Tarp Products

No matter how you plan to use them, trust heavy-duty tarps from Canopies and Tarps to give you protection from the elements season after season.

Our tarps come in handy for a wide variety of jobs. With the right tarp, you can:

  • Protect important landscaping equipment such as lawnmowers and weed trimmers from the elements when you don't have indoor storage space available.
  • Give a layer of protection to a classic car, motorcycle, ATV or other type of vehicle.
  • Cover an area for work, from painting to construction.
  • Patch a hole in a roof or wall until more permanent repairs can be made.
  • Protect a load of equipment or materials transported in a trailer or pickup.

The best uses are the ones you come up with on the fly, however. For more than 25 years, we've been helping customers find high-quality tarps on sale for a variety of creative, innovative tasks.

Canopies and Tarps offers heavy-duty tarps in a wide range of colors and styles at competitive prices. Built to last, Canopies and Tarps offers the finest selection of durable canopies for sale shipped straight to your door.

Tarps are available in every color and style imaginable. Canopies and Tarps stocks huge tarps in silver, orange, green, red, blue, yellow and even has white tarps for sale. Special color types include two-toned tarps in silver, tan tarps, camouflage UV tarps and clear tarps perfect for a job that calls for a transparent canopy. We promise colors on UV-resistant tarps will not run or fade, even after spending day in and day out under the sun.

Our large range of colors is rivaled only by our massive collection of canopy styles that includes silver mesh sunshade tarps to keep you and your goods protected from the sun. You'll also find fire-retardant poly tarps to secure your goods against fire hazards, chemical-resistant tarps to offer protection against chemical splatters and spills, outdoor canvas fabric tarps and privacy fence tarps to give homeowners and businesses an inexpensive way to maintain their privacy in high traffic areas.

In addition to colors and styles, we also offer a wide range of sizes, materials and shapes. Take our round tarps for example, which are an excellent choice for covering circular above ground pools or the pitcher's mound of a baseball field.

As far as materials and options, Canopies and Tarps offers tarps that are waterproof, mildew-resistant, heat-resistant, insulated, made of woven fabric or woven mesh and tarps that are stitched in five sides for covering machinery. Going a step further, Canopies and Tarps also offers a variety of grommet styles to ensure the most secure tarp installation is achieved. The flexible sizing options offer standard sizes, ranging from the smallest at 8' x 10' to the largest size at 170' x 170' and custom cuts for unique jobs.