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Tarps Help Truck Loving Americans Keep Their Workhorses in Pristine Condition

truck tarpTrucks, in one form or another, have been motoring down Americas roadways since at least the 1800s. In the early years, people primarily focused on perfecting the vehicles engines. In later ones, the focus shifted to the beds and rightfully so. Beds are central to a trucks usefulness, especially if one plans on transporting goods. So what did people come up with to protect their trucks beds?

There are a number of methods used to protect a trucks bed. Among the most expensive are special inserts and spray or baked on liners. Of course not everyone can afford those modes of protection. Enter tarps. Tarps are perfect for the everyday man or woman who wants to ensure that their truck beds are in it for the long haul. Pardon the automotive pun.
Why pick tarps over liners and inserts? We can name four good reasons right off the top of our hoods. Theyre affordable, simple to use and easy to get. Also, when folded, they can fit inside of truck cabs or built-in storage lockers. So in actuality the query becomes, Why not pick tarps over the other options?

Because truck beds come in all dimensions these days, the tarps meant to protect them do too. Among the smallest truck tarps are ones that fall in the 07 x 09 category. They traditionally weigh 6-ounces and may be folded or rolled into compact units. The larger truck tarps (11 x 24) tend to weigh the same but may require more folding or rolling of course. And unlike their expensive counterparts, prices start at less than $20 each.

With any truck tarp, hard-working Americans will also need to select tie-down systems. The systems, by the way, are inexpensive too. To discover how they work in conjunction with the best truck tarps in America, please contact us.

Truck Tarpaulins: Trusty Agents of Goodwill and Community Landscaping

11x24-black-truck-tarp (2)Maintaining a property is tough, especially when warm weather arrives. It seems like the grass always needs to be cut and the weeds arent far behind. Then theres the power washing, mulching, harvesting and pool cleaning work. It all needs to get done too. Many Americans can handle such work on their own but what about the ones who need help, like the aged and infirm? Oftentimes, they cant take care of lawn care tasks on their own. So, why not help them out if you can?

At Canopies and Tarps, our truck tarpaulins are perfect for guys and gals looking to help their neighbors complete a few seasonal lawn care tasks. They come in a half-dozen sizes and will certainly keep those lawn mowers, landscaping tools and bags of mulch dry. In addition, the 6-ounce poly tarpaulins are tough enough to survive those times when your 4-cycle weed whacker mower decides to spit out chemicals all over the bed of your truck. Why? Unlike cheap tarpaulins youll find elsewhere, ours are chemical resistant. So you dont have to sweat loading up those engines with fluids.

And as for those chainsaw blades, machetes and other sharp-edged tools. Well, they wont leave abrasion marks or stains on our truck tarpaulins either. Oh and thats ditto for mold, mildew, punishing UV rays and standing, hard water. Plus, they wont leave your wallet empty like a glass of iced tea on a hot day. Prices start as low as $17. Consequently, you can order more than one and send your teenagers out in their pickups to help the neighborhoods elderly too.

When youre not fastening the truck tarpaulins down with their built-in, beefy D-rings, theyll fold up nicely. So, you can store them behind the seat, in the truck or your portable tool chest. The storage location is up to you of course. To learn more about our truck tarpaulins and start helping the needy, please contact Canopies and Tarps today.

Truck Tarps: An Essential Part of Keeping Snow Plow Businesses in the Black

Are you hoping to start a side business plowing snow in the chilly months ahead? Maybe you just want to be able to clear your own driveway with ease. Either way, its something that many of our customers opt to do during the winter months. And they often make it a priority to invest in our trucktarpsbefore firing up their new plows. Heres a quick look at the typical rationale behind their decisions:

To begin with, our 6-ounce truck tarps are made from fully laminated, high-density polyethylene. Each side of the tarp is also chemically treated to ward off mildew, abrasions, UV rays, motor oil and tearing. Plus, the corners are reinforced and we utilize tough hardware too (e.g. D-rings and grommets). So our customers know that the tarps will likely hold up against the punishing effects of road salt spray, winter winds, hail, sleet, frost, rain and heavy snow. Consequently, the tarps will help keep their trucks beds, and whatever snow removal supplies they have stored in them, safe from Mother Nature.

At Canopies & Tarps, we also know that not every truck is cut out to be a snow plow vehicle. It has to have the proper front gross axle weight rating and size needed to carry a snow laden plow. That said, we make black truck tarps in all sorts of widths and lengths. Our smallest ones are designed to protect beds that are 7-feet by 9-feet and the biggest ones are 11-feet by 24-feet. The list prices for the tarps tend to start out at $36, which is very reasonable when you consider how much it costs to replace damaged truck beds and snow removal equipment. To learn more and receive assistance in choosing the right truck tarps for your upcoming snow plow adventures, pleasecontact ustoday.

Best Truck Tarps for You

Truck Tarps

Transporting a truckload often isnt as easy as it seems. If you have an object thats stationary and that fits perfectly into the bed of the truck then it can be, but oftentimes people have more complex things that they need to move, whether it be materials like dust or rocks, larger objects that are light enough to fall out of the bed, or numerous things that risk spilling over the edges, then you can require other things to make sure your truckload is adequately fastened. Thats what a truck covering tarp is there for, its something that you can use to tie down anything in the truck bed and make sure that you dont lose anything and have nothing to worry about. There are various kinds of tarp for a truck, and the right one for you all depends on your situation.

Find a Great Tarp Cover for Truck

A dump truck covering tarp can vary quite a bit from a pickup truck covering tarp. For one the size has to be considerably larger, but also generally speaking the dump truck tarp has to be stronger and more heavy duty that the pickup, which likely requires a heavy duty polyethylene tarp. There are specific tarps for lumber, for gravel, and based on the size or shape of the load that youre carrying. Furthermore, you have to make sure that you get the proper gear to anchor your tarp, whether that simply be road for the grommets, or whether you need wenches and straps to make sure that its properly anchored. Truck covering tarp material ranges from mesh, which is good for lighter and more gentle loads, to poly tarps, which are more comprehensively protective and generally more resistant and strong, however tighter and less flexible. Take the opportunity to look around and find the perfect truck covering tarp from oru store!

We’vegot the best tarps for you!

With our wide selection of tarps and accessories were the only destination that you need for the perfect tarp and cover! We’ve got truck covering tarp bags, and tarps that come in various different colors, sizes, and materials. With our help youre sure to keep everything covered and safe no matter what it is!