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Tarpaulins May Help Keep Landscaping Related Aches and Pains from Occurring

tarpaulinHave you ever spent the morning mowing lawns and pulling leaves only to find yourself sprawled out in the afternoon moaning in pain? If so, youre part of Club Pain. It consists of legions of Americans who suffer from body aches after manual labor. But what if you could turn in your Club Pain membership card and spend the afternoon relaxing in the hammock instead? Would you do it?

Well what if we told you that turning in your Club Pain membership card could be as easy as grabbing tarpaulins? Its true. Tarpaulins help take the back-breaking pain out of lawn work and well tell you how. Lets begin with why manual labor can leave so many of us writhing in pain. It all boils down to body mechanics. Our muscles are only meant to withstand certain weight and inactivity can cut down on that threshold too.

By using tarpaulins to haul away lawn debris and complete other tasks, we effectively take some of that extra weight off of our muscles. So they dont have to work so hard or get stretched into directions theyre not normally meant to go. Plus, the tarpaulins may protect our bodies from the ground and all that the soil contains. Examples include dampness, biting insects, rocks, parasites, bacteria, sticks and other items that may cause physical ailments.

Tarpaulins meant for landscaping use some in a number of thicknesses and boast multiple features. If your property is very overgrown, wed recommend using the super heavy-duty variety. Previously maintained lawns, on the other hand, may only require economy tarps. They are generally on the thin side, thus best suited for light duty tasks like dragging flower bulbs from one end of a planting bed to another.

To learn more about the variety of landscaping approved tarpaulins available and how they may keep muscle pain away, please contact us today.

Is it Safe to Store Gas Powered Landscaping Equipment in Portable Garages?

portable garageIt takes a lot to keep a lawn looking like something out of a home and garden magazine. And were not just talking about weekend labor. It also requires electric or gasoline powered equipment. Many people with large lawns choose the gasoline powered ones because they dont want to be encumbered by thick cords. However, choosing gas-powered ones also involves adopting the right storage protocol.

This brings us to one critical, landscaping question. Is it safe to store gasoline-powered, landscaping equipment inside of portable garages? We turned to the American Burn Association and American Petroleum Institutes gasoline storage guidelines for advice. Both strongly indicate that selecting an outside storage area is paramount to the safety of people, pets and property. So yes, portable garages are perfectly safe places to store all of ones landscaping equipment, whether its electric or gas-powered.

If you are storing gasoline powered items, there are other ways to ensure everyones safety too. For instance, make sure that before the items go into the portable garage that you wipe them down first. Wiping them down will help remove gasoline residue as well as other potential fuel sources. Also, ensure that the storage containers youre using to hold spare gas meet the organizations well-published guidelines.

Finally, select portable garages that are made with special fabrics. Look for fabrics that will keep out the sun, heat and other elements that may cause the gasoline to catch fire. And speaking of fire, choosing retardant materials is a must too. Although they wont stop the portable garages from catching fire, theyll at least help keep the blaze from getting out of control too quickly.

To learn more about securely storing landscaping equipment in portable garages, please contact us. We can help commercial and residential property owners outfit their real estate with the perfect portable garages.

Vinyl Tarps and Tarpaulins, Designed for Those Who Desire Prepardeness

vinyl tarpsDo you own any vinyl tarps or tarpaulins? Did you know that vinyl tarps and tarpaulins come in handy around the house for a variety of things?
Consider what you might do if your roof suddenly sprang a leak. As the water began to pour into your home, what means would you have at your disposal to stop the flow and protect your belongings? If you owned a vinyl tarp, on the other hand, you could set up a barrier right away.

But home protection isn’t all. Vinyl tarps can be used for a variety of things.
Here are a few more uses that you might not have thought of.

– Drop cloth for projects or jobs
– Slipcover for furniture
– Protective curtain from weather or dust
– Rain block
– Sun block
– Wind block
– Shelter cover for the backyard and more
– For use when moving, protecting, and wrapping
– Cover for dog house or other animal shelters
– Hay or outdoor food stock cover
– Ground or soil protector
– Boat cover
– Car cover
– Deck cover

What’s more, vinyl tarps are washable, and they come in a variety of colors, sizes, and thickness, making them perfect for all types of professions, pastimes, or hobbies.
As we have pointed out in the past:

Homeowners, construction workers, handymen, outdoorsman, and just about anyone else that you can think of will benefit from having a high-quality tarp at the ready.

So, if you haven’t yet, consider how this versatile multi-purpose tool will benefit you.
Having a vinyl tarp at your disposal, or for any situation that arises, is the perfect way to ensure your ultimate preparation.

If you need vinyl or canvas tarps, tarpaulins, tents, hay covers, party tents, or even portable garages, please contact us today!

