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Extend the Paint Job on Your Car with Canopy Top Replacements

replacement canopy carport coversWhether youve recently give your car a new look with a fresh coat of paint or youve just bought a car, its likely that you want to do everything in your power to keep your cars paint job looking good for years to come. While a garage may be the best solution, this may not be an option due to a lack of space or another car taking up room in the garage.

If youre relying on a canopy to keep the sunlight off of your car when its parked at home, you will need to someday take advantage of canopy top replacements.

Large Enough Canopy for Plenty of Shade

One of the most enticing reasons to rely on a canopy top to protect your car is the variety of sizes that are available. In fact, you should be able to find a canopy top that is large enough to fit your entire car, or even another one if needed.

Paint Fading Can Lead to Other Problems

Allowing your cars paint finish to fade may seem like only a cosmetic issue, but it can often lead to other preventable problems. The biggest example of this is the paint being worn done to the point where raw metal is exposed. The reason this should be avoided is due to rusting that can begin to occur.

Canopy Replacements Inexpensive, but Essential

A good reason to never allow your canopy top to stand with holes and other wear and tear is the gaps that could lead to problems with your car. Since a canopy replacement top should be fairly cheap, theres no excuse for letting it deteriorate.

As you look into how canopies can protect your cars paint job, feel free to contact us to learn more about what we offer.

Why Not Get Crafty by the Yard with Canvas and Vinyl Tarps?

tarps by the yardDid you know that craft stores are not the only places well suited to unleashing a persons creativity? There is plenty for crafters to get excited about at Canopies and Tarps too. Sure, we have portable garages and vinyl tarps to complete a crafty souls work space but theres more. We also currently have canvas and vinyl fabric by the yard.

Whats so special about canvas and vinyl fabric by the yard? For one, the product variations make the creative possibilities endless. There are basic, tan canvas and clear vinyl selections on offer, thats for sure. In addition, crafters are likely to find a number of bold colors in the vinyl tarp category. Examples include, but are not limited to regal blues, sparkling whites, forest greens and sunshine yellows.

Accordingly, they could be fashioned into inexpensive, patio furniture cushions. Weve even seen the colorful, vinyl used to make custom table cloths, outdoor shower curtains, garden flags and DIY slip-n-slides. As for the canvas, it has more applications. For instance, in crafty hands it could be repurposed into accent rugs, placemats, awnings and hanging wall art.

Vinyl and canvas by the yard may be ordered at any time through our staff members. Just bear in mind the material does not feature seams or grommets. As such, theyll need to be purchased separately along with any other crafty accessories needed to complete a project. Weve got a number of them in stock, including plastic tarp clamps and repair kits for those whoopsie moments.

To examine the materials more closely and see what you can come up with, please reach out to us today. As long as weve got the canvas and vinyl material in our warehouse, it should reach you promptly. And special pricing may be available on large, fabric by the yard orders.

Did You Know That Worn Pond liners May Be Recycled to Make Small Habitats?

pond linerThe life expectancy of pond liners is determinant on a number of things. The good ones may last several decades whereas poor quality liners may disintegrate in one or two years. In addition, given the circumstances, they may not wear evenly. The good news is when they dont wear uniformly; used pond liners may be recycled in several ways.

For example, they could be cut and used as ground covers for camping tents or childrens sand piles. Theyd also make excellent drop cloths, weed barriers and makeshift tarps. In addition, some folks combine them with recycled tires to make decorative ponds and frog habitats. Its an easy project that typically starts with a punctured or worn tire from a car, truck, tractor or recreational vehicle.

First, clean the tire off and take measurements. Then situate it in the area where youd like a decorative, water feature or habitat. Next, locate the best sections of your used pond liner and cut it to exceed that of the discarded tires circumference. It should run over the tires outer edge and wrap back around, ending up underneath of it. That way, it wont collapse when the water is added.

Once the used pond liner is in place, go ahead and select river rocks or pavers to go around the repurposed tire. Stack the rocks or pavers in a way that completely obscures the tires sides and top edge. Depending on the tires size and that of the rocks, finishing the job may require some quick-setting cement or mortar. If it does, be sure to allow sufficient time for curing.

After the rocks have been set, fill the tires lined recess with fresh water. Then add aquatic plants and any amphibians as desired. For more information on fun ways to recycle used pond liners, please contact us today.

Tarpaulins May Help DIY Mechanics Keep Their Cramped Spaces Damage-Free

tarpaulinsDo you enjoy working on your car, truck or motorcycle? Many people do but oftentimes, they lack the facilities to do their own vehicle repairs. As a result, they cram themselves into tiny garages and end up leaving behind more than their sweat. And we understand why. Making repairs to motor vehicles is messy business. Plus, there may be chemicals involved.

Many of those chemicals, including motor oil and battery acid, can seriously damage a garage floor. So one wrong move, even during simple, grease and oil changes may spell disaster. Thankfully, home and professional mechanics alike can take steps to protect the flooring in their designated work areas. One of the easiest is laying down chemical resistant tarpaulins.

