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Snow Load Garages Help Bustling Ski Destinations Hold On to Their Assets

snow-load-garageIt is estimated that more than 300 ski areas in America will be flinging open their doors this winter in hopes of attracting business. If you are responsible for one of those areas, protecting the business assets is surely at the forefront of your plans. After all, snow related equipment alone is not cheap and can be hard to maintain in the open, frigid air. Lets take the large, snow machines as examples.

They are often used for search and rescue operations. Accordingly, they must be ready to go in seconds. They only way that will happen is if the search and rescue vehicles are stored in permanent or portable garages. Portable garages with appropriate snow load designations tend to be the preferred method of storage for several reasons. Weve listed three of the most frequently cited ones below:

1.) They may be relocated at the end of the skiing season to make room for other events (e.g. summer concerts and flea markets).
2.) They are easy to maintain and move, which lowers a ski areas overhead costs in the off-season.
3.) Upgrading or replacing the structures exterior is relatively inexpensive as compared to permanent buildings made of wood, metal or masonry.

In addition, portable garages are readily available in the sizes ski areas need to accommodate larger pieces of equipment. Just look at the search and rescue vehicles we mentioned earlier. They tend to seat 15 people and boast 50-gallon fuel tanks. Furthermore, their rubber coated and steel tracks are long and sit high off of the ground. So its likely theyll need to be stored in peaked garages that are 30 x 40 x 18 for maximum comfort and convenience. To learn more about portable barns like these and other storage solutions for ski area operators, please contact our knowledgeable team online today.

Make a Beautiful Scene with the Best Green and White Party Tents

20x20-green-white-party-tent-with-wallsThis winter, why not set up a party tent and host a holiday event outside? Todays party tents are perfectly suited for winter use because they come with side walls and may be outfitted with portable heaters. So theres nothing stopping you from creating a winter wonderland large enough to accommodate a great number of guests.

One of the most popular models is our 10 x 20 1.5 green and white party tent. Right now, its heavily discounted and available to be shipped across the Continental United States. Plus, its a cinch to set up the structure outdoors, even if the ground is already a bit frozen. So youll easily beat the high banquet rental fees and have a great, festive place to gather in no time.
Our longtime customers also tend to rave about the party tents dark, green trim too. Its reminiscent of winters best evergreens. As such, it would look beautiful against white red LED lights, brown pine cones or gorgeous, red poinsettias. And did we mention the party tent typically comes with 8 support poles? The poles rim the party tents exterior and are strong enough to hold those lights and decorative elements weve mentioned.

The poles smart spacing also makes the tents interior roomy enough to hold round, square or rectangular tables and chairs. And if you dont have them yet either, we can send you some. Theyre part of our party tent product line. We sell combination packages capable of seating 40 guests. In addition, customers may buy additional, folding tables to accommodate average size, buffet pans or the wait staffs serving lines. To learn more about them, our green and white model or other party tents for sale, please contact us online now. Well help you select one for winter and ship it to you quickly, without fail.

Builders and DIY Fans: Top Off Winter Checklists with the Best Insulated Tarps

insulated-tarpsAt one time, construction companies and do-it-yourself folks waited until spring or summer to start their projects. Thanks to insulated tarps and other great inventions, this is no longer the case. As a matter of fact, many builders and self-made repair experts prefer to work in winter for several reasons:

For one, home improvement supplies, skilled craftsman and permits are generally in ample supply this time of year. So why not take advantage of the short lead times and potential savings, right? Also, completing projects now makes it easier to start entertaining in the early spring. Think about it. Outdoor kitchens and family rooms spruced up now will certainly be ready for use come Memorial Day.

As we already said, many home improvement supplies on the market today can withstand cold temperatures. These include industrial-strength glues, caulking and paint. However, that doesnt mean they should be left sitting outside in a snow pile. Theyll need to be kept in a dry area and covered with insulated tarps. Otherwise, the materials could potentially lose their strength, separate, develop ice crystals or pesky mold.

That said, anyone looking to improve their home or business this winter would be wise to buy a supply of poly or vinyl insulated tarps in various weights. The insulated, poly tarps are perfect if your project is expected to include flammable materials because theyre flame resistant. The insulated vinyl ones, on the other hand, may not be flame resistant. So its best to check the product description over carefully. Also look for such keywords as:

Wind and Snow Load Rated
UV Resistant
Waterproof and Rot Resistant
Mildew Proof

Theyll help builders and members of the do-it-yourself crowd find the ideal assortment of tarpaulins for their winter projects. Addition advice about contractor and DIY approved products for winter use may be found by contacting us today.

Portable Garages: The Perfect Option for Car Enthusiasts

portable-garageIf you are a big-time car enthusiast, you might like spending time working on your vehicle, making customizations, cleaning it and more. If you don’t have a garage, you might wish that you had one. However, in some cases, this just isn’t a possibility. You might not have the money to spend on a garage, for example, or you might rent. Luckily, portable garages are the perfect option for car enthusiasts.

A portable garage can provide you with the perfect workspace for working on your car. You can be sheltered from the sun and the elements, making it possible for you to work on your car or clean your car whenever you want. You can purchase a portable garage for a reasonable price, so you won’t have to spend as much as you would have to spend to purchase a more traditional garage. Plus, if you’re a renter, you won’t have to worry as much about making your landlord upset, and you’ll be able to take it with you when you rent a different rental or when you finally buy your own home.

Plus, you can take your portable garage with you, so if you want to go over to a friend’s house to work on your car or if you are going to a car show, your garage can make things easier.
If you are a car enthusiast who does not have your own garage, or if you don’t have enough room in your garage for working on your cars, contact us at CanopiesAndTarps to find out more about our portable garages.

