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Vinyl Tear Off Tarps for Roofing

Tarps are such a handy tool. They are usefulfor everything from camping, covering vehicles, hay, and for parties and events. They can be used for just about any project you mightwant to tackle. Heavy duty vinyl tarps are most typically used for protection from the elements, but they can also be used haul materials or catch debris . If you are in the roofing business, you know the help atear off vinyl tarpscan be. Roofing is a physically demanding job. Tarps can make it a little easier.

There are few safety items to cover when using a tear off tarp. It is important to note that tear off tarps are not intended to be used a slings for lifting. They are designed to catch the old roofing materials you are tearing off the roof. Be sure that there is never anyone under a tarp that has roofing material in it. Also check your tarps for wear. If they show signs of weakening, immediately discard the tarp and purchase a new one.

Our tarps are made with super heavy-duty 40 vinyl material. The 2 inch cross-weave webbing, which is sewn into a plus and x-shape pattern, provides additional strength to the tarp. Steel o-rings at the ends of the webbing allow the tarp to be easily moved. The tarps are available in a variety of sizes, the smallest being 7′ x 7′ up to the largest at 20′ x 20′. We also specialize in custom made tarps.

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Portable Garages Made for Harsh Winters

wind snow load portable garageIf you live in a land that gets cold and windy winters, you know the value of quality products. It is not worth spending your money on something that won’t hold up to the elements. In fact, it may even do worse than cost you money. It could ruin your business or even put you or people you care about in danger. If you are looking for portable garages that will keep your vehicles, machinery or other outdoor implements protect from harsh winter elements, but you don’t want to expense of a brand new building, here are a few things to look for:

Wind Load and Snow Load

A party tent shouldn’t need a snow load rating, but the portable garage you are looking for should tell you what wind speed the structure is made to withstand. If you also get a lot of snow, you’ll want to look for the snow load capacity also.

Type of Material

If you live in a harsh winter climate, you’ll obviously need waterproof material, but you’ll want more than just something to keep the water out. It will need to be tough material that can withstand the sun, wind, snow, and temperature changes that will assault it all winter long. Our wind and snow portable garages use 14.5 ounce polyethylene, fire rated fabric that is also compliant with CPAI 84 Section 6 and NFPA 701.

Reinforced Joints and Connections

It isn’t enough to just slide the poles together and insert a tiny screw. You need the shelter frame to stay together, even when the winds pick up. Our Shelter Tech SP shelters include Patented Steel ShelterLock stabilizers. These are used for every connection point in the framework so you are sure of a solid structure.


All this durability and strength will be for naught if your garage blows away with the first breeze. You’ll need the proper tools and materials to anchor the shelter to the ground. All our shelters come with Universal Footplates and an Earth Anchor Kit.

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Gain Extra Privacy with Fence Screen Mesh Tarps

privacy screen fenceSometimes we could all use a little extra privacy, especially if we have children in our backyards. There are many ways to accomplish this for our yards. Privacy fences are a good way to go. There are many options, from wood, bamboo, lattice or brick fences. If you already have a chain-link fence a fence screen mesh tarp is an ideal way to add an extra layer of privacy to your backyard, or even your swimming pool are or work site. Besides adding privacy, these fence tarps provide shade protection, and they allow the summer breezes through.

The tarps are fifty feet long and come in either six or eight feet heights so you can choose the level of privacy you need. Grommets are placed every twelve inches to allow for a secure attachment. They also come in a several different colors to match your landscape and aesthetic needs. White or blue would work well for a swim area. Green or tan might be a nice addition for your yard, and brown or black for a work area.

The tarps also provide shade protection. They are made of tightly woven mesh fabric that provides 87% shade protection and can help prevent reflected sunrays. The tarps do all this while still allowing the breeze through.

We specialize in tarps and canopies of all kinds and are prices are very competive. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to add privacy to you yard, patio work site or other area, please contact us.

Triage Tarps

triage-zone-tarpsEmergency services use triage tarps to more efficiently help injured people during a crisis. By assessing a patients breathing, bleeding and shock, emergency personal can quickly identify the level of aid needed and divide patients accordingly. Originally developed as a system to more quickly and effectively treat wounded soldiers on the battlefield, triage is typically used in emergency rooms and urgent care centers to determine how quickly a patient needs to be treated. It is also used in mass casualty situations, such as natural disasters, shootings, or any time there are not sufficient resources to treat everyone at the same time.

Green is for patients who need the least immediate attention. They are injured and will need treatment, but their injuries are not life threatening and so they will have to wait for treatment.

Yellow is for patients who are seriously injured and in normal cases would receive quick medical attention. They are stable for the moment, but need to remain under observation in case their condition worsens and they need to be re-triaged.

Red is for patients who need immediate treatment for life-threatening injuries. It is likely they will survive if they receive the attention they need.

Black is for persons who have already deceased or their injuries are so severe or extensive they will not survive with the medical resources currently available.

