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5 Reasons Party Tents Are A Good Idea

party tentsAre you getting ready to throw a party, and are you trying to make it turn out as good as possible? If so, then you will want to look into party tents.

Five Reasons Party Tents Are A Good Idea

Tents give you plenty of room. Instead of trying to crowd everyone into your home or garage, use a tent and everyone will have room to get around and visit with one another.

Use a tent and have the party at any location that you want. Throw the party at your home or at the park. Pick out the venue that you want, and then get the tent set up.

You can decorate things in the way that you want. A tent is so simple that you will not feel the pressure to go with any certain theme. You also won’t feel discouraged by the clutter that is in your garage or home, and that will allow you to will feel excited about decorating.

It is easier than hosting elsewhere. Host your party in a tent and things will go smoothly.

Everyone will have a blast. Because you are less stressed in regard to the venue, you will feel happy during the party. Everyone else will enjoy the tent, as well, and the party will end up being a huge success.

So, if you are planning a party and want to make it into something special, then you should contact us. We will get you set up with the party tent that you need.

Pop Up Tents Help Push Passionate Crafters into the World of Profitability

pop-up-tentsDo you have a passion for crafting or making gourmet foods? If so, why hide it from the world? Historical look backs show that more than 60 million Americans likely share your passion. And guess what, many are using their love of homemade goods to make money too. How? Theyre selling goods online and at area festivals.

Area festivals are among the best places to reach Millennial consumers. Why? The absolutely crave unique group or one-in-one experiences. Studies conducted by firms like Accenture continually prove those assertions to be true. So, pitching pop up tents at those types of events and showcasing tangible wares are often the way to achieve financial goals. Lets look at ShadeLogics Quick Clamp Canopy as an example.

Designed to be used with a portable picnic or folding table, it attaches with clamps. Once placed over the table, it provides just the right amount of cover for canned preserves and other homemade treats. Plus, it breaks down fast, stores easily and costs less than $80. Consequently, first-time festival venders will likely make their money back rapidly. Afterward, they may want to expand their festival offerings and display them under pop up tents.

Pop up tents offer many of the same benefits as quick clamp canopies. Additionally, they are often fire-retardant and equipped with mesh options. Thus, theyre prefect for venues who are notorious for having stringent booth restrictions in place for their chosen vendors. Price wise, some of the pop ups sell for as little as $110. Thus, one good sales day should cover their initial investment costs too. And yes, that includes any finance charges credit card companies may charge.

To find out how millions of Americans are successfully taking their passions into the world of profit-making, please contact us. We routinely assist festival goers with pop up tents, tables, chairs and storage shelters for their creative wares.

Can Vietnamese Herbs Thrive When Planted Directly on Top of Pond Liners?

pond-linersAs you are contemplating which vegetation to pair with your pond liner covered shelves, dont forget about Vietnamese herbs. Some of them grow very well in aquatic environments and may be periodically plucked for use in the kitchen. That said, one perennial herb to definitely consider planting this spring is Persicaria odorata.

Considered a critical ingredient in many Asian dishes, it traditionally thrives in damp soil and makes an excellent addition to a ponds shallow areas. The herbaceous plant is a creeper that may reach heights in excess of a foot. It boasts dark, rather slender, aromatic leaves and lovely, red stems year round. So there will always be some color around the ponds perimeter.

Plus, under certain conditions, some varieties will also flower. Consequently, theyll attract beneficial insects (e.g. honey bees) to the pond that are looking for a snack. Of course if that is a personal goal of yours, its a good idea to plant more than flowering, Vietnamese mint along the ponds shoreline. Such actions will ensure that a sufficient supply of food is readily available for the bees all season long.

Also keep in mind that Vietnamese mint has a tendency to spread quickly. As such, it may be easier to plant it right on top of pond liners as opposed to putting starter plants in to pots. If you choose to let the roots grow directly on top of the pond liner, be sure to add enough planting medium to keep the individual plants healthy. Your local, Vietnamese herb dealer should be able to make depth suggestions.

Oftentimes, a hefty mixture of fine sand, sinkable compost and heavy loam is sufficient to enough to give the roots a head start. Just take care to ensure youre using an abrasion, tear and chemical resistant pond liner. Otherwise, the planting medium and Vietnamese mints roots may break through. To learn more about planting around pond liners, please contact us.

