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Canopy Top Replacements: For Those Times When Cleaning Urges Get Out of Hand

tarp-cleaningIts happened to all conscientious Americans at one time or another. We get an urge to spring clean the canopies covering our cars, motorcycles boats and other gear. So we drag out scrub brushes, strong chemicals, buckets, sponges and hoses. Then get busy scrubbing the life out of the canopies, literally. Afterward, we realize that our over zealousness for a clean covering has rendered the fabric absolutely useless.

At that point, there is only one thing for the super clean to do and thats hunt for canopy top replacements. Canopy top replacements come sparkling clean right off of the delivery truck. So after setting the tops up, its simply a matter of keeping them that way. The easiest way to keep the tops clean actually starts with the fabric selection process.

For example, if you live in a notoriously wet or humid area of the United States, chances are canopy tops will get covered in fungus of all sorts. Therefore, its smart to choose tops that have been treated with anti-fungal products. Theyll frequently retard colonization long enough for sunlight and other materials to kill off the fungi for good. However, even the anti-fungal treatments wont be enough for some areas.

Leaves and other organic matter contain dyes that will leave marks on canopy tops too. Thus, treating the tops with stain resistant products should be on Americans short lists as well. Good thing many canopy top replacements already come with treated fabrics! Treatment options generally include the two we mentioned plus others. The list of others typically includes water, chemical and abrasion resistant treatments.

Also, we should note that there are cold climate options too (e.g. arctic flexibility). Theyre needed in areas where the temps tend to drop below 30 degrees Fahrenheit and stay there for extended periods. To find out about them or the temperate climate options, please contact us before you get the urge to clean. That way, we can have a replacement sent to you just in case.

Tarpaulins May Help Keep Landscaping Related Aches and Pains from Occurring

tarpaulinHave you ever spent the morning mowing lawns and pulling leaves only to find yourself sprawled out in the afternoon moaning in pain? If so, youre part of Club Pain. It consists of legions of Americans who suffer from body aches after manual labor. But what if you could turn in your Club Pain membership card and spend the afternoon relaxing in the hammock instead? Would you do it?

Well what if we told you that turning in your Club Pain membership card could be as easy as grabbing tarpaulins? Its true. Tarpaulins help take the back-breaking pain out of lawn work and well tell you how. Lets begin with why manual labor can leave so many of us writhing in pain. It all boils down to body mechanics. Our muscles are only meant to withstand certain weight and inactivity can cut down on that threshold too.

By using tarpaulins to haul away lawn debris and complete other tasks, we effectively take some of that extra weight off of our muscles. So they dont have to work so hard or get stretched into directions theyre not normally meant to go. Plus, the tarpaulins may protect our bodies from the ground and all that the soil contains. Examples include dampness, biting insects, rocks, parasites, bacteria, sticks and other items that may cause physical ailments.

Tarpaulins meant for landscaping use some in a number of thicknesses and boast multiple features. If your property is very overgrown, wed recommend using the super heavy-duty variety. Previously maintained lawns, on the other hand, may only require economy tarps. They are generally on the thin side, thus best suited for light duty tasks like dragging flower bulbs from one end of a planting bed to another.

To learn more about the variety of landscaping approved tarpaulins available and how they may keep muscle pain away, please contact us today.

Chip Away at Late Winter Yard Work with an Assortment of Vinyl Tarps

vinyl tarpsDuring the winter months, it may seem like Mother Nature is taking a holiday but its not true. Despite the seasonal slowdown, yard work and home maintenance responsibilities continue to pile up. For instance, there are those broken tree limbs that will need to be picked up and gotten rid of before springs arrival. So youll unquestionably need an assortment of vinyl tarps.

Reinforced, vinyl tarps meant to be abrasion and puncture resistant are ideal for disposing of broken tree limbs. Simply spread the vinyl tarp on to the completely or semi-frozen ground and put the discarded limbs on top of it. Then grab the wood-filled, vinyl tarps by the seams or grommets and pull them to a designated location for further processing.

If you plan on running the discarded branches through a wood chipper, be sure to place extra vinyl tarps in front of the machines exit chute. Then position the chute so the chips will fly out and hopefully land on top of the surrounding, vinyl tarps. Afterward, the tarps ends could be folded over to protect the chips from precipitation.

Just remember, in addition to fire starters, theyll make excellent mulch and driveway filler for homes situated in rural areas. So once the chips have dried out, they could be bagged for future use or immediately tossed into the wood stove. Depending on how many pounds of wood chips there are, the vinyl tarps could double as temporary storage aids.

Furthermore, spare vinyl tarps may be used to protect the wood chipper from late season storms and store room debris in between work days. Our staff may be able to help find wood chipper covers for everyones machines as well as other vinyl tarps perfect for December through February yard work projects. To receive courteous, professional assistance, please contact us today.

Shield Your Belongings From Snow and Ice with Tarps

tarps in snowMany places around the country experienced a pretty mild fall. With less snow and precipitation than usual, you might not be really ready for the winter the way you normally are when the snow comes sooner and freezing temperatures are more prevalent.