3 Reasons to Consider Athletic Field Covers

athletic field coversThough the weather outside may be frightful, athletic field covers are a necessity if you want to keep your investment on the right side of the fence.

As winter weather continues its unpredictable sweep across the US, park and city officials who haven’t already done so, need to invest in field covers to protect their football and baseball fields.

An athletic field open to the harsh weather of winter turns foul by the end of the season.
In years past, if you have let your fields sit in the open winter air completely unprotected — but you wish you hadn’t — then this post is for you.

Here are three reasons that an athletic field cover can save you money and time.
– Snow, ice, and sleet kill grass and inhibit natural spring growth. While not covering your athletic field won’t permanently ruin all of your groundskeeping work, covering it will save you from unnecessary maintenance.

– The spring rains can spell disaster for your pristine and well-kept athletic fields, often rendering them a soggy and unusable mess. An athletic field cover, on the other hand, will enable you to begin the season on the right (and dry) foot.

– Though athletics is the last thing you want to inhibit, an athletic field cover keeps unwanted visitors from using your field during bad weather. If you want to protect your field during the bad times and make it more valuable and pristine during the good times, an athletic field cover is your new best friend.

We have the latest and greatest canopies, tarps, tarpaulins, tents, and field covers available with just a click. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Protect Horses and Other Livestock by Choosing the Right Pond Liners

pond linerFor centuries, horses have made their way to fresh water ponds to wet their parched throats. So its not unusual for equestrians to consider adding containment ponds to their acreage. However, just like any other task undertaken in the name of these four-legged beauties, it pays to research pond liners first. Why research which ones are right for equestrian centers or private estates? For one, the health of the horses depends on it.

For example, inferior pond liners could leech chemicals into the horses drinking water. In addition, fragments of broken liner could end up in their digestive systems or get tangled in their hooves. Also, the horses could damage the pond liners with their teeth, body weight and hooves as well. So any pond liner meant for use around horses will obviously have to be tough and safe for contact with livestock. Plus, there is the issue of blue-green algae.

What does blue-green algae have to do with horses watering holes and pond liners? As an Agri-View news article noted, it could form when equestrians least expect it and thats a problem. Why? Like other forms of aquatic life, it could be harmful if ingested. And once the water has been contaminated, it may be necessary to replace the pond liner. This is certainly true of cheap liners that allow fungi and other materials to colonize on their respective surfaces.

If pond liners become covered with toxins, professional cleaning may be an option. However, many equestrians dont want to take the risk of missing some of the microorganisms, which could lead to future blooms. So they opt to buy 30 mil liners from us and just discard the old, colonized ones. To learn more about replacing pond liners after algae blooms or other potentially problematic events, please contact us today.

Athletic Field Covers Keep the Excitement of Spring Soccer Season Going

field coverStatistics show that each year, more than 3,000,000 children and their parents take to a soccer field somewhere in the United States. And there are solid reasons why they do so. For one, it teaches the kids valuable life lessons. Second, it helps them stay fit in a world where sedentary activities vie for peoples attention and often win. Of course we applaud those involved with the sport for that and are pleased to offer access to the finest athletic field covers.

Athletic field covers help ensure that springtime soccer seasons go off without a snagged cleat or a missed game. What more could youth soccer players, their parents and fans ask for from a season than that? How do athletic field covers keep the soccer ball rolling game after game? Plainly speaking, they prevent fields from turning into mud pits after spring. And it doesnt take a soccer star to know how much mess a little rain can make.

Muddy fields arent just messy either. They have the potential to contribute towards childhood slips and falls. As countless medical journals have attested over the years, the sport has inherent dangers, especially if the field isnt deemed safe for use. The same may be said for cleats, nets and the other equipment used to help kids get their respective games on. They can be protected by other means, including canopies and portable garages.

In addition, the covers discourage divots and other damage caused by in-between game use. For example, stray cats and dogs will be less likely to dig up recreational areas protected with athletic field covers. Furthermore, people may be less apt to walk through covered field with their high heels or similar footwear too. To learn more about protecting soccer fields and sports equipment needed for spring, please contact us today.

High Quality Canopies Go Far in Making Boat Ownership Dreams Reality

boat canopyIt typically crosses every anglers mind at one time or another. Yes, were talking about buying boats. Statistics show that millions of Americans own one and use it regularly throughout the year. So, on the plus side, if youre having thoughts about it too, youd have company. Of course with ownership comes the issue of storage. Not everyone lives on the water where wet slips are plentiful. Those that dont have the luxury of wet slip accessibility therefore turn towards other storage methods, including canopies.

