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Protect your Air Conditioning Unit With a Tarp.

The rainy spring is starting to give way to the warmer temperatures that will usher in summer. We’re sure you’re looking forward to all the summer-time fun just as much as we are. We can’t wait for bbqs, picnics, outdoor sports and time at the lake.
Of course, if your air conditioner goes out on you in the middle of summer you may be singing a different tune. However, there are things you can do to prolong the life of your air conditioning units. Professionals recommend that you have your air conditioner tuned up every year.
Additionally, you can protect your air conditioning unit by hanging a tarp over the A/C unit itself. The tarp will provide shade for the air conditioning unit which will keep it from having to work so hard to cool the air. The energy savings will help your A/C unit last a little longer. The tarp also protects the A/C unit from branches, leaves and other debris that could fall onto the A/C unit, clogging it and causing problems over time.
When you consider that an air conditioning unit can cost around $5000, a tarp is a really affordable way to protect your investment. For the best selection and variety in tarps, you will find that online retailers can offer more options.
We offer vinyl tarps, canvas tarps, and waterproof tarps in both styles. Our tarps are designed to be durable and tear resistant, because a torn tarp isn’t offering you the protection you need.
For more information on purchasing tarps, please contact us.

Use Tarps to Protect Your BBQ Grill When You’re Not Cooking Up Delicious Food This Summer

tarps for furnitureThe weather is finally warming up, and you know what that means. It’s time to start planning some barbecues. Your friends, family and neighbors can’t wait to be invited over for some delicious food, cooked on your grill.
From hot dogs and hamburgers to steak and shrimp, you can keep the budget reasonable or go over the top. You may even want to experiment with different kinds of food cooked on an outdoor grill including lobster, oysters, or various vegetables cooked in aluminum foil packets.
It’s hard to go wrong as long as you are having a great time making food for people you care about. Throw a couple cool drinks in the mix and a little music and you have yourself a party.
Of course, when you’re done entertaining, make sure to treat your bbq grill with a little TLC to extend the life of your grill. Always scrub the grates in your grill down with a grill brush after use.
Cover you grill with a tarp or grill cover when it’s not in use to protect it from rain that could eventually cause rust or hail that could damage the surface of your grill.
If you’re looking for a quality tarp to cover your grill, we over both vinyl and canvas tarps in various sizes. You can select the custom size that will work perfectly for your grill.
If you have any questions about the durability of our waterproof tarps, we would be happy to answer them for you. Please contact us and let us know how we can help.

Pop Up Tents Help Kids Celebrate Natl. Ice Tea Month with Neighborhood Stands

Back in the olden days, children would beg their parents for an old card table, two chairs, pop up tents and a pitcher of lemonade. Then theyd set it all up in their front lawn in hopes of selling cold drinks to the neighbors. It was a time-honored tradition that taught them a lot about the value of hard work and the complexities of business. So why not encourage your kids to do something similar this June?
It happens to be National Iced Tea Month. As such, you could introduce the little ones to the pleasures and science behind making sun tea. Most discount stores sell plastic, sun tea containers with built-in spigots for less than $5 each. And theyve likely got tagless tea bags in stock for less than $2 bucks a box too. As for the sugar, wed recommend the kids have that on the side. That way, their ice tea stand patrons can sweeten their drinks as desired.
The pop-up tents will help the kids ice tea stands get noticed. Plus, theyll offer much-needed shade to both the kids and the sun tea containers. So you may end up saving on ice and extra sunscreen. And yes, the pop-up tents frame is strong enough to support signage. Therefore, feel free to let the kids use poster board to advertise their ice tea stands hours of operation and prices.
Being we live in the digital, internet age, encourage the kids to snap a picture of their ice tea tent as well. The picture could be shared online to drum up support from the neighbors and other ice tea fans that may be in the area during the month of June. In addition, theyll provide a keepsake to mark the kids attempts at becoming ice tea moguls for the month. To learn more and pick out pop-up tent before National Iced Tea Month arrives, please contact us.

Well-Placed Canopies Help Protect Kids Tender Skin from Intense, Solar Rays

kids canopyDid you know that at this time of the year, the sun sends more than 1,300 watts of energy per square meter cascading towards the earth? According to NASAs Earth Observatorys calculations, thats enough energy to cook dinner in an average microwave. With that image in ones head, imagine what that kind of energy would do to a childs skin. Given enough time, chances are the child would walk away with at least a nasty sunburn.
Thankfully, there are easy ways to protect kids from all of that wattage. Installing canopies is one of them. The canopies typically stretch across metal frames suitable for use with a variety of terrains. So it doesnt matter if the kids will be at the beach or hanging out in their grandparents wooded backyard. The tent poles can be firmly placed into or on top of the ground for as long as needed. And if youre unsure of which footers are needed for any given location, just ask us.
Our canopies foot pads typically run from 3/4th-inch in diameter to 1-7/8th. Made from galvanized steel, they are generally outfitted with three mounting holes. On standard models, the mounting holes are located on the pads plates. As such, they are ideal for permanent mounting on concrete surfaces. Of course theyre also suitable for use with wood or composite decking.
And yes, they could be fastened to grassy, sandy or asphalt surfaces too. However, tie-down stakes or cords would likely be needed in those situations to combat slight winds. Speaking of which, there are canopies available that are specifically rated for use in windy environments. Most are listed as full on shelters because they come equipped with side walls and canopy doors. To learn more about canopies ability to protect peoples skin from the sun and wind, please contact us today.