What If You Also Need Doors with Those Canopy Top Replacements?

builtWhen many people are asked about canopy top replacements, they forget about one thing. The roof may not be the only part of the canopy that needs replacing. So, before purchasing a replacement top, its best to examine the whole canopy for signs of wear and tear. Two problem areas that come to our minds are the front and rear doors.

Many modern, canopy doors boast zippers to keep out the elements. Understandably, they may get exposed to a lot of moisture. In addition, the fabric around the zippers may fray or tear due to repeated sun exposure. The elements are not the only things that have the potential to destroy a canopys zippered doors. Theres also normal wear and tear. So, as people go in and out of the zippered doors, they could accidentally bend the zippers teeth or cause other damage over time.

Sometimes just the zippers can be replaced. Other times, like when the fabric around the zippers is damaged too, an entire new canopy door will be needed. Thankfully, the doors are sold individually. Accordingly, they may be added to canopy top replacement orders as needed. The replacement panels that we have in stock are sold that way. The individual, zipper-clad doors come in a number of sizes, starting with a 10-foot panel.

The panel widths increase in two-inch increments, capping out at 18-foot panels. However, custom replacement doors are available too. They may just take longer to make depending on canopy replacement customers wishes. For example, we work with plain white canopies as well as carnival and fiesta patterns. Furthermore, we are capable of adding other elements to the doors, including traditional window enclosures. To learn more about all of the replacements available for commercial and residential canopy enclosures, please contact our team today.

Pop up Tents and Golf Courses: A Winning Combo for Fans as well as Vendors

pop-up-tent-golf-courseThe PGA Tour season will be gearing up again after a short, winter break. We expect the action to resume just after the New Year, in Hawaii, with the Tournament of Champions. From there, it will move on to other states, including but not limited to California, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Texas and South Carolina. The season will eventually end several months later, in the fall of 2017. As such, better get those pop up tents now.

Pop up tents are perfect for golf tour vendors and spectators alike. Suitable for use on all types of golf course surfaces, they set up and break down quickly. Plus, pop up tents come in colors that mesh well with popular, pro golfing brands. And in some cases, we can add brand logos or golfers names to the pop up tents durable fabrics. In those instances, buyers may need to prove that they have the right to use the brands logo or the golfers likeness. For example, golf fans expect Rory McLlroy, Brian Gay, Graham DeLaet and Billy Horschel to sport bright colors. Miguel Angel Jimenez and others tend to waiver between that and the traditional.

So, wed suggest checking out our collection of Caravan Display Shade Tents. They come in an impressive array of 10+ colors and boast total UV protection. Within the 10+ color palate are bold reds, yellows and blues that match the shirts sometimes worn by many of the pro golfers weve already mentioned. The colorful pop-ups also resist fire, water and wind shear damage. Accordingly, you can expect them to come with a limited warranty that will last carry you through at least through two more golf seasons. To learn more about Caravan Display Shade Tents and the others suitable for golf course use, please contact us now. We may be able to have one to you before North Americas golf tournament season resumes.

Pond Liners May Fall to Winters Whims without Proper Forethought

pond linerWhether youre raising fish or watering livestock, one thing is beyond question. Pond liners dont always make it through the winter. The chief reason for a short life is often the formation of ice. Its natural and forced movements have the potential to rip pond liners in half or at the very least, leave abrasions in its place. Accordingly, precautions must be taken well before the thermometers liquid makes its downward climb.

Adding movement to the water, whether via a bubbler or float ball, is one option if the pond is being used for fish. These options may not work in the case of livestock as they may choose to chew on whatever action generating device is left in place. Accidental consumption issues also tend to eliminate the possibility of using chemical deicers, which could sicken thirsty land mammals as well as resident fish.

Heaters often work well for both fish and mammals, just so long as the water doesnt get hot enough to degrade the pond liner. Pond liners that are not equipped to withstand heat have just as much chance as breaking open as those that are not well-suited for the cold. And air pillows dont always work either. They could deflate in the cold or rupture, just like the pond liners.
As such, the best way to prevent winter disasters is to buy pond liners that are 30 mil or more. They tend to be thick enough to take a beating from both ice and winter traffic. Also, buyers should note the liners grab tensile, tongue tear and burst strength too. Theyll all factor into a ponds ability to maintain its integrity throughout an entire winter. To learn more about how they factor into the equation and ensure that your propertys ponds remain operational this year, please contact us now.

Tarpaulins: Unexpected Yet Excellent Holiday Gifts

christams-tarpaulinsWhen you think about shopping for holiday gifts for all of the people on your list, you might think about heading to the local mall. However, believe it or not, CanopiesAndTarps has all sorts of awesome gift options for your loved ones this year. For example, even though they might be an unexpected option, tarpaulins actually make great gifts.

So many people never even think about buying tarps for themselves until they need them. Isn’t that sort of the point of a gift…to buy something that someone probably hasn’t bought for himself or herself but that he or she could use?

The truth is that tarps can be used for all sorts of things. If someone on your list is working on fixing up his or her home, a tarp can be handy for covering up the floor before painting. For the gardener on your list, a tarp can be super helpful for protecting plants from the cold or the elements. For someone who has pets, a tarp is great for covering up an animal enclosure, such as to provide warmth in the winter or to create a quiet indoor sleeping area for a dog that is being crate trained. For someone who is outdoorsy, a tarp can be a useful gift for many reasons. It truly is something that just about anyone can use.

If you would like to buy tarps for the people on your list, contact us at CanopiesAndTarps. Here, we have lots of options that are sure to make perfect gifts!