It’s not too late to protect your recreational vehicles, sporting goods and outdoor equipment from the elements this winter. Snow and ice have a way of deteriorating certain kinds of outdoor equipment, but simply buying tarps to cover them throughout the winter can mitigate a lot of the damage.

Tarps will protect your belongings from rust and tarnish and keep them running well for another season. Don’t forget that you may want to cover up your outdoor BBQ grill if you won’t be using it during the winter too.

When it comes to purchasing tarps you have a lot of options. Purchasing from an online retailer will give you the maximum selection because online retailers aren’t limited by the square footage in their stores.

You can choose between a vinyl tarp and a canvas tarp. A poly tarp is strong, resistant to tears and provides a layer of UV protection so your belongings are protected from the sun as well as the weather and you won’t have to worry about fading. You can buy a tarp in any dimension you want so you aren’t struggling to make due with more or less tarp than you need

For more information on purchasing high-quality tarps at affordable prices please contact us.

Moving Soon? Protect your Furniture with Tarps

tarps for furnitureMoving to a new home or apartment can be an exciting stepping stone in one’s life journey. Sometimes the moving process can be marred though when a favorite piece of furniture incurs damage in the moving process.

Often furniture needs to be temporarily stored in a storage rental unit or perhaps a friend or family member’s basement or garage until one is completely settled in their new abode. One of the best ways to protect your valuable furniture is through the use of tarps. A storage rental unit may have tiny leaks in the roof that could allow water or snow to get into your unit. They may also have small gaps in the walls that allow spiders or mice to infiltrate your unit in the hopes of making a cozy nest.

Covering wood furniture pieces with tarps can help prevent warping and water stains in the case of roof leaks. Encasing furniture pieces like couches, mattresses, chairs, etc. with tarps can help prevent unwanted creatures from making a home out of your furniture.

If you are able to move all your belongings in one trip, you will still find tarps are essential to the moving process. For those using a professional moving service, the movers will most likely come prepared to protect your furniture with their own tarps or protective coverings. For the do-it-yourself mover, investing in some tarps to protect your beautiful furniture can help prevent inadvertent scratches, dings and dents from occurring.

For more information on how to use tarps to protect your belongings, please contact us.

Vinyl Tear Off Tarps for Roofing

Tarps are such a handy tool. They are usefulfor everything from camping, covering vehicles, hay, and for parties and events. They can be used for just about any project you mightwant to tackle. Heavy duty vinyl tarps are most typically used for protection from the elements, but they can also be used haul materials or catch debris . If you are in the roofing business, you know the help atear off vinyl tarpscan be. Roofing is a physically demanding job. Tarps can make it a little easier.

There are few safety items to cover when using a tear off tarp. It is important to note that tear off tarps are not intended to be used a slings for lifting. They are designed to catch the old roofing materials you are tearing off the roof. Be sure that there is never anyone under a tarp that has roofing material in it. Also check your tarps for wear. If they show signs of weakening, immediately discard the tarp and purchase a new one.

Our tarps are made with super heavy-duty 40 Oz.black vinyl material. The 2 inch cross-weave webbing, which is sewn into a plus and x-shape pattern, provides additional strength to the tarp. Steel o-rings at the ends of the webbing allow the tarp to be easily moved. The tarps are available in a variety of sizes, the smallest being 7′ x 7′ up to the largest at 20′ x 20′. We also specialize in custom made tarps.

For more information about tarps and canopies of all types, pleasecontact us.

7 Uses for Tarps on a Camping Trip

camping tarpTarps are a wonderful thing. And they have been around for, well as long as people have had possessions to protect from the elements. Besides matches and a knife, a tarp might be one of the most useful things to bring along on a camping trip, whether its a fun family car camping trip, or a hardcore adventure deep in the wilderness. Here are 7 ways to use your tarps on a camping trip:


Kitchen Shelter

It is definitely a bad idea to cook inside your tent on a rainy day. But a simple tarp provides protection from the rain, or shade on a sunny day. And since it doesnt have sides, there is plenty of fresh air ventilation.

Ground Cover

It might be the most common use for those old blue tarps. You put one under your tent to protect the base from the ground. It lengthens the life of your tent, and if you leave a few feet of the tarp exposed at the entrance of your tent, you have a nice welcome mat to leave dirty shoes and smelly clothes.

Makeshift Shelter

Tarps are light and usually have grommets. With a little extra string or cord, you can throw it in a daypack and have an easy way to make a shelter should you be caught in the elements away from your tent.

Gear Cover

There are certainly items you dont want inside your tent. A tarp is a cheap, quick way to keep your gear dry and ready to use.

Campsite Wind Block

Hanging a tarp vertically is a great way to keep your tent warmer, or to keep sparks from flying from your campfire.

Pet Tent

Not everyone likes their pet to sleep with them. A tarp can provide comfy place for your four-legged family members to sleep and rest. Stake the sides down to ground level to provide complete protection.