Canvas Tarps May Go Far in Increasing the Comfort Level of Winter Campsites

Canvas TarpsOne may not normally equate camping with this time of year but it is actually a perfect time to grab the canvas tarps and get outside. The trick is to properly prepare ones campsite for cold, wet weather. Having the right canvas tarps may help adventurous campers do that. Heres how:

It is important to keep ones sleeping area protected from moisture, wind and cold. Waterproof tarps make excellent tent footprints and wind breaks. So be sure to bring at least one for ground cover purposes and four that are large enough to create a barrier around the tent. Extra canvas tarps and rope are also helpful to build a barrier near pit toilets or port-a-potties.

The sleeping area and makeshift bathroom are not the only things that must be shielded from the elements. Firewood, food, potable water and camping equipment (e.g. cookware) should be protected with canvas tarps too. May we suggest choosing ones that have built-in grommets for those key applications? The grommets tend to work well with hooked bungee cords.

The bungee cords serve many winter camping needs. For example, lets say that the food cache needs to be suspended from a tree to discourage animal activity. The food could be tucked inside of canvas tarps and the cords could tie them shut. Afterward, additional cords could be used to hang the tarps in convenient, safe locations. Just make sure that the bungee cords and tarps are rated for winter use. Otherwise, the cold may cause them to snap or tear under pressure.

To learn more about making winter campsites comfy with the aid of canvas tarps, please contact us. Let our staff know where you plan on camping and for how long. They can use that information to help you select the best canvas tarps and bungee cords for your winter destinations.

Do Premium Pond Liners and Verdant, Vegetation Shelves Go Well Together?

Pond LinerAfter much deliberation, youve decided to incorporate submerged and above ground, vegetation shelves in to your propertys landscape. Congratulations, excellent choice and were sure youve got questions about pulling it all together. After all, the shelves arent going to build themselves and youre going to need more than just pond liners.

Wed suggest super heavy-duty, mesh shade, chemical resistant and economy tarps. Theyll help move the soil, rocks and lawn debris around during the construction process. Hay tarps may turn out to be beneficial too, especially if you plan on putting grass seed down in certain areas. The hay will protect the seeds and the covers will keep the bundles safe until youre ready to break out the spreader.

As you excavate the pond, dig out earthen shelves and buttress them with brick pavers or bluestone slabs. Theyll have to be strong enough to withstand the weight of plastic pots filled with plants and other pond life as well as normal water pressure. Once the stone or paver lined shelves are in place, cover them thoroughly with tear resistant pond liners.

The liners will hopefully prevent the shelves from deteriorating or shifting under the weight of normal use. Next, place the planters on to their respective shelves and arrange them as desired. Most pond builders tend to go with at least four layers of water plants but it isnt mandatory. The layers include marginals, oxygenators, rooted and rootless floaters.

And dont forget that many aquatic plants will reproduce unassisted by humans. So, dont overload the shelves during the construction process. Otherwise, unpleasant maintenance problems are sure to follow once the plants start reproducing on their own. To learn more and have all of your pond liner questions answered during the design or construction phase, please contact Canopies and Tarps today.

Portable Garages: Your Solution to Winter Storage

portable garageWith the outdoor temperatures dropping lower and lower each day, you might want to find a shelter for all of your lawn ornaments soon. Snow storms are prevalent during the winter. So it’s best to move everything inside while you still have the chance.

Housing everything inside the garage attached to your home is an obvious choice during the winter. However, not everyone’s home come with one. Also, some garages are simply filled to the brim with other stuff. Therefore, making them useless for storing anything else.

If your home is currently lacking efficient space to store your outdoor things during the cold winter months, do not worry or fear. Portable garages are a great solution to your winter storage dilemma. So you’ll no longer have to worry about your lawn chairs and tables getting buried under several feet of snow.

Another nice benefit to having a portable garage is that you can park your car inside. So rather than getting up early in the morning to shovel snow off of your car, you can sleep in a little longer to reserve the energy to deal with the snow on your driveway.

But of course, your portable garage isn’t just useful during the winter. Once you have one, you’re sure to be able to find plenty of usage for it all throughout the year. Hence, it’s definitely a worthwhile investment. So what are you still waiting for? Contact us today and we’ll get you the portable garage you need for storing your items during the winter and beyond.