if you plan on tying up the hammock outside and using it as extra seating. The grommets will work too but youll need to balance out the extra weight with the wood inserts discussed on the My Magic Mom website.

Of course for outside use wed also recommend sticking with the water-resistant tarps. Just keep in mind that the wax used to make the canvas tarps water-resistant may end up resisting paints and dyes too. As such, it may be better to sew or iron designs on to the hammock in that case. The untreated tarps, on the other hand, will generally accept all sorts of artistic mediums without a problem. Consequently, theyre best for the folks that want to really let their imaginations take control of the project.

To learn more about purchasing the perfect, canvas tarps for hammock projects or others, please contact us today.

Get in on the Farmer’s Market Action With Pop Up Tents

pop up tentsThe final month or two of warm weather is always really enjoyable. Everyone tries to really soak in all of the summer joy that is left, as the final days of summer slip away. Like all summers, this one has passed far too quickly. Hopefully you have been able to make the most of it.

The summer may provide exciting business opportunities for you too. One of the best summer marketing events is the local farmer’s market. Farmer’s market’s have been growing in popularity all over the country as more and more people express interest in eating locally sourced food. They love being able to purchase produce from farmer’s markets, and enjoy the natural, healthy alternative to buying food at the grocery store that may have been shipped in from other countries.

Almost every area has a farmer’s market of some kind, and some communities have multiple farmer’s markets. You don’t have to just grow fruits or vegetable to participate in the market. Many farmer’s markets open themselves up to vendors of locally crafted good of many varieties, and some are even more liberal in the kinds of vendors they will accept. Look into your local farmer’s market to see if they would be interested in a business like yours participating in the market.

Remember that pop up tents are an important part of your market presentation. They offer shade to you and your customers, and help protect your products from the intense rays of the sun. They also offer rain protection. For more information on quality pop up tents that are made to last, please contact us.

Its Time to Pull Out the Late Summer and Early Fall Tarpaulins

TarpaulinsAugust 2015 is officially here and that means before long, well all need to pull out those tarpaulins. Tarpaulins are ideal for completing a number of late summer and early fall tasks. Among them are last-minute home repairs, property cleanups and preparing summer or fall items for winter storage. So how many tarpaulins does someone need to get through August and all of the fall?

In our experience, it depends on the size of the property and the number of seasonal tasks involved. For example, one wouldnt use a tear-away roofing tarp to cover firewood. They each require their own, specialized tarpaulins. The same may be said for covering machinery, motor vehicles, boats, hay bales, barbecue grills and anything else one can think of that has to be safely stored away throughout the winter months.

That said, choosing a number of tarpaulins for home or business use is clearly a uniquely personal decision. However, our tarp experts are here to assist those who may need a bit of friendly advice. After all, with so many home and business tasks on a given plate, it can be hard to remember which ones are made simpler with high quality tarps.

We know that for certain because our online store literally carries thousands of standard and custom tarps, each with their own direct or implied purpose. And rest easy, no matter how many standard or custom tarps are needed, well ship them as fast as we can to your door. All we ask is that if your late summer or fall tasks require custom products that you let us know as soon as possible.

By informing our tarp experts of customization requests sooner than later, we can provide accurate, quick delivery times and price quotes reflective of volume orders. To learn more, please contact us at (877) 811-3911 or reach out to an online representative today.

Portable Garages Allow for a More Spacious Home

Portable GarageAre you feeling confined in your living space at home? Then chances are high that you’re simply storing way too many things inside your house. Ready to take back some of that space? Invest in portable garages to allow for a more spacious home.


Storage for Seasonal Items

Is your family into decorating for the holiday seasons? Then you probably have a lot of items that are only used for a limited amount of time each year taking up space within your home all year long. However, because you do use them each year, it’s not going to make sense for you to get rid of them anytime soon. But instead of putting up with those items inside your home the entire year, how about placing them in a portable garage? This will allow you to hold on to the seasonal items without having them take over your home.

Storage for Sentimental Items

Do you have sentimental items that you can’t quite bring yourself to part with right now? Are those sentimental items not actively being used on a regular basis? Then do yourself a favor and move such sentimental items to a portable garage. Doing so will allow you to keep the sentimental items without cluttering up the home. Not sure what items would count as sentimental items that aren’t actively being used? Stuff like old baby clothes, old journals and diaries that you’re not currently writing in or reading, and various knick knacks from your childhood would all fall into this category. So if you’ve got them contact us to get a portable garage to store them.

How to Blend Canopies In With Your Backyard Landscaping

backyard canopyGetting a canopy set up in your backyard can be an effective way to add extra shade and a visual focal point, but it can also look out of place if you arent careful before setting it up. Along with simply choosing a good place for the canopy to be installed, youll need to look into the various ways to have canopies fit in with the rest of the landscaping.



Consider Growing Vines Around the Canopy

An easy way to help the canopy blend in is by growing vines along the sides of the canopy. This could be done either by setting up trellises near the sides of the canopy or actually growing the vinery on the surface itself.

Choose a Neutral Colored Canopy

Canopies vary greatly in colors, allowing you to choose a style that works well with your yard. If you already have patio furniture, for example, youll want to choose a canopy colored similarly or go for a very neutral shade such as light brown or grey. By avoiding bright colors and busy patterns, the canopy can feel like a natural addition to your yard.

Pick the Appropriate Height for the Canopy

Height is an important factor to consider when comparing different canopies for sale. In order for the canopy to be functional, yet blend in nicely, youll want to choose a style that isnt too tall so that it doesnt become the only thing you see when looking into your yard.
With all of our options for canopies that can be used in your backyard, its a good idea to do some research before making a purchase. For any advice regarding our selection, feel free to contact us.

Pop-Up Tent Package Deals May Help Shine a Favorable Light on Greek Life

southern-cal-trojans-tentIn the 1980’s, Greek life was romanticized in movies but that isnt so much the case nowadays. This year, people are taking a harder look at what Greek life entails and whether or not its something worth promoting. Just take a look at the June 2015 online edition of Bloomberg Business and youll see what we mean. That said, sororities and fraternities should consider putting up the pop up tents and launching a PR campaign before the 2015/2016 Freshman Rush Season begins.

Parents, their children, education leaders and others need to be reminded of the benefits that come from being a part of Greek life. Standing under pop-up tents and handing out copies of two different USA Today articles highlighting those benefits is one way to start the conversation. One article appeared in 2012 and the other was published in 2014. Together, they briefly highlight why fraternities and sororities should be allowed to continue.

Pop-up tents may be used as more than just focal points for literature dissemination too. Greek leaders may want to consider using them to draw people into charity events that instantly show how helpful college students can be in a number of arenas (e.g. healthcare research, humanitarian aid and social justice). At Canopies and Tarps, our products are ideal for all types of Greek life events. So in temperate climates, they may be used for sorority and fraternity PR campaigns all year round.

Many Greek associations love the simplicity and affordable prices associated with our pop-up tent package deals. Others prefer to buy their PR event staples piece meal as fraternity and sorority funds become available. Either way, were happy to help Greek leaders find the pop-up tents they need to put a fresh face on to their organizations. To learn more about our pop-up tent deals for educational groups, please contact us online today.