Slip n Slide

Hopefully you arent ever stuck on a rainy camping trip. But if you are, there are ways to still have fun. Everyone strip down to their long-johns , put the tarp on a hill and you have some fun memories in the rain! Be sure to have warm clothes waiting in the tent.
For more info on tarps, please contact us.

Its Time to Pull Out the Late Summer and Early Fall Tarpaulins

TarpaulinsAugust 2015 is officially here and that means before long, well all need to pull out those tarpaulins. Tarpaulins are ideal for completing a number of late summer and early fall tasks. Among them are last-minute home repairs, property cleanups and preparing summer or fall items for winter storage. So how many tarpaulins does someone need to get through August and all of the fall?

In our experience, it depends on the size of the property and the number of seasonal tasks involved. For example, one wouldnt use a tear-away roofing tarp to cover firewood. They each require their own, specialized tarpaulins. The same may be said for covering machinery, motor vehicles, boats, hay bales, barbecue grills and anything else one can think of that has to be safely stored away throughout the winter months.

That said, choosing a number of tarpaulins for home or business use is clearly a uniquely personal decision. However, our tarp experts are here to assist those who may need a bit of friendly advice. After all, with so many home and business tasks on a given plate, it can be hard to remember which ones are made simpler with high quality tarps.

We know that for certain because our online store literally carries thousands of standard and custom tarps, each with their own direct or implied purpose. And rest easy, no matter how many standard or custom tarps are needed, well ship them as fast as we can to your door. All we ask is that if your late summer or fall tasks require custom products that you let us know as soon as possible.

By informing our tarp experts of customization requests sooner than later, we can provide accurate, quick delivery times and price quotes reflective of volume orders. To learn more, please contact us at (877) 811-3911 or reach out to an online representative today.

Tarpaulins Offer 360 Degree Protection from Summers Harshest Elements

tarps for heatIs it hot enough for you? Thats a phrase were all accustom to hearing more of this time of year, thanks primarily to the summer solstice. Its when the earth literally gives a nod to the sun and allows it to give us plenty of long days and early dawns. Of course with those long days and early dawns often comes things nobody likes. Yes, we are referring to the unbearable heat, killer UV rays and high humidity. Good thing there are inexpensive but long-lasting shade tarpaulins that everyday Americans may use to combat at least two of the three a fore mentioned problems.

Shade tarpaulins perfect for beating the heat and killer rays come in a variety of forms. There are those that are designed to be hung above a persons head, which is all well and good. But there are also mesh shade tarpaulins that are meant to flank people from the right and left sides. Theyre important too because as well all know, sunlight and heat dont simply travel up and down.

Heat and UV rays actually spread out all around a person and bounce off of reflective materials. As such, its vital to have enough good quality tarpaulins to provide 360 degree protection during the harshest points in any given day. They wont totally thwart all of the harmful effects of the heat, UV rays and humidity. However, theyll provide a buffer that is sure to make watching those early dawns and late sunsets with the family a lot more enjoyable.

How do you know which tarpaulins would make the best suit of armor against the summer elements? Wed suggest looking at the tarps shade counts, construction materials, dimensions, shapes and colors. Theyll typically tell you everything that there is to know about a given tarp. Afterward, you should be able to put that information up against your familys personal needs and come up with a cost-effective, efficient, aesthetically pleasing solution. To learn more about finding the right tarpaulin protection for your personal space, please contact us at Canopies and Tarps.

Got the Winter Blues? Banish Them by Getting Gnarly and Going Tarp Surfing

Tarp SurfingThere are some extreme sports enthusiasts in this world that can afford to leave the cool weather behind whenever they want and head out in search of some warmer waves or a sunny concrete bowl. Of course then there are the rest of us, who cant get away from the chill without inheriting a serious amount of cash and a leer jet. The good news is those of us in the latter category can make do with a collection of affordable, blue tarps. If you dont already have a collection, you can start one by visiting our online store.

Once you have the tarps on hand, getting ready to surf is a quick and easy task. Just spread it out on a flat surface and place concrete blocks or rocks on two of the tarps four corners. Then convince a handful of likeminded sports fans to grab the tarps two open ends and run towards the blocks every time you hop onto your longboard and roll across the great, blue divide. The end result is the look and feeling of being caught inside of a barrel wave, well sort of.

We know that nothing can truly replace the rush of adrenaline that comes from tackling the worlds biggest barrels or super pipes but its a good place to start. Its also a fun way to create some ultra cool photos and videos to share on your social media accounts. Understandably, youre going to need a variety of cameras to get the best tarp surfing shots. The list of good choices includes, but isnt limited to GoPros HERO2 through HERO4. They frequently come with your choice of mount (e.g. helmet or board).

To learn more about the fun of blue tarp surfing, please contact us at Canopies & Tarps. We have a large collection of heavy-duty, high-quality surfing tarps in stock that are sure to please street and park skaters alike.