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4 Reasons to Install a Shade Sail Canopy

shade-sailsShade sail canopies are a great addition to your backyard landscape. They are typically a triangle shaped canopy used to provide shade on patios, decks, and in backyards. The fabric is lightweight, but durable and resistant to mold. It is also easy to clean. Besides being very easy to store and transport, they have many great benefits to your outdoor landscaping.



1. Sun protection

Shade sails block up to 90% of UV rays. This is great news! We all know that protecting our skin from the sun is important, but sometimes sunscreen is not the most pleasant option. A shade sail can provide the protection you and your family need without the need for sunscreen.

2. Cooling

Because shade sails are open-sided, they provide free flow of air. You wont feel stuffy or boxed in under a shade sail.

3. Decorative

Shade sails provide shade in a unique and decorative way. The triangle shape is a fun pattern and provides a fun look to your backyard landscaping. They also come in a variety of colors so you can coordinate with your homes other features. Its a wonderful way keep cool in the summer, and it looks great too!

4. Super Easy Installation

Our shade sails come with grommets in the canopies and three ropes are included with each shade sail. Most canopies come in a triangle shape and can be attached to a house, tree, or any other static feature.

Shade sails are a great addition to your backyard this summer. For more information about shade sail canopies or any other tarp and canopy needs, please contact us.

Tarpaulins, Gazebos, Sails and Chairs: Get That Honey Do List Done Fast

Mesh TarpIf you’ve noticed your significant other thumbing through magazines and making a list, watch out. It could be a start of a very long honey do list. They typically make an appearance about this time of year. Theyre usually filled with tasks like fix the leaky roof, clean the carport, refinish the lawn chairs, install the shade sails and put up the gazebo. And if he or she hasn’t started a list just yet, dont breathe a sigh of relief. Were sure its coming. So, you might as well sit down and order some tarpaulins now.

We’ve got every possible tarpaulin you could need to complete your honey do list, no matter how long it may turn out to be. Plus, we’ve got gazebos, covered dog runs and greenhouse kits that are ready to go when you are. The gazebos are exceptionally nice. We’ve got an earth-toned one that resembles a spa-style pagoda. Made from square tube steel, its an adjustable 10 x 10-footer and will give you slightly more than 165-square foot of shade. The other gazebos in our collection are much different.

Theyre made from twin poly-carbonate panels and powder-coated, reinforced aluminum. As such, theyre perfect when it comes time to cover the kiddie pool, sand box, low-profile chiminea, outdoor kitchen or heated spa tub. We’ve even got plastic tables and chairs that could easily be put underneath of the poly-carbonate panels too. The reinforced aluminum, by the way, is strong enough to hold Sun Shade Sails made from breathable polyethylene. However, you may just want to use the hardware we ship out with each order to fasten them to another structure instead. That way, you wont have to worry about scratching the frames powder-coated surface.

To learn more about how we can help you power through that honey do list and get on with the business of relaxing underneath of a great tarpaulin or gazebo, please contact us today.