Silver/Brown UV Tarps (12 Mil)

Heavy duty construction makes this the ideal tarp for commercial and industrial applications. Each of these heavy duty tarps is fabricated in full finished lengths.

Each Silver / Brown Tarp is sold as the complete finished size. Silver/ Brown tarps are made using 12 Mil, 6 Oz, Ultra-Violet Reflective polyethylene. Waterproof, rot proof and mildew resistant, Silver / Brown poly tarps are perfect for everyday use as well as, specialty projects. Each UVR cover included corner guards for longer life and durability.

Tarps are fabricated as the full finished size. The listed size is the final product dimensions. It is strongly recommended that excessive pressure is not placed on the grommets. Tarp ties should be of flexible, elastic material. We advise against using any ties that are ridged, such as rope or wire. We do not accept returns for pulled grommets as a result of mis-use.