Super Heavy-Duty Tarps

For projects that require a little extra protection, Canopies and Tarps has in its stock its collection of super heavy-duty tarps. Constructed with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) fabric, these tarps are also laminated with low-density polyethylene (LDPE) for that extra bit of added durability. The main features include a 12-mil thickness, a 1200 denier, an anti-fungal coating, reinforced corned guards, rust-resistant aluminum grommets every 18 inches, roped-lined edges, and waterproofing.


These super heavy-duty tarps are specially designed to provide coverage for extreme weather conditions. They offer protection from UV rays as well as acid, fungus and mildew. Resistant to tearing and scratching, these products are woven from heavy-duty waterproof tarp material. At their core these tarps feature three layers of poly yarn in tightly woven the cross-weaved threads. This weave pattern lends the tarp an extra dose of strength and ensures the fabric is water-tight. In addition to the close-weaving, every layer of the HDPE fabric is laminated to guarantee weatherproofing and UV ray shielding. Canopies and Tarps super heavy-duty tarps are designed with outdoor use in mind, particularly in tropical locations where moisture and bacteria would cause extensive damage to a traditional tarp in a few years' time. The unique construction of the super heavy-duty tarps makes them perfect for use in the harshest, most extreme conditions over a prolonged period of time. Industries like construction, farming and shipping have all grown to rely on super heavy-duty tarps to fulfill their outdoor coverage needs. In a residential setting, homeowners can save on the costs of replacing and repairing conventional tarps because super heavy-duty tarps offer three times the strength with the same flexibility and versatility of the traditional tarp. These tarps can be used as patio covers, boat covers, camping ground covers, truck bed covers and substitutes for backyard canopies.