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Tarpaulins: Unexpected Yet Excellent Holiday Gifts

christams-tarpaulinsWhen you think about shopping for holiday gifts for all of the people on your list, you might think about heading to the local mall. However, believe it or not, CanopiesAndTarps has all sorts of awesome gift options for your loved ones this year. For example, even though they might be an unexpected option, tarpaulins actually make great gifts.

So many people never even think about buying tarps for themselves until they need them. Isn’t that sort of the point of a gift…to buy something that someone probably hasn’t bought for himself or herself but that he or she could use?

The truth is that tarps can be used for all sorts of things. If someone on your list is working on fixing up his or her home, a tarp can be handy for covering up the floor before painting. For the gardener on your list, a tarp can be super helpful for protecting plants from the cold or the elements. For someone who has pets, a tarp is great for covering up an animal enclosure, such as to provide warmth in the winter or to create a quiet indoor sleeping area for a dog that is being crate trained. For someone who is outdoorsy, a tarp can be a useful gift for many reasons. It truly is something that just about anyone can use.

If you would like to buy tarps for the people on your list, contact us at CanopiesAndTarps. Here, we have lots of options that are sure to make perfect gifts!

Tarpaulins May Help DIY Mechanics Keep Their Cramped Spaces Damage-Free

tarpaulinsDo you enjoy working on your car, truck or motorcycle? Many people do but oftentimes, they lack the facilities to do their own vehicle repairs. As a result, they cram themselves into tiny garages and end up leaving behind more than their sweat. And we understand why. Making repairs to motor vehicles is messy business. Plus, there may be chemicals involved.

Many of those chemicals, including motor oil and battery acid, can seriously damage a garage floor. So one wrong move, even during simple, grease and oil changes may spell disaster. Thankfully, home and professional mechanics alike can take steps to protect the flooring in their designated work areas. One of the easiest is laying down chemical resistant tarpaulins.

Not all tarpaulins are chemical resistant and therefore, inferior ones wont do DIY mechanics any good. The ones wed recommend to gear heads are made from a special form of neoprene. Its similar to the material used to make wet suits for surfers and scuba divers. Only this particular form of neoprene can withstand more than salt water and sunshine. It can hold up against all of the potentially damaging chemicals motor vehicle mechanics can throw at it.

The smallest, ready-made size tarpaulin suitable for garage use is 06 x 08. Thus, its perfect for those guys and gals working in single car garages. In addition, the same neoprene tarpaulin could be placed underneath of a small carport or on top of a modest-size driveway. For those mechanics with double car garages or other large spaces, there are bigger ones to choose from. Among them are chemical resistant tarps in the 9 to 30-foot range.

All of the chemical resistant tarpaulins were familiar with are built to be reusable. So a quick investment now could do more than save a persons garage floor over the weekend. Heck, it could even outlast a persons motor vehicle. To learn more about equipping a mechanics garage or other space with chemical resistant tarps, please contact us today.

Tarpaulins May Help Keep Landscaping Related Aches and Pains from Occurring

tarpaulinHave you ever spent the morning mowing lawns and pulling leaves only to find yourself sprawled out in the afternoon moaning in pain? If so, youre part of Club Pain. It consists of legions of Americans who suffer from body aches after manual labor. But what if you could turn in your Club Pain membership card and spend the afternoon relaxing in the hammock instead? Would you do it?

Well what if we told you that turning in your Club Pain membership card could be as easy as grabbing tarpaulins? Its true. Tarpaulins help take the back-breaking pain out of lawn work and well tell you how. Lets begin with why manual labor can leave so many of us writhing in pain. It all boils down to body mechanics. Our muscles are only meant to withstand certain weight and inactivity can cut down on that threshold too.

By using tarpaulins to haul away lawn debris and complete other tasks, we effectively take some of that extra weight off of our muscles. So they dont have to work so hard or get stretched into directions theyre not normally meant to go. Plus, the tarpaulins may protect our bodies from the ground and all that the soil contains. Examples include dampness, biting insects, rocks, parasites, bacteria, sticks and other items that may cause physical ailments.

Tarpaulins meant for landscaping use some in a number of thicknesses and boast multiple features. If your property is very overgrown, wed recommend using the super heavy-duty variety. Previously maintained lawns, on the other hand, may only require economy tarps. They are generally on the thin side, thus best suited for light duty tasks like dragging flower bulbs from one end of a planting bed to another.

To learn more about the variety of landscaping approved tarpaulins available and how they may keep muscle pain away, please contact us today.

Its Time to Pull Out the Late Summer and Early Fall Tarpaulins

TarpaulinsAugust 2015 is officially here and that means before long, well all need to pull out those tarpaulins. Tarpaulins are ideal for completing a number of late summer and early fall tasks. Among them are last-minute home repairs, property cleanups and preparing summer or fall items for winter storage. So how many tarpaulins does someone need to get through August and all of the fall?

In our experience, it depends on the size of the property and the number of seasonal tasks involved. For example, one wouldnt use a tear-away roofing tarp to cover firewood. They each require their own, specialized tarpaulins. The same may be said for covering machinery, motor vehicles, boats, hay bales, barbecue grills and anything else one can think of that has to be safely stored away throughout the winter months.

