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Vinyl Tarps for an Easy Garden Sharing Party

Wouldn’t it be great if you could take money out of your checking account and more dollars would automatically grow back in their place? The next best thing to a money tree could be a garden sharing party, and a vinyl tarp makes hosting one even easier. It’s good for your plants and your social life.

When to throw your garden sharing party:Whatever climate you live in, a garden sharing party is probably feasible during at least 3 seasons a year. If you’re dividing perennial plants, you want it to be a bit cool so spring or autumn are your best choices, depending on the kinds of plants you’re dividing. Be sure to divide your plants when they’re looking good and cut only healthy sections so the new plants and the originals will remain abundant. On the other hand, maybe you want to plan a summer garden party to give away your excess zucchini without doing anything about replenishing your original supply.

How to throw your garden sharing party:Invite your neighbors and tell them to bring their friends. Use local social networks like Next-door. Put out flyers in nearby coffee shops and grocery stores. You can keep it a gathering of friends who share your gardening interests or get to know neighbors you haven’t met yet.

How your tarp will help:The only downside may be that things can get a little messy, even when you’re entertaining outdoors. If you want to avoid having to sweep up soil and bits of greenery, just lay down a vinyl tarp across your patio or wherever you’re gathering. Cleaning up will become as simple as picking up your tarp and emptying it into the garbage.

There’s no end to all the practical uses you can find for canvas and vinyl tarps.Contact usat to find the right tarp for your project.

Make Your Own Playground with Vinyl Tarps

If you have children, its likely that you want to create an inviting play space in the backyard so that they will spend more time outdoors. In order to do this, however, its up to you to look into how you can make a swing set, slide, or sandbox an attractive addition to