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Party Tents Offer Your Guests Space At Your Halloween Party

Halloween party tentsHalloween is just one month away. Kids are already planning their amazing costumes, and many adults love getting in on the fun too. While there are plenty of options for how to spend the holiday, including taking children trick-or-treating, attending parties, spending the night out on the town, or staying in and handing out treats to all the little ghosts and goblins that stop by, one of the most fun things you can do on Halloween is throw a big party.

If you hesitate to throw large parties because you don’t have space, remember that party tents offer all the space you need. If it is projected to be a cool evening, you can use outdoor heaters in the party tent to make sure everyone is comfortable.

When you throw a giant Halloween party you can invite all of your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors. It’s the perfect opportunity to serve up some of your favorite food and drinks, plan a few fun party games and decorate to the nines. If you need ideas for throwing the perfect Halloween party be sure to check out social media sites like Pinterest for some really adorable ideas that are sure to please your guests. Don’t forget that everyone loves a costume contest. If you announce a prize in advance, people are more likely to dress up for your party. Even the guests who don’t choose to dress up will love seeing all the creativity that went into the costumes of people who participate in the party.

For more information on our huge selection of party tents in all shapes and sizes, please contact us.

Jump to it and Keep the Outdoor Trampoline in Operation with Vinyl Tarps

Vinyl TarpsTrampolines are among the most-loved, outdoor, recreational equipment out there. People of all ages traditionally use them throughout the spring and summer, then put them away in the fall. However, we have found that with the addition of vinyl tarps, some families have been able to keep their trampolines up until the snow flies. The secret behind their accomplishment is electing to buy the perfect one.

Which vinyl tarps are perfect for outdoor trampolines? In our opinion, its the round tarps. Round tarps are traditionally manufactured using either high-quality mesh with or without shade weave. Both types are UV and rip resistant with grommets appearing every two feet, around all of the edges. Naturally, they are vital features to have when it comes to protecting trampolines from the autumn sun and wind. So we wouldnt recommend choosing a cover without them.

That said, the shade weave tarps may be more appropriate for some trampolines than the other tarpaulins for one, simple reason. Theyre breathable. Remember, some trampolines are made from premium-grade bounce mats, plastic sheathing and fiberglass rods but not all. So the lower grade materials may dry rot or otherwise degrade if they arent placed in an area with some ventilation.
Thus, choosing shade mesh weave tarps accomplished two things. First, it shields all of the trampoline sensitive elements we mentioned above from the sun. Second, it allows lower quality materials an opportunity to breathe. Consequently, it is worth taking a hard look at a trampolines construction before selecting vinyl tarps. Of course construction is just one concern.

Before buying round tarps to cover outdoor trampolines, dont forget to take measurements. Pick a diameter tarp that is likely to provide the trampolines bounce mat with full coverage. And if necessary, choose one that will cover the trampolines side mesh walls too. To learn more about picking vinyl tarps for outdoor trampolines, please contact us today.

Party Tents Help Neighborhood Block Celebrations Continue Through Fall

party tentDont let falls kickoff keep the neighborhood block parties from rolling onward. After all, Oktoberfest is a perfect excuse to call everyone out of their homes and enjoy a few German brewskies as a community. Just set up party tents that have the potential to keep the afternoon breezes at bay. Theyll ensure that the neighbors will continue to raise their steins and munch on German snack foods well into the late hours of the evening.

If the neighbors have children of any age, why not get separate party tents for them? The children, especially the teenagers, will appreciate having celebration space of their own. Also, the German foods, beverages and dcor could be tailored towards age groups. For instance, the teens might like drinking non-alcoholic beer and playing European card games. Authentic games to consider are Skat, Schafkopf and Karnoffel.

Younger children may like to play Sardines, a German form of tag. The list of other German game options for the little kids includes, but isnt limited to Topfschlagen, Verstecken, Schokoladenessem, Dosenfussball and round robin. Of course they could have German-English singalongs and dances inside of the party tents providing that all of the little kids agree.

Oktoberfest block parties could be set up in other ways too. For instance, everyone could gather underneath of one party tent to socialize and a separate one could be used for refreshments. Keeping the alcoholic and non-alcoholic refreshments stored in a designated area may make some neighbors feel comfortable. This is particularly relevant for families that disapprove of drinking but still want to participate in the neighborhoods Oktoberfest fun.

No matter how the neighborhoods Oktoberfest is expected to be set up, please contact us for help. We can provide white tents as well as ones in Oktoberfest appropriate colors. Plus, we may be able to assist with portable seating and extra serving tables too.

Greenhouse Canopies

greenhouse canopyGreenhouse canopies are wonderful additions to your garden or yard, especially if you live in a climate with unpredictable weather, a short growing season, or simple to keep out pests and weeds.