That said, choosing a number of tarpaulins for home or business use is clearly a uniquely personal decision. However, our tarp experts are here to assist those who may need a bit of friendly advice. After all, with so many home and business tasks on a given plate, it can be hard to remember which ones are made simpler with high quality tarps.

We know that for certain because our online store literally carries thousands of standard and custom tarps, each with their own direct or implied purpose. And rest easy, no matter how many standard or custom tarps are needed, well ship them as fast as we can to your door. All we ask is that if your late summer or fall tasks require custom products that you let us know as soon as possible.

By informing our tarp experts of customization requests sooner than later, we can provide accurate, quick delivery times and price quotes reflective of volume orders. To learn more, please contact us at (877) 811-3911 or reach out to an online representative today.

Tarpaulins, Gazebos, Sails and Chairs: Get That Honey Do List Done Fast

Mesh TarpIf you’ve noticed your significant other thumbing through magazines and making a list, watch out. It could be a start of a very long honey do list. They typically make an appearance about this time of year. Theyre usually filled with tasks like fix the leaky roof, clean the carport, refinish the lawn chairs, install the shade sails and put up the gazebo. And if he or she hasn’t started a list just yet, dont breathe a sigh of relief. Were sure its coming. So, you might as well sit down and order some tarpaulins now.

We’ve got every possible tarpaulin you could need to complete your honey do list, no matter how long it may turn out to be. Plus, we’ve got gazebos, covered dog runs and greenhouse kits that are ready to go when you are. The gazebos are exceptionally nice. We’ve got an earth-toned one that resembles a spa-style pagoda. Made from square tube steel, its an adjustable 10 x 10-footer and will give you slightly more than 165-square foot of shade. The other gazebos in our collection are much different.

Theyre made from twin poly-carbonate panels and powder-coated, reinforced aluminum. As such, theyre perfect when it comes time to cover the kiddie pool, sand box, low-profile chiminea, outdoor kitchen or heated spa tub. We’ve even got plastic tables and chairs that could easily be put underneath of the poly-carbonate panels too. The reinforced aluminum, by the way, is strong enough to hold Sun Shade Sails made from breathable polyethylene. However, you may just want to use the hardware we ship out with each order to fasten them to another structure instead. That way, you wont have to worry about scratching the frames powder-coated surface.

To learn more about how we can help you power through that honey do list and get on with the business of relaxing underneath of a great tarpaulin or gazebo, please contact us today.

Buying Green Leaf Tarps is Infinitely Easier Than Counting Fall Leaves

Just the other day, a member of our Canopies and Tarps team was talking about the sheer amount of calculations that it takes to determine how much fall foliage a single, adult tree can produce. And just in case youre curious, it will take some minormeasurements, a few estimates, division, fractions and a whole lot of multiplication to arrive at an answer. So depending on the size of a persons property, figuring out how many leaves will need to raked and bagged up over the weekend may take a good deal of time. As a matter of fact, its likely to take up so much time that we think its best to skip the calculations and ordergreen leaf tarpsinstead.

Our green leaf tarps are made with relatively thick, treated polyethylene and come outfitted with heavy-duty drawstrings. Theyll help to close and keep the tarps shut during transport to predetermined dump sites or burning pits. The seams, on the other hand, are heat sealed and waterproof. Plus, you wont have to worry about the rakes teeth, small twigs, pine cones or sharp-edged rocks causing the tarps fabric to tear or show signs of abrasions. Why? Because the material is abrasion, tear, mildew, UV ray and oil resistant too.

The square, green leaf tarps traditionally come in two finished sizes. The largest is 8-feet and six-inches. The smallest is 5-feet and 6-inches. So you may want to order a fewsmall tarpsfor the kids and several large ones for the adult members of your family. That way, nobody will miss out on the joy of raking leaves. Note that were using the word joy sarcastically as we dont know too many people that find raking leaves an unmistakable, highly anticipated pleasure. To learn more about our green leaf tarps and other useful products, pleasecontact ustoday.

Considering the Numerous Benefits of Vinyl Tarps for Your Patio

vinyl tarpsHaving comfortable pieces of furniture on your patio can be a great way to improve the ambiance of your yard and to also create a space to relax with friends and family. While having patio furniture set up when you spend a lot of time outdoors, it could be frustrating to maintain during the winter and when you’re not outside much due to being busy or away on vacation. In this case, it’s a great idea to look into the benefits of vinyl tarps that can be easily set up to cover your furniture.

Sizes vary greatly for vinyl tarps we carry, allowing you to choose the dimensions that make the most sense for your furniture. If you want to protect your patio set and other pieces from sun damage and other harmful elements from the weather, it’s helpful to look into the sizes of tarps that can be laid over the furniture when not in use. This can help maintain the condition of your furniture quite drastically so that your patio continues to look great.

Along with considering the sizes of vinyl tarps that are for sale, it’s important to note how durable these tarps are. Many people opt for vinyl tarps over standard patio covers because of how thick they are and the protection that they can add from all kinds of debris that may fall onto your patio.
These tarps can vary in appearance quite drastically, from neutral colors to bright shades that can stand out. The options allow you to choose a cover which looks great and can work great for any yard.