Our 12×12 tarps come in the standard green, yellow, red and black. They are waterproof, UV resistant and have high abrasion resistance. Grommets are spaced every two feet and hems are double stitched. The seams are heat sealed.

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Purchase Hay Covers to Prepare for Winter

Hay TarpsThe days are getting shorter quickly, and temperatures are getting cooler every day. It won’t be long until snow covers the ground. The fast approach of cold weather means that it is time to prepare your livestock for the winter months.

One of the most important things you can do to keep your horses, cattle, goats and other livestock healthy and strong this winter is to make sure that you have all the hay covers you need to keep all your animal feed safe from the elements. Wet hay and other animal feed can rot. If wet food is fed to animal, it can create illnesses that are difficult and expensive to treat. A small investment in hay covers now can save a lot of money in vet bills down the road.

It is important to keep in mind that this fall and the following spring are likely to be even more wet than usual. The end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016 are marked by El Nino conditions. El Nino occurs every two to seven years. El Nino will lead to wetter conditions in many parts of the country.
For this reason, your current solutions for keeping your animal food out of the rain may not be quite sufficient during an El Nino year. For more information on hay covers please contact us. We have a huge selection of quality hay covers in a variety of sizes. We have hay covers designed for round bales of hay and different covers designed for square bales of hay.

Canvas Tarps: Don’t Overlook these Versatile, Natural, and Rugged Tarpaulins

Canvas TarpaulinsHigh quality canvas tarps, or tarpaulins, are as versatile as they come, and are made from durable, natural materials that are often coated in a waterproof urethane. This means that, in spite of other manufacturers’ claims, not all tarps are the same quality, nor do they provide equal user experiences for all people.

Many times, as we have heard consumers say they have experienced, the grommets and stitching from lesser quality tarps break off and come undone, rendering the tarp useless for most practical purposes.

When looking for a canvas tarp for your next painting project, tenting, boat covering, and so on, look for these signs of excellence:

  • Made from 100% cotton canvas material.
  • Rust-resistant grommets that outlast through decades of use.
  • Hems that feature double-stitching for rugged durability.
  • Large thread shaft.

Unsure if a canvas tarp is what you need? Here are 5 aspects of canvas tarps that you may not have known, making it easier to decide that you need a canvas tarp for your next project, camping experience, vehicle cover, and so on.

1. Canvas tarps are durable but resistant to abrasiveness.
2. Made from breathable yet resilient, natural materials, yet water-resistant.
3. Canvas, when used as a drop cloth, absorbs paint better than plastic.
4. Constructed from 100% cotton and are safe for the environment.
5. More so than plastic, canvas tarps have a classic, rustic look.

Canvas tarps are useful, adaptable, and made from recognizable ingredients so you know that they are safe and not harmful to the environment. We recommend picking up a few canvas tarps to have available around your home.

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Mesh Shade Tarps

Mesh Shade TarpsWe all know how wonderful it is to be out in the sunshine and fresh air. But we have also learned as a society that too much sun can be damaging to our skins health. This is especially true for little ones. There are many options to protect our children from too much sun exposure. Of course, we can make them wear long sleeves and pants, but most parents only want to have to use this option in extreme cases. There are also a variety of sunscreens to choose from, but we are also learning some of the negative effects sunscreen can have on our health and on the environment. So what are we to do? One option for your backyard is a mesh shade tarp.

Shade tarps are not meant to block all of the sun. They typically provide 75% protection from UV rays. This is good news, because although we need to protect our skin from harmful UV rays, the sun also provides very essential Vitamin D. Having a mesh tarp provides protection, but also allows your children to soak up some of the benefits of the sun.

The greatest and most obvious benefit to a mesh shade tarp is of course that it will help keep your and your little ones cool in the heat of the sun. It’s hard to keep kids active when they are just too hot. Providing shade over their areas of play can help provide them many extra hours outside, playing and having fun!

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Party Tents Help Keep the Mess Outside of Your Home

party tentReady to throw a party for this fall season? Still hesitating a little because you’re not too keen on cleaning up the inevitable mess from the party? Don’t let cleaning fears keep you from hosting a fun autumn party. Instead, rely on party tents to help keep the mess outside of your home.

Keep Kids Away From Furniture and Breakable Items

It’s a joy to have kids attend the party. After all, the little ones can be super cute and sweet. However, what isn’t so cute is when they accidentally ruin furniture or break collectable items while in your home. Still, that’s not enough of a reason to ban them from the party when you can easily prevent the problem of them potentially breaking things by hosting the party outside in a tent.

Don’t Worry About Spills and Stains

Both kids and adults are prone to spilling food and drinks. Furthermore, the more crowded a party is, the more likely it is for a spill to occur. And as you probably already know, a spill can easily turn into a nasty stain that’s greatly difficult to get rid of. So it’s really in your best interest to have the party take place in a setting where spills won’t become a great ordeal to contend with. What that means is you won’t want any nice carpet or indoor furniture around to soak up the spills. All in all, the best way to deal with this issue is to simply have the party in an outdoor setting. So contact us today to get a party tent for your next event.