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Pond Liners: The Most Important Part of Your Backyard Koi Pond

koi-pond-linerIf you are thinking about creating a koi pond in your backyard so that you can enjoy these beautiful fish, you might be putting a lot of effort into picking things like the individual fish that you want, the plants that you will be planting in and around your pond and the shape of the pond itself. However, one part of the process that might not be quite so fun to plan for — but that is incredibly important — is the pond liner itself.
Sure, it might not be quite as much fun to shop for a plastic pond liner as it is to look at beautiful fish in all different colors and patterns, and planning for flowers can be a lot more fun than looking at the actual logistics of your koi pond. However, the pond liner is arguably the most important part.
With the right pond liner, you can help protect your koi pond from the dirt, rock and other debris below. This can help keep your pond cleaner, and the right pond liner will also be easy for you to clean of algae and other not-so-pleasant surfaces.
Additionally, the right pond liner will help prevent leaks in your koi pond. From small leaks to major ones that can drain your pond in no time, a leak is the last thing that you want to have to deal with if you want to keep your koi fish happy and healthy. If you are looking for high-quality pond liners that you can count on for your new fish pond, contact us at CanopiesAndTarps today.

Dog Kennels- Security for your Best Friend.

dog-kennelWe all love man’s best friend. They are part of the family. You come home from a hard day’s work and they are so excited to see you. They instantly put a smile on your face. They love you unconditionally and rely on us to take care of their every need.
We can’t always be there with them. But it’s not good to leave your dog on a chain. Dogs can endure physical problems when left on a chain all day. Their necks can become sore and are at risk of being entangled or strangled. They are also easy access for other dogs or prey.
Dogs deserve to have a place to stay that is safe from the outside elements. Dog kennels provide them that security. They are made with wire grade steel frames that will keep them from chewing or clawing their way out. When you add a heavy- duty polyethylene cover to the top of the kennel, it’s going to give your dog UV protection and keep him from getting wet.
When choosing a dog kennel , you want to make sure that you get the right size. Dogs should be able to behave and express natural behaviors. Larger dogs will need a larger kennel. You want to give them plenty of room to roam around.
Most dog kennels are portable. If you are planing a weekend camping trip, you will be able to know that your best friend will be safe there with you. Not tearing up the house or stuck at an expensive boarding place.
To learn more about the best dog kennel for your pet, please contact us and we will be happy to help you find what options are best for them.

Party Tents For Your Outdoor Wedding

party-wedding-tentIt’s wedding season. Holding your ceremony or reception outside opens all kinds of amazing possibilities. Whether you choose to have your wedding in a mountain meadow, or at the lake where you spent every childhood summer, the setting will have special meaning. There is, however, a risk associated with having an outdoor wedding: the weather. When planning your wedding, you can control a lot of factors, but you can’t control the weather. What you can do is take precautions.

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, party tents and canopies offer peace of mind.
Consider shelter as part of your early planning process. If your venue has no indoor option, you should plan on using a tent in the beginning, when you make your venue decision, and simply factor it into your budget.
Even if you do have an indoor option, you may want to consider minimal shelter. Imagine your ceremony is in a pretty forest glade, but a few drops of rain fall. Perhaps you need a canopy to cover the ceremony (which is a lovely option, regardless of the weather), or to protect your ceremony musicians and their delicate instruments. A small, inexpensive canopy will serve the purpose. You can even use a small tent or canopy to camouflage portable toilets.
Party tents come in a variety of sizes, so you will have plenty of room for your guests to relax in the shade. On a hot day, a tent is effectively cooled by a simple fan. Tents are available in stripes or festive colors. You can have walls if you wish, and even windows, opening up the space to the beauty of the outdoors. Tents and canopies are simple to set up and fun to decorate to your taste. You can wrap the poles with ribbon or fabric for a gala look.
You can also add a dance floor or a full floor. As for lighting, options are practically unlimited. You can do bistro lights, twinkle lights, theatrical type lighting, or put lights on a dimmer. Just remember to plan ahead so that electrical power is available. Don’t forget to check on local ordinances and comply with any permit requirements.
When you are ready to discuss the different options available to you, be sure to work with an experienced company that offers great customer service. Whatever you choose, your canopy or tent will provide a setting for celebrations and gatherings for years to come. Best of all, you will celebrate your wedding in the setting you love, sheltered from the weather.

Moldy Hay – Why Hay Covers Are A Farmer’s Best Friend

hay-tarps-coverLivestock owners know the symptoms of moldy hay. The hay smells musty, throws off dust when broken apart, and may even contain the tell-tale black or gray mold spores in the middle of the bale. But with high hay prices, it is tempting to feed moldy hay. After all, if the animals still eat it, how harmful can it really be?
Moldy hay poses many dangers. First of all, moldy hay is harmful to the humans handling the hay. Mold spores inhaled by a human irritate the lungs, and aggravate existing respiratory issues such as asthma.
The dangers of respiratory issues are also present for the livestock consuming the hay. In addition to breathing in the mold spores, livestock who eat moldy feed experience a decline in appetite, a loss of productivity, and increased reproductive issues. These issues are exacerbated in high production animals such as dairy cattle.
So what to do? First of all, buy from a reputable source. Hay becomes moldy if it is not properly dried before being baled. Next, inspect all hay before feeding. A hungry animal will eat almost anything put in front of it. Do not rely on the livestock to tell you if the hay is good or not. Check for dust, musty smells, or mold spores, especially in the middle of the bale.
Lastly, protect your supply! Hay molds whenever it is exposed to damp conditions or rain. Keep your hay bales stored on a dry surface. If your barn has dirt flooring, invest in a quality tarp. If you must store your hay outdoors, a hay cover is absolutely essential. For more information on products that can keep your hay safe and dry, contact us.