If you’re interested in purchasing a vinyl tarp to use for your patio furniture, we invite you to contact us so that we can recommend some options for you to order and begin protecting the condition of your furniture.

Best Truck Tarps for You

Truck Tarps

Transporting a truckload often isnt as easy as it seems. If you have an object thats stationary and that fits perfectly into the bed of the truck then it can be, but oftentimes people have more complex things that they need to move, whether it be materials like dust or rocks, larger objects that are light enough to fall out of the bed, or numerous things that risk spilling over the edges, then you can require other things to make sure your truckload is adequately fastened. Thats what a truck covering tarp is there for, its something that you can use to tie down anything in the truck bed and make sure that you dont lose anything and have nothing to worry about. There are various kinds of tarp for a truck, and the right one for you all depends on your situation.

Find a Great Tarp Cover for Truck

A dump truck covering tarp can vary quite a bit from a pickup truck covering tarp. For one the size has to be considerably larger, but also generally speaking the dump truck tarp has to be stronger and more heavy duty that the pickup, which likely requires a heavy duty polyethylene tarp. There are specific tarps for lumber, for gravel, and based on the size or shape of the load that youre carrying. Furthermore, you have to make sure that you get the proper gear to anchor your tarp, whether that simply be road for the grommets, or whether you need wenches and straps to make sure that its properly anchored. Truck covering tarp material ranges from mesh, which is good for lighter and more gentle loads, to poly tarps, which are more comprehensively protective and generally more resistant and strong, however tighter and less flexible. Take the opportunity to look around and find the perfect truck covering tarp from oru store!

We’vegot the best tarps for you!

With our wide selection of tarps and accessories were the only destination that you need for the perfect tarp and cover! We’ve got truck covering tarp bags, and tarps that come in various different colors, sizes, and materials. With our help youre sure to keep everything covered and safe no matter what it is!

Winterizing Your Hot Tub This Weekend? Dont Forget the Tarps

Now that the New Years party hats have been packed away until 2015, you may want to think about winterizing your vacation homes hot tub. Otherwise, it may sustain damage before you have a chance to return to your vacation spot in the spring.

If its your first time, wed suggest checking your hot tubs manual before giving it a try. Thats because the winterization process tends to vary based on the hot tubs make and model. However, in most instances, the process starts with draining the water out of the tub. From there, you may need to remove the filters and add motorhome antifreeze to various parts of the hot tub (i.e. diverter valves and jet lines).

Once thats done, many people opt to clean and polish the hot tubs shell. Its not necessary though. They also seal the hot tub shut with the aid of a hot tub cover. Personally, we recommend taking that final step a bit further by covering the hot tub cover with a heavy-duty tarp.

By covering the hot tubs cover with atarp, you are essentially adding an additional layer of protection. For instance, the tarp can prevent the winter elements from damaging the hot tub covers exterior. If the tarp is long enough on all sides, it could also help prevent the hot tubs outer walls from sustaining water and ice damage.

At Canopies and Tarps, we have several products that can help shield your hot tub from the winter weather. Ourround poly tarpsare just one example. Made from 7 ounces of double-stitched polyethylene, they are designed to be UV resistant and waterproof. So you wont have to worry about the hot tub covers foam core soaking up the winter precipitation. We also haveinsulated vinyl tarpsthat would be wonderful for areas where extreme weather is expected.

To learn more about our round poly tarps and other covers ideal for winterizing applications, pleasecontact usat (877) 811-3911. Wed love to assist you in finding the right tarp or canopy for your outdoor hot tub or spa.

5 Ways Canvas Tarps Can Enhance a Garage Sale

5x7-polyester-canvas-tarpsSuccessful garage sales require good planning, andcanvas tarpsmake the whole process run more smoothly. These are 5 good reasons to pick up a supply of tarps before you greet your first customers.

Create a more attractive atmosphere:If you dont happen to have a garage, you may feel like you are stuck with displaying your possessions strewn across your front lawn. Canvas tarps are a quick and inexpensive way to put up a temporary structure that will show off your goods in a better light. People passing by are also more likely to stop and see whats going on.

Organize the merchandise:Retailers put a lot of thought into categorizing their inventory because it makes it easier for customers to browse and buy. Tarps give you a place to hang signs above tables where its easier for customers to see them. You can also divide up the area to create different sections for childrens toys and kitchen wares.

Contain traffic:You may be worried about having strangers wandering around your property. With a designated area you can feel more at ease because there will be less risk of people straying out of sight and harming your property or injuring themselves.

Be prepared for all weather conditions:Our tarps are treated with UV-resistant and water-resistant chemicals so they are suitable for all kinds of outdoor conditions. Everyone will enjoy shelter from sunburn or rain showers.

Encourage repeat business:If everything goes well, it will be easy to put up your tarps again for the next sale. Meanwhile, you can use them for all kinds of other tasks around your house and yard.

Contact usfor an extensive collection of canvas tarps. Ordering is easy, and our friendly, knowledgeable customer service representatives are happy to help you every step of the way.