Sun Shade Sails

Triangle shade tarps from Canopies and Tarps add an exciting, modern look to your home or business while providing cool, comfortable shade.

Once reserved for high-end marinas, tourist attractions and theme parks, sun shade sails are now an eye-catching option for property owners seeking a shade solution that looks as good as it performs. The material in each sun shade canopy blocks almost all of the sun's harmful UV rays, while allowing air to pass through easily. That means the air underneath the sail won't get stale or stifling.

Sail Tarp Benefits

There are several reasons one of these sun shade canopies might be the best solution for your property:

  • Easy to install. Especially the triangles. Because these are made to be stretched, they don't require a lot of tie-downs on the side. Three or four posts will be all you need.
  • Hanging allows for several configurations. Because you don't have to tie the sides down, you are able to tilt or sway the tarp to the exact angle you prefer.
  • Eye-catching appearance. These sun sails have a bold look that transform a drab deck into a nautical paradise. Even the most restrictive homeowner covenants will make room for these attractive additions.

Summer Sun Protection

Enjoying the summer sun should not come at the risk of exposing you and your loved ones to harmful UV rays. Under the cover of sun shade tarps and canopies, you will be protected against 90% of UV rays. Their lightweight construction and portability makes them excellent accessories for traveling to sunny destinations.

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, sun shade sails are a portable sun canopy that are perfect for boosting the comfort and safety of your summer activities. A 90% UV ray protection rate may seem ambitious, but rest assured that the intensive coverage does not come at the cost of sacrificing comfort. In fact, sun shade canopies reduce temperatures by up to 30%, allowing everything under the cover of the shade to stay cool and refreshed even in the summer heat.

The fabric of this tarp is lightweight, easy to transport and resilient against issues like mold, rotting and fungal growths. The breathable material of the tarp allows for the ample passage of airflow and cool breezes. The sun shade sail is also extremely easy to keep clean.

Installation of the sun shade sail is also a simple process, requiring minimal effort. Each sail is shipped with three ropes and grommet corners, making the canopy easy to string up. The sail is also available in a number of sizes and shapes. Triangle sun screen tarps range in size from 9'10", 11'10" and 12'. Square sun shade canopies are available in 11'10", 12', 16'5", and 17'9".

These canopies can be ordered in a wide variety of vacation-themed colors including desert sand, ocean blue, green and terracotta. Every sun screen tarp is sold with mounting hardware, which includes marine grade stainless steel.

Priced well below retail markets, we offer sun shade canopies for that are much more affordable than our competitors. Our sails are shipped to your door and are ready to use in a matter of minutes.