Want to Start Tent Camping? Get Yourself a Vinyl Tarp for Protection

viny-tarpSleeping out in the woods is an ideal way to de-stress from the chaotic nature of life. The easiest way to do this is to buy a tent, find a campground, and set yourself up for a few days. But, you will want to have a decent amount of camping supplies to make sure you have an enjoyable time while you are gone. It is a great idea to equip yourself with a vinyl tarp that can provide you with all sorts of benefits.
Keep Water Away
While your tent may be waterproof, you may not want to have rain pouring down on the top. A reliable solution is to take a vinyl tarp and string it above the entire surface area of the tent. It is best to know the size of your tent before ordering a tarp to make sure you get one that covers the whole surface. Also, you may want to add a few inches to give yourself extra clearance to exit the tent without getting soaked.
Break the Wind
When camping in the mountains, it is common for the wind to pick up. But, with a heavy-duty, vinyl tarp set up, you can break a lot of the wind that would otherwise pierce right through the tent. This is an important addition to have when you are camping in early spring or late autumn as it can get quite cold.
Easy Care
A vinyl tarp will be one of the easiest items to maintain in all of your camping supplies. You can get one that is waterproof, UV treated, and highly tear resistant, so it is not common for it to get damaged. Cleaning it only requires you to rinse it down before you put it away on the final day of camping.
If you have any questions about the vinyl tarps we carry, please contact us.

Pop Up Canopies to Beat the Heat on Your Patio

patio-canopyYou’ve seen them at tailgate parties, athletic fields and even the beach. Pop up canopies are a great way to provide a respite from the summer sun or spring rains nearly anywhere.
Pop up canopies also make great additions to your patio or deck. They set up and pack up in minutes and store easily when not in use. When the summer sun and heat or a few showers threaten to cut the time on your deck or patio short, these light weight instant canopies make a great way to extend your time and comfort outside.
A pop up canopy is an affordable way to extend the use and enhance the enjoyment of your outdoor space at home or on the road. They come in a variety of sizes and colors and many offer features such as side walls or screens to provide even more protection from the elements or those pesky summer time insects.
So while your neighbors are running for cover from the afternoon sun or a springtime drizzle, you can continue to enjoy your favorite cold beverage, or a burger from the grill while relaxing in your outdoor living space.
With a pop up canopy on hand, you have peace of mind in knowing that in just minutes you can turn your sun drenched deck or patio into a shady haven. You can rest assured that you can also pack it up and take it with you in an instant so you always have shade and comfort wherever you go.
For more information and to find the right pop up canopy for you, simply contact us.

Canvas Tarps: The Solution to Many Pit Masters’ Problems

bbq-canopyWarm weather showers may be perfect for the flowers but they wreak havoc on a pit masters plans. Even a brief shower has the potential to wet seasoned wood not to mention water down the sauce and turned buns into mush. Such things can be corrected if a pit master is at home but what about those all important, barbecue competitions? Who needs the hassle of scrambling for dry, smoking wood or charcoal on competition day?
Tucking canvas tarps into the pit masters barbecue trailer may help avert shower related disasters. The tarps are water-resistant. So, bags of charcoal and bundles of smoking woods will stay competition ready, regardless of the weather. Canvas tarps can also protect the pit master from sudden downpours and offer shade when the sun favors him or her with its presence.
In addition, as long as the pit masters grill or smoker is cold, it may be draped with canvas tarps too. Theyll help keep any exterior logos and paint looking spiffy, which is important for those photo ops with the judges or famously hungry fans. And speaking of photo ops, fire resistant tents marry well with canvas tarps as well. The companion tents are perfect for setting up comfortable, eating or selling areas.
Inside the pop-up tents, pit masters could set aside a corner for cases of their much-loved sauces and rubs. The cases could be temporarily covered with canvas tarps until street teams are ready to sell the barbecue sauces and rubs to waiting patrons. Furthermore, canvas tarps may be treated to serve as portable advertising for the same said products. For example, pit masters could silkscreen their logos on to the tarps so customers would have something memorable to look at while they wait for service. To learn more, please contact our street team savvy agents today.

Let Canopies Help You Keep One Foot in Front of Copycat Neighbors

residential-canopyTired of having a yard that looks just like the neighbors? Theyve got the same patio furniture, outdoor lighting and barbecue grill. Ugh! Kind of makes you feel like youre trapped in an outdated sequel to the The Stepford Wives, right? And every time you try to change it up a bit, they follow suit. Lousy copycats!
Well never fear. Weve got something that will leave them stunned and unable to continue with their monkey see, monkey do ways. But first, youll need some step or paving stones, paint, brushes, polyurethane and plenty of canopies. Hang several canopies up to temporarily block their view. Use the others as drop clothes and to protect your painting supplies from the elements.
Once youve got the canopies hung and stretched across your work areas floor, grab a stepping stone or paver. Now here comes the fun part, decorating the stone! Spray or roll a background color on to the top and sides of the stone. You can leave the bottom of the stone blank because no one will see it after the installation. After the background color has fully cured, take out those fine-tipped paint brushes and get to work on creating unique designs for each stone.
And paint doesnt have to be your only resource. Consider attaching stained glass, pottery shards, seashells, sand and other materials to the stones with E6000 or another form of outdoor-safe, super strong glue. Let it cure for at least 72 hours before moving the finished stones. Just cover them with the canopies as we suggested earlier.
After all of the original stones are cured, decide where you want to place them. Excavate shallow depressions in those areas and partially fill the holes with play sand. Then add the stones and fill in the remaining gaps with more sand. In hours, youll have a unique walkway that will stand out for all of the right reasons. Take that copycat neighbors!

To learn more about using canopies to beat the neighbors at their own game, please contact us.