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Is Storage Getting Tight at Your House? Consider Portable Garages.

portable garage storageChristmas is coming, your storage shed is getting fat. If you’ve noticed that you have a lot of gift items taking up more space than you have available, you may need a new solution.

It’s always so much fun to buy people the perfect gift that they will love and enjoy, but having a place to store these items before you give them away can be a real headache.

Plus, every holiday season brings with it the influx of new fun items for you and your immediate family members. You will have to make a permanent place in your home for the new gifts that you receive as well.

If you are struggling to make extra room, you can invest in portable garages. If you already have an attached garage on your home, a portable garage would free up your attached garage for storage while you parked your car in your portable garage.

Setting up a portable garage is a little like adding another room to your home. It gives you lots of flexible space that can be used for multiple purposes.

Portable garages come in many different shapes and sizes. You can purchase a rounded portable garage, or you can purchase a portable garage that comes to a peak at the top. You can buy them in sizes that will fit multiple cars, or even buy portable garages that are large enough to store a boat or RV.

For more information on all of our portable garage options please contact us.

Party Tents Will Allow For The Best Outdoor Party

party tentsIt is fun to throw an outdoor party, but when you are throwing one it is always a good idea to have some covered space, too. So when you want to throw a good outdoor party, consider using party tents. The tents will help keep everyone having a good time outdoors without getting too warm in the sunshine. You also won’t have to worry about the weather turning bad when you have tents set up, and that will leave you feeling relaxed.

Party Tents Allow For Hours Of Fun

When you plan your party well and get tents set up your guests will have a great time. Everyone will enjoy themselves when they have a place to go to cool down, or to just hang out. Tents offer the opportunity for fun, as well, from dancing to eating, and party tents will help keep the party at its best.

Party Tents Make A Party Into Something Special

There are many reasons to love party tents, and the fact that all of your guests will have somewhere to go to hang out during the long hours of the party is just one of them. Everyone will have a good time together when you have some party tents set up.

So, the next time you are having a party, consider party tents and all that they can do for you. And then contact us and let us get you set up. Your party will go well when you have party tents ready to use.

Consider a Portable Garage for a Short-Term Vehicle Protection Solution

portable garagesWhen you shop for a home, you may not have a garage as a must-have feature. However, when you end up buying a home that does not have a garage or even a carport, you should think of a temporary solution to protect your vehicle from becoming damaged and having its value reduced. A portable garage is an excellent way to accomplish this goal, at least until you find a more permanent solution.

Protect Your Vehicle from Damage

When your car is exposed to direct sunlight for a long period of time, the surface will oxidize, which can turn a beautiful paint job into an ugly one. It is easy to prevent this kind of problem from happening with a portable garage, which does not have to be anything fancy to keep the sunlight away.

Enjoy a Comfortable Drive

A car that is parked directly in the sun will likely be uncomfortable when you get inside. However, keeping it covered in a portable garage will provide you with a more comfortable driving experience.

Get a Carport Installed

Although you may find that a portable garage can be effective for a fairly long time, you should come up with a more reliable long-term solution, such as buying and installing a carport in your driveway.

Construct a Garage

If you want to take your method of protection even further, while also gaining ample storage space, you should think about constructing a garage. It requires that you have enough space on your property, but it is a highly effective option, especially for multiple cars as two-car garages are commonplace.

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Moving Soon? Protect your Furniture with Tarps

tarps for furnitureMoving to a new home or apartment can be an exciting stepping stone in one’s life journey. Sometimes the moving process can be marred though when a favorite piece of furniture incurs damage in the moving process.

Often furniture needs to be temporarily stored in a storage rental unit or perhaps a friend or family member’s basement or garage until one is completely settled in their new abode. One of the best ways to protect your valuable furniture is through the use of tarps. A storage rental unit may have tiny leaks in the roof that could allow water or snow to get into your unit. They may also have small gaps in the walls that allow spiders or mice to infiltrate your unit in the hopes of making a cozy nest.

Covering wood furniture pieces with tarps can help prevent warping and water stains in the case of roof leaks. Encasing furniture pieces like couches, mattresses, chairs, etc. with tarps can help prevent unwanted creatures from making a home out of your furniture.

If you are able to move all your belongings in one trip, you will still find tarps are essential to the moving process. For those using a professional moving service, the movers will most likely come prepared to protect your furniture with their own tarps or protective coverings. For the do-it-yourself mover, investing in some tarps to protect your beautiful furniture can help prevent inadvertent scratches, dings and dents from occurring.

For more information on how to use tarps to protect your belongings, please contact us.

Stay in Business Through the Cold Season with Pop Up Tents

pop up tentsDoes your business require either you or your inventory to remain outside? Do you usually end the season as soon as it starts getting a bit chilly outside? Then you might be interested to know that you can realistically extend your business season this year by investing in a pop up tent or two.

Keep the Cold Out

One of the greatest things about pop up tents is that they’re so great at keeping out the cold. Thus, by owning one, you’ll be able to keep yourself much warmer while selling stuff outside. Also, with your inventory sitting in the pop up tent, your prospective buyers will be much more likely to come by to see what you have to sell. That is because they know they won’t be exposed to much bitter coldness with your pop up tent there to shield them from most of the unpleasantness of winter.