Not all tarpaulins are chemical resistant and therefore, inferior ones wont do DIY mechanics any good. The ones wed recommend to gear heads are made from a special form of neoprene. Its similar to the material used to make wet suits for surfers and scuba divers. Only this particular form of neoprene can withstand more than salt water and sunshine. It can hold up against all of the potentially damaging chemicals motor vehicle mechanics can throw at it.

The smallest, ready-made size tarpaulin suitable for garage use is 06 x 08. Thus, its perfect for those guys and gals working in single car garages. In addition, the same neoprene tarpaulin could be placed underneath of a small carport or on top of a modest-size driveway. For those mechanics with double car garages or other large spaces, there are bigger ones to choose from. Among them are chemical resistant tarps in the 9 to 30-foot range.

All of the chemical resistant tarpaulins were familiar with are built to be reusable. So a quick investment now could do more than save a persons garage floor over the weekend. Heck, it could even outlast a persons motor vehicle. To learn more about equipping a mechanics garage or other space with chemical resistant tarps, please contact us today.

Daycare Centers, Camps and Preschools May Benefit from Athletic Field Covers

athletic field coversAt first blush, athletic field covers may seem like something only recreation departments, large universities and stadiums could use. However, they have much wider applications. This is frequently the case when it comes to the indoor variety. They are of exceptional benefit to day care centers, preschools and summer camps. Heres why:


Athletic field covers for indoor use provide just as much protection as their outdoor contemporaries. As such, they can protect summer camps recreation halls, day care centers and preschools floors from the elements. Plus, theyll keep the floors clean when any indoor renovations have to be done. And speaking of clean, lets talk about how athletic field covers may benefit small children. As we all know, toddlers and infants have a tendency to crawl or otherwise spend a lot of time on floors.

Accordingly, daycare centers and the like must spend a lot of time sanitizing hard surfaces. Indoor, athletic field covers could help keep the floors germ-free longer. For example, the floor could be cleaned after hours and then covered until the children return to the facility. The same athletic covers could be placed on to the floor during parent-teacher meetings and other events where the kids may not be present.

And yes, athletic field covers are small enough to accommodate privately owned centers too. As a matter of fact, the covers start at 42 x 74 but may be customized to fit any summer camp, day care center or preschools needs. Just allow at least 10 business days for processing and shipping to any U.S. based location. To learn more about the covers and how theyre helping the types of facilities we mentioned protect flooring, please contact us today. Wed be happy to provide real life examples of athletic covers in action and discuss related costs.

Outdoor Pop Up Tents Help Business Owners Promote Major Events

pop up tentGreat Outdoors Month is blowing into view. So as a wise business person, what are you going to do about it? Weve got ideas your welcome to use and they all start with high-quality, pop up tents. Premium, pop up tents are easy to set up and care for, which makes pulling off promotional events easy. With starting prices under $300, the instant canopy kits are undoubtedly an excellent deal. However, for a little bit more you can score pop up tents perfect for food services and festive carnivals. Now on to the Great Outdoors Month ideas that weve already promised you:

Unveil a New Application " Why not use the annual holiday to unveil a new application for peoples mobile devices? Mobile remains hot and apps, believe it or not, can help get them outdoors. For example, it could highlight the outdoor items your business has for sale and explain how to utilize them in any given situation. Cell phone guided tour apps, direction, fitness and history apps all have their place in Great Outdoors Month celebrations too. To celebrate the apps unveiling, just set up an instant canopy and give onsite demonstrations.

Host a Refreshment Stand " If apps arent your thing, you could always set up refreshment stands at recreation sites near the store. Theyre a great way to lure people over to your sales staff. Plus, it offers opportunities to raise funds for conservation related charities or reward people who help clean up local parks. Of course if you choose to open a stand, investing in a 10 x 10 food tent with mesh walls is your best bet.

Offer Opportunities to Play Games of Chance " Finally, you could put up a pop up tent and invite people to play games of chance. The games could be outdoor themed. Winners could receive recycled water bottles and other eco-friendly, recreational related goodies. Any pop up tent would be suitable for a game station but we prefer the instant carnival canopy with colorful, striped skirting. To learn more, please contact us.

Secure the Best Prices for Hay and Preserve Your Investment With Hay Covers

hay coversThe price of hay can vary pretty wildly. Different suppliers can have different prices, and conditions can change the price you will pay per bale. So, when you find a good price for hay, it makes sense to stock up on hay for your livestock.
To complicate things further, bales are not a uniform size. So, when you are trying to compare hay prices by the bale, you may not have a good idea of which supplier is really offering you the best value for your money. Some people avoid this problem by negotiating a price per ton, instead of a price per bale.
However, if you want to negotiate a price per ton, you have to be prepared to load, transport and store a very large amount of hay. The good news is that hay keeps amazing well. As long as hay is kept dry, it will not go bad; although, after a year or two the hay does begin to lose some of its nutrients, but it is still perfectly safe to feed to animals as long as it is not allowed to get wet.
Ideally, hay is stored in a way that keeps it perfectly dry while still allowing some air flow to the hay. You can purchase hay covers to help protect your hay and protect your investment when you purchase large amounts of hay.
Please contact us for more information about our quality hay covers. Our hay covers are available in different sizes and shapes to suit your needs.