Silver UV Tarps (12 Mil)

Silver Tarps contain a black center scrim layer that prevents light from penetrating the fabric. The 3 layer material is 6 oz. per square yard, 12 mil thick with grommets approximately every 18 inches apart.

Silver UV tarps from CanopiesAndTarps are built to tackle the toughest jobs. Made of 12-mil, 6-ounce high-density woven polyethylene, these heavy-duty silver tarps boast a 14 x 14 mesh count. The heavy-duty silver tarps from CanopiesAndTarps feature 1200-denier, three-ply material. Rope-reinforced edges make them even sturdier.

This silver tarp is perfect for harsh conditions and outdoor work. It's waterproof and mildew resistant yet has arctic flexibility. UV treated on both sides, this tough tarp also holds up under the sun's damaging UV rays. This tear-resistant tarp has grommets spaced every 18 inches, making for easy tie downs.

Because of the large volumes that we deal in, CanopiesAndTarps stocks these terrific tarps at very attractive prices. We pass the savings on to you, along with the quality. These tarps are available in a wide range of sizes running from 5' x 7' to 100' x 100', so they can fit just about any job.

*** The Finish Size Of All Tarps Is 4 - 6 Percent Less Than Cut (Listed) Size. It is strongly recommended that excessive pressure is not placed on the grommets. Tarp ties should be of flexible, elastic material. We advise against using any ties that are ridged, such as rope or wire. We do not accept returns for pulled grommets as a result of mis-use. ***