Make More Money

If you’re using the pop up tent for business, then it won’t be long before the pop up tent pretty much pays for itself. By enabling you to extend your business season, you’ll be able to sell a whole lot more of whatever it is that you’re trying to sell. Also, not only will the pop up tent serve to keep out the cold, but it can also keep out the rain as well. Therefore, you’ll be able to stay open for business on the rainy days, earning you even more money in the process.
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Remember to Order Pond Liners Before World Wildlife Conservation Day

World Wildlife Conservation Day 2015 is fast approaching. It is slated to fall on Friday, December 4th. So there is still time to purchase pond liners. What dopond linershave to do with World Wildlife Conservation Day? Not surprisingly, they have a lot to do with it once endangered, wetlands species are taken into account.

TheUnited States Department of Natural Resources Conservation Servicepoints out that there are many creatures and plants living in wetlands environments that need our protection. Why? For one, their natural habitats are either dwindling in total number or decreasing in acreage. Thus, people who invest in pond liners and take affirmative action to address those deficits are doing a great service for wetland species everywhere.

For instance, in our home state of California, the United States Fish & Wildlife Service lists a little more than a dozen butterflies that are endangered. Among them are the El Segundo Blue, Delta Green, San Bruno Elfin and Langes Metalmark. So, residents who dig out their own ponds could help those species of butterflies by planting vegetation around the water thats known to support them.

A few plants that would be perfect are sedums, seacliff buckwheat, water-parsnip, Dutchmans pipe, calico flowers and spicebush. Of course a number of additionalitems could be added to attract other endangered species known to live in our state too. A few pond visitors to think about are southwestern willow flycatchers, assorted foxes, salt marsh mice, northern spotted owls and riparian brush rabbits.

Our off-the-shelf and custom pond liners come in a number of sizes. So, no matter how many species of flora and fauna people want to save, its a surety that weve got a pond liner to accommodate them all. To speak with our pond liner experts before December 4th arrives, pleasecontact usat Canopies & Tarps toll-free or via our online store.

Dog Kennel and Crate Cover Tarpaulins

Kennel CoverNot only do we sell dog kennels and crates, we also sell a variety of tarpaulins and canopies to help protect your four-legged family member (or members) from the elements.

For summer, we sell mesh shade tarps, specifically designed for dog kennels. It is a great way to let your dog enjoy the fresh outside air, as well as prevent them from getting too hot in the sun. The shade tarps can reduce the temperature by up to 15 degrees F. They are designed to allow 25% of light through and they allow natural breezes to blow through the kennel. Heavy duty grommets are spaced every 12″ to allow for a secure attachment. The mesh shade tarps come in a variety of colors so you can match your home’s exterior and landscaping.

For winter, we have sloped roof canopies to allow rain, snow and ice to slide off. The canopies use all weather fabric and are gabled to keep the kennel area free of snow so your pet can play outside all year long without getting snow and ice in it’s paws. The kit comes with a center pole and the hardware for the peak. These canopies are designed to fit our 5’x5′, 5’x10′ and 5’x15′ dog kennels. In addition to providing protection from cold and wet, the canopies also provide shade in the summer months.

If you like to travel and play in the outdoors, there is the dog travel kennel. It is designed to fit in the back of an SUV or truck. The kennel is perfect for RVers who want to let their “best friend” have time outside but also protect them from outside dangers. It includes a tarp to also protect from the elements. It can also be used to bring your pet to public parks, beaches, camping, or anywhere else you like to play outside.

To see the largest selection of tarps and canopies online, please contact us.

Do You Know How to Care for Canopy Top Replacement Zippers in the Winter?

Whether its on your snow suit or yourcanopy top replacements, there is perhaps nothing worse in the wintertime than a stuck zipper. So what can be done about it? At Canopies and Tarps, we dont deal with snowsuits but we do know how to handle the zippers on canopy panels. With that said, weve listed the best ways to address a problematic zipper. Read on for our tips:

Do consider adding a lubricant that wont succumb to your regions winter weather. For some of us, that leaves the field wide open for items like olive oil and petroleum jelly. In other areas, it may be best to stick with crayons, candle wax and graphite. Theres also a brand name, dry lubricant to consider. Its calledSlide-Alland comes in a spray can. Youll generally find it where Elmers glue products are sold.

Dont forget that canopy top replacements may be purchased piecemeal. So if a zipper breaks on one of the panels this winter, simply replace it. Our waterproof panels come with backup, button snaps. As such, theyll keep the canopy area sealed even if the zipper continues to fail for unseen reasons.

Do think about placing an approved heat source near the canopy or placing the structure in an area where it gets at least some sun. The sun and snow glare may just generate enough warmth to keep the canopy top panels zippers from freezing shut during the night. If you dont want to buy an approved heat source or relocate the structure, a few quick passes with a household blow-dryer may just work.

To learn more about caring for the zippers and button snaps that are included with canopy top replacement panels, pleasecontact us. We have ready-made, zipper-clad panels for structures that range in size from 10 to 18 feet in length.