1. Protect from Unpredictable Weather

Unpredictable weather can happen in any climate. Greenhouses are wonderful for preventing a ruined crop. They protect from hail, severe wind, and quick temperature changes. If you like to start from seeds, a greenhouse can help protect your vulnerable seedlings in the spring until they are ready to put in the ground.

2. Lengthen a Short Growing Season

If you live a norther climate, harvests can be small as there just isnt enough warm weather to grow your plants as long as you might like. A greenhouse can allow you to start your garden as early as February and extend it well into October or possibly even November. Check the USDA website for information on when and how to use a greenhouse in the winter months.

3. Lengthen Your Growing Season

Even if you dont live in a northern climate, it is nice to have fresh, homegrown foods in winter. In many states in the southern half of the United States, you can use a greenhouse to grow food all winter long.

4. Keep Out Pests and Weeds

Although nothing can fully protect a garden from pests, a green house is gives some of the best protection against unwanted critters and weeds. Our greenhouses have windows with insect netting.
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4 Reasons to Install a Shade Sail Canopy

shade-sailsShade sail canopies are a great addition to your backyard landscape. They are typically a triangle shaped canopy used to provide shade on patios, decks, and in backyards. The fabric is lightweight, but durable and resistant to mold. It is also easy to clean. Besides being very easy to store and transport, they have many great benefits to your outdoor landscaping.



1. Sun protection

Shade sails block up to 90% of UV rays. This is great news! We all know that protecting our skin from the sun is important, but sometimes sunscreen is not the most pleasant option. A shade sail can provide the protection you and your family need without the need for sunscreen.

2. Cooling

Because shade sails are open-sided, they provide free flow of air. You wont feel stuffy or boxed in under a shade sail.

3. Decorative

Shade sails provide shade in a unique and decorative way. The triangle shape is a fun pattern and provides a fun look to your backyard landscaping. They also come in a variety of colors so you can coordinate with your homes other features. Its a wonderful way keep cool in the summer, and it looks great too!

4. Super Easy Installation

Our shade sails come with grommets in the canopies and three ropes are included with each shade sail. Most canopies come in a triangle shape and can be attached to a house, tree, or any other static feature.

Shade sails are a great addition to your backyard this summer. For more information about shade sail canopies or any other tarp and canopy needs, please contact us.

Portable Garages Simplify Your Winter Plans

portable garageCold temperatures are headed your way. It won’t be long before you find yourself shoveling sidewalks. September is a great time to set up a family pool where everyone places a small bet on the day they think you will receive the first snowfall of the year. It is also a great time to make plans to simplify your life this winter.

If your home doesn’t have a garage, you are probably sick and tired of standing out in freezing weather, scraping snow and ice off your windshields before you can drive your car. Perhaps you’ve even tried to cover your windshield with a blanket at night or other tricks to make your morning routine a little simpler. We don’t blame you, because the last thing anyone wants to do early in the morning, before work, is stand out in the cold.
There is a better way, you can install a portable garage that will cover your car and protect it from snow, sleet, ice and hail. A portable garage may not keep you car warm and toasty in the winter, but it will save you all the time of scraping windshields which means you will spend less time out in the cold.

You can order a portable garage in any size you need, and you can consider options for a full enclosure or just an overhead covering. For more information on our incredible selection of quality portable garages at competitive prices, please contact us. By the time the first snow falls, you’ll be glad your vehicle is protected.

7 Uses for Tarps on a Camping Trip

camping tarpTarps are a wonderful thing. And they have been around for, well as long as people have had possessions to protect from the elements. Besides matches and a knife, a tarp might be one of the most useful things to bring along on a camping trip, whether its a fun family car camping trip, or a hardcore adventure deep in the wilderness. Here are 7 ways to use your tarps on a camping trip:


Kitchen Shelter

It is definitely a bad idea to cook inside your tent on a rainy day. But a simple tarp provides protection from the rain, or shade on a sunny day. And since it doesnt have sides, there is plenty of fresh air ventilation.

Ground Cover

It might be the most common use for those old blue tarps. You put one under your tent to protect the base from the ground. It lengthens the life of your tent, and if you leave a few feet of the tarp exposed at the entrance of your tent, you have a nice welcome mat to leave dirty shoes and smelly clothes.

Makeshift Shelter

Tarps are light and usually have grommets. With a little extra string or cord, you can throw it in a daypack and have an easy way to make a shelter should you be caught in the elements away from your tent.

Gear Cover

There are certainly items you dont want inside your tent. A tarp is a cheap, quick way to keep your gear dry and ready to use.