Small to large canopies are perfect for temporarily housing boats under 30 feet in length. In some areas, they have the potential to protect larger vessels too. So how should one pick canopies for boats? Wed recommend starting with the boats measurements. Next, choose canopies that extend beyond the boats dimensions by several feet. Why several feet? Well explain:

All boats, even the small ones, require a good deal of maintenance. By selecting canopies that extend beyond the boats borders, owners will have protection from the elements as they work. This is important whether boat repairs are being made on rainy days or underneath the unforgiving gaze of a blazing sun. And in areas where weather extremes are common, boat owners may want to go one further.

Oftentimes, portable garages or carports with side walls make better shelters for boats. The side walls keep pollen and other wind-borne debris from marring the boats fiberglass surface. Plus, it will undoubtedly cut down on routine cleaning times and related expenses. And not all canopy side walls are meant to be permanent. So, boat owners who would like to leave their vessels exposed during certain periods may prefer detachable models.

To learn more about the easy of protecting boats with high quality canopies, carports and portable garages, please contact us.

The Benefits of Hay Covers and Caps

hay coversIf you own or operate a working farm, you should know how important hay covers and hay caps are to the health and lifespan of your hay.
When hay is left unprotected from the elements, it can quickly become a mangled and mushy mess. As more and more moisture penetrates each hay bale, it is absorbed by the hay. Then, as the sun warms the hay up, the moisture essentially cooks the hay, rotting it and rendering it useless.

But there’s a way to fight this. If you’re interested in learning more about hay covers and caps benefit you, continue reading for more information.

– Hay covers do more than protect your hay — they also guard your bottom line. Use a hay cap on your hay and save money today.

– Hay caps aren’t difficult to “install,” if you want to call it that. You simply apply the cover to the top of your hay and in places that you want to safeguard, and the hay cover does the work for you. It’s really that easy.

– Hay covers fit any size haystack and are easy to use anywhere that you store your hay. Plus, because hay covers are vermin proof, you never have to worry about pests again.

– With hay covers and caps, your hay is protected from moisture and waste. The food grade plastic, which hay covers are made from, ensures that your hay remains safe and protected even in the harshest weather.

– Hay covers can also save you money by eliminating any building costs that you may have had planned. Simple plastic hay covers can replace your need for extra storage buildings. is part of the Bullseye Speciality Shops, Inc. We Strive to provide the best customer service along with products that you want.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us today to discuss your hay cover options.

Think Spring with a New Party Tent or Canopy

party tent canopyWe know that the middle of winter isn’t the ideal time to begin your spring party planning, but winter is nearly half over. Spring is just around the corner.

For this reason, we think that now is the time to start thinking spring, planning events, gardening, landscaping, and focusing your efforts on getting outside and beating the winter blues.

In order to create a wonderful outdoor spring celebration, you could go the regular route with just a table in the open air, but why not try out a party tent instead?

A party tent can turn any outdoor event into a new and brilliant occasion, no matter the situation. People who use party tents, as opposed to no tent at all, are generally more content to carry on with the merrymaking long past the usual time limit.

Plus, if your spring party is threatened by bad weather, your party tent keeps you protected from spring showers, even if they are great for the flowers, they aren’t so grand for party-goers.
Then, when the party is over, you can either choose to leave the tent up until the next event or take it down and store it simply and easily. Party tents available today aren’t the same as older versions that people are used to.

Party tents are also available in multiple sizes. There are smaller tents for more private and subdued affairs and larger party tents for gatherings, graduations, and outdoor parties. Simply search our catalog for the party tent that suits your needs best.

If you’re ready to start planning your spring party celebration, please contact us today for more information. is a family owned and operated business with over 25 years experience in the manufacturing of tarps, tents, and canopies.

Maintain the Condition of Canopy Top Replacements with 3 DIY Tips

canopy top replacementsReplacing the top of your canopy can be a costly part of keeping your yard looking its best, but it is necessary if the canopy is in poor shape. After investing in canopy top replacements, you should take the time to get familiar with what kind of maintenance is needed to extend the lifetime of the replacement.



Clean Thoroughly After Each Season

The weather can do a lot of damage to a canopy top, making it important to clean the top of the canopy after each season.

To clean the canopy, remove it carefully from the frame and wash it using a mild soap and water. Allow the canopy to dry in the sunlight and avoid leaving it wadded up where mildew could grow.

Tighten the Frame Periodically

The frame of the canopy could begin to get loose after regular use, making it important to tighten the screws and fasteners from time to time. This could be done after you wash the canopy top or whenever you notice that the legs seem wobbly. With this quick bit of maintenance, the canopy can continue standing strong and reduce the need for repairs later.

Check for Any Damage After Storms

Similar to the kind of damage that could occur after each season, your canopy top could be damaged due to heavy wind or rain from storms. Climbing onto a ladder and inspecting the top of the canopy can help you can catch if there any holes that need patching.
Contact us if you need any assistance with maintaining your canopy or need a replacement.