Uncover Values at Business Liquidation Sales and Store Scores in Portable Garages

portable garageDid you know that business liquidation sales frequently feature items priced far below their retail equivalents? In some instances, the savings are more than 50% per new or used item and they may come with transferable benefits too (e.g. manufacturers warranties). So how do people know which liquidation sales offer the best value on new and used items? And what should they do with the items they score at deep discounts?
Heres how some approach each event:
Before business liquidation sales, sit down and write lists of which items youd like to purchase and what they retail for. It may also be helpful to note data on service life, parts availability, customer experiences, resale value and reconditioning potential. Information on most major and second tier brands should be easy to find.
Also, order portable garages that are both sturdy and spacious. We’re sure that you’ll find the easy to move storage alternatives perfect for keeping liquidation sale finds safe until they’re needed for daily operation. The portable garages will generally arrive at their designated locations quickly. Plus, they are easy to put into place.
Afterward, check with your favorite liquidator for information on their current warehouse inventory and showroom models as well as upcoming auction lots. To save time, download the South Florida liquidators bidding app. Also, sign-up for their e-mail list and follow their social media pages. Oftentimes, theyll share the information youll need to compile the list through those distribution channels. Next, match your list to theirs and spend a minute calculating the savings.
Place a star or other marker next to the items perceived to be the best value and make plans to bid or purchase it. Also, remember to think about cost-effective transportation. After all, one way or another, youll need to transport the item off site and that will add to the overall costs. So weigh the expense of renting a box truck and moving the items yourself against hiring a delivery company, then make a tentative decision.
And above all, dont pay for the rental vehicle until youre sure youve won the bids or otherwise secured the desired items. To learn more about storing business liquidation finds in portable garages, please contact us.

Protect the Childrens Favorite Ride-On Toys with Colorful, Canvas Tarps

Canvas TarpaulinsAlthough theyve been around for centuries, ride-on toys continue to capture the attention of young children. In the early years, the ride-on toys were largely self-propelled. So the riders were able to practice their coordination skills. In the later years, ride-on manufacturers started adding motors and electronic components to their wares. And as we all know, whether or not ride-on toys have motors or manually operated pedals, they may sustain damage if left outside for too long. Enter canvas tarps:
Canvas tarps come in two main varieties. They are either 100 percent polyester or cotton duck fabric. Both types are excellent at protecting childrens ride-on toys as long as the chosen fabric has been treated with paraffin wax. Widely popular among waterproof professionals, paraffin wax not only prevents water from accessing stored goods, it offers other protection too. For example, it is capable of withstanding a barrage of hail, wind, flying debris, intense sunlight and other outdoor elements. As such, the kids toys are not likely to sustain damage during seasonal storms.
Canvas tarps also come in at least 10 different colors. So families arent stuck with drab green. They can cover the kids ride-on toys with bright yellow, blue, gold, white, green and brown tarps instead. And we have to say, the various colors make it easy to distinguish one childs ride-on toy from another. For instance, the boys in the family could be assigned the blue, canvas tarps and the girls could make use of the white ones. In addition, the canvas tarps are easily recyclable.
Once they outlive their usefulness as ride-on covers, the canvas tarps could be used for a number of other purposes. Examples include childrens craft project materials and covers for two-wheel bicycles or ATVs. To learn more about protecting the kids ride-on toys with colorful tarps, please contact us today.

Why Not Plant Sudangrass and Protect Forage with the Best Hay Covers?

Hay TarpsReady the hay covers friends. Its almost time to get those summer forage crops into the ground. For many areas of the United States, the seeds will need to be planted by late April or the end of May for a maximum harvest. Which type will you be planting and did you ever think of choosing sudangrass?
It has its merits you know. For starters, its fast-growing, self-rejuvenating and very forgiving as far as environmental elements go. It needs little to get started but there are downsides too. When it comes to harvest and storage, the prussic acid rich plants are temperamental. They have to be cut in a timely, specific manner to ensure the proper acid levels and drying times are secured. Otherwise, the hay could sicken animals and potentially cause livestock loss.
Because sudangrass has a notoriously high acid content, wed recommend hay covers that are chemical resistant. In addition, the hay covers should be abrasion resistant. Why abrasion resistant? Experience has taught farmers that sudangrass must be broken up before the drying phase. Thus, the crushing and drying process could damage non-resistant hay covers and tarps.
With sudangrass, the final harvest phase generally doesnt happen until late August and early September. However, if planted early enough in the spring, it may turn over several times before then. So, it is wise to have a large cache of chemical, abrasion resistant hay covers or tarps on hand at the start of the season, just in case. And remember, chemical and abrasion resistant tarps may help with the storage of soil amendments too.
As we mentioned above, sudangrass is fairly forgiving but it does need some care along the way. Examples include periodic application of fertilizer and lime, which may be stored along with the chemical resistant tarps. To learn more about hay covers and tarps for use with sudangrass or related farming supplies, please contact us today.

Make Room for Projects In Your Garage by Moving Your Vehicles to Portable Garages

boat canopyApril showers bring May flowers. The spring also brings the opportunity to work on more projects, because warmer temperatures give you the chance to get out and do some home improvement or other DIY projects you’ve been meaning to get to.
No one likes the idea of trying to stay warm in the winter with a space heater in your garage, as you try to work with slightly numb fingers on your next workshop masterpiece. However, you can easily imagine yourself working late into a pleasant spring or summer evening, sawing, drilling, sanding and sculpting.
If you fantasize about turning your garage into a workshop where you can focus on projects and leave your materials out and available, it doesn’t just have to be a dream.
You can easily clear up space in your garage for a makeshift workshop by simply purchasing one of several unique designs of portable garages. Your portable garage can house your car, boat, RV or even just the storage items that might be taking up valuable space in your garage right now.
When you move any of these things into a portable garage you’ll find that you have plenty of room for a toolbox, workspace and anything else you have in mind.
Portable garages come in custom sizes, so you can get just the space you need. Portable garages are made of durable materials that will stand up to unpredictable weather. Please contact us for more information on ordering a portable garage for your property.