Campsite Wind Block

Hanging a tarp vertically is a great way to keep your tent warmer, or to keep sparks from flying from your campfire.

Pet Tent

Not everyone likes their pet to sleep with them. A tarp can provide comfy place for your four-legged family members to sleep and rest. Stake the sides down to ground level to provide complete protection.

Slip n Slide

Hopefully you arent ever stuck on a rainy camping trip. But if you are, there are ways to still have fun. Everyone strip down to their long-johns , put the tarp on a hill and you have some fun memories in the rain! Be sure to have warm clothes waiting in the tent.
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Using Athletic Field Covers This Fall Will Improve Outcomes Next Spring

athletic field coverField maintenance tasks take on a whole new sense of urgency in the fall. Theres much to accomplish and the hours of light in a day just keep on getting shorter. Crews must tend to the soil as well as the turf grasses. Plus, there is the constant threat of early frost and the muddy mess that comes along with it. As such, thoughts of athletic field covers begin to take shape too.

It is not enough to simply buy the best athletic field covers online and plop them down on to a newly, top dressed field. Sure, the 12-Mil PE covers are meant to go over top of the turf grass. But its vital that field maintenance crews do their proverbial due diligence. If they dont, fungi and assorted insects may start to attack the fields soil and root systems. Clearly they are not the types of outcomes that any sporting areas management team would want for their respective properties.
How can crews keep management from losing their cool? Periodically treating and monitoring the areas underneath of the athletic field cover will go a long way in improving springtime outcomes. Also, facilities would do well to invest in helpful tools that make performing those fall field tasks easier. For example, supportive back belts, field cover rollers and training on how to move large tarps would certainly benefit employees.

Theyd surely feel more confident rolling athletic field covers back and forth with those aids in place. And it would undoubtedly make the job go quickly, leaving time for other fall tasks. Plus, taking a preventive approach to field cover care could reduce incidents of employee back strain as well. So, buying athletic field covers and the other items weve mentioned would unequivocally be a win-win. To learn more about caring for fields in the fall with heavy-duty covers, please contact us.

Hay Covers for Fall Triticale and Rye: Keep Those Protein Rich Bales Safe!

Hay TarpsFall forage time is upon us. Which season extending crops will you be planting and harvesting? Many people we know will be planting or harvesting triticale and rye. The first is a high-yielding, self-pollinating, wheat hybrid known for its percentage of crude protein. As for the second foraging crop weve mentioned, most people are already familiar with it. It generally has a lot of digestible protein and nutrients too.

Because they are so rich in protein, it is important to properly protect them with hay covers. Also known as hay tarps, we have both discount and Performer types. The first type of hay cover (discount) is crafted out of high density, laminated, silver poly. The waterproof material is 14 mil and will also help keep fungus away from the triticale and rye. Finished sizes range from a little over 7 feet in length to slightly over 39 feet and customization is possible.

In comparison, the Performer types are customarily thicker (17 mil) and do not have grommet holes. Theyre outfitted with internal sleeves instead. As such, they are traditionally used with pole barn style setups. And unlike some companies, the ones we sell come complete with J-hooks, PVC poles and fasteners that match the sleeves. So when checking out, customers dont have to feel like theyre being fleeced over every little hay storage component.

Finished sizes in the Performer series generally begin with hay covers that are more than 13 feet long. The largest, finished size that we usually have on hand and ready to ship is over 71 feet long. Square and round shapes are typically available with or without curtains. For the best protection of triticale and rye bales, wed recommend choosing ones with curtains. To learn more about keeping rye and triticale bales safe until spring, please contact us.

What to Look For When Getting Canopy Top Replacements for Your Driveway

Providing shade cover for your car is an essential part of keeping your vehicle in good condition in the years to come. If youre not fortunate enough to have a garage for your car to be parked in, you may have begun using a canopy to provide some essential shade. While these canopies can be quite durable, you will likely still needcanopy top replacementsat some point to ensure that your car gets the protection it needs.

When looking for a new canopy top and wanting something a bit different than your current canopy, its important to look for something thats going to be durable in the years to come. Rather than look for only sun protection, youll benefit by looking for canopies that provide some weatherproofing. Protection from the rain can help keep your car in good shape and can make all the difference if you want to keep your car clean after car-washes.

Along with choosing a canopy that can provide some protection from the elements, you also want to make sure that any heavy wind or hail wont be a problem. The fabric should be durable enough where it wont tear easily and the canopy can move slightly in the wind without being damaged significantly. This extra attention towards canopy tops that will withstand plenty of wear can help lengthen the time between replacements.

Taking your time to look for canopy top replacements that are quality in design will help ensure that your car stays in great shape.Contact usif you need any help picking out a canopy for your driveway.