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Increase Your Cargo Room with Canvas Tarps

Family car trips can be a lot of fun as long as you’re not squeezed in by excess luggage for hours on end. Increasing your cargo space can help you to have a good time and return home with happy memories instead of bruises from where that suitcase handle was digging into your side. With a few adjustments and some canvas tarps, you might have the best vacation of your life.

Add Racks:The right roof racks and hitch racks can add a lot of storage space to your car. The standard cross bar rack is a good start, but if you have more than one or two suitcases you might want to consider replacing it with a basket rack that can hold even more. While it may not be suitable for more fragile and valuable items, it’s a good solution for most things, especially if you wrap your luggage in a canvas tarp for more protection. Tarps can also help to safeguard anything on your hitch racks, particularly on the underside that’s exposed to debris thrown from your tires.

Pack Your Bags:Your suitcase looks big until you put something big or awkwardly shaped into it. Then, you can barely fit your socks. Take those space-hogging items out, and cover them with a tarp so you can use your luggage more efficiently.

Check your Trunk:With a little padding from your canvas tarps you can take full advantage of your car trunk. Use your tarp as an extra layer around luggage or around individual items. Either way, you’ll be able to make more room in the interior for yourself and your family.

Of course, any extra weight can lower your gas mileage. As useful as tarps are, you’re probably better off leaving anything home that you can do without.

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Portable Garages for Board Game Fans

A big fan of board games needs a big space to have fun with their friends. A portable garage is one solution for organizing and enjoying your growing game collection. Maybe you’ll even be inspired to invent a game of your own.

In case you haven’t noticed, board games have become very popular in recent years. It’s like people want to take a break from their phones, and try do something with their friends in person. While you’re building your skills and getting to know your friends better, there can also be a downside if your hobby outgrows your current home. With a portable garage you’ll be ready to play anytime:

Multiple Players:Some games only require a minimum of two players, but they get a lot more interesting if you can invite a bigger crowd to join you. That includes some of the most popular titles around today, like the blockbuster hit Codenames. Even now that Codenames has a two player duet version, many people still prefer playing in teams. Instead of crowding around a dinky table in your basement, you could spread out in comfort in your portable garage.

Storing Your Games:Have you lost track of how many board games you own? A portable garage gives you a place to keep your collection organized and accessible instead of squeezing them in all over the house.

Inventing Your Own Board Game:Now that more people are playing board games, more people are inventing their own titles. If you have an idea that you’d like to work on, you might make big money or at least have the satisfaction of creating something of your own. Of course, putting your idea into action takes some resources. With a portable garage, you’ll have space to develop and test out your prototype.

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Alternative Seating for Your Party Tents

Having your own party tent is a great way to save money compared to renting. As a bonus, you may find yourself entertaining more so you get to see your friends and relatives on a regular basis. Still, there may be one downside if you don’t have enough chairs to go around.

You’ve probably discovered that renting chairs is expensive, and keeping them around your home or workplace takes up a lot of space. Stack-able seating is an option, but maybe you prefer a more interesting look. Here are a few of our favorite alternatives to the standard chair.

Hay Bales:Hay bales aren’t just for rustic weddings. They’ll be an amusing touch at any casual event. Keep in mind that unless you have your own hay or have easy access to it, you might wind up spending more than it would take for just regular chairs.

Logs:Some party rental companies even rent artificial or natural logs and stumps, usually with cushions on top for seating. If you live in the city, this may not be easy, but it would be novel.

Benches:Benches are a practical and space-saving idea. You might want to buy them or make your own. If you’re doing it yourself, make sure they’re stable and safe.

Pillows:Many people around the world still sit on floor pillows and cushions rather than chairs. Depending on your imagination and budget, this could be basic or glamorous.

Blankets:Make it a picnic. Your guests might love spreading out a blanket, and dining on salads and sandwiches.

While you’re having fun with your seating arrangements, keep your guests in mind. You may need some chairs to accommodate people who would have difficulty sitting on pillows and logs.

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Why You Should Get a Dog Kennel Before Bringing Your New Dog Home

Welcoming a new dog into your home is so exciting that it’s easy to forget everything that you need to do. Still, if you plan to use adog kennel, it’s a good idea to buy it, and set it up before you bring your dog home.

Manage Stress:Getting used to a new family and environment is a lot to deal with. It will help if your dog has a safe and quiet space of his own to hang out while he’s adapting.

Start Outdoors:When you’re giving your dog his first tour of your home, start outside. Let him take a look at your neighborhood and yard, including his kennel, before showing him the inside of your house. It will help him to get oriented.

Introduce Him to Your Children and Other Pets:Your dog may not be ready for your children’s enthusiasm until he has a chance to settle down. Similarly, other dogs and animals may feel territorial so it’s good to have a kennel handy so you can proceed gradually.

Create Daily Routines:Consistency is reassuring for any dog. If a kennel will be part of his regular schedule, let him start getting used to the idea as soon as possible. Fixed meal times, walks, and bed times help too.

Avoid Misunderstandings:It’s important for your dog to know that spending time in his kennel is not a form of punishment. It may be natural for him to think so since he is being separated from his pack, and you may use other forms of time outs as discipline. If you have his dog kennel ready and waiting for him, he’s more likely to accept it without any worries about what he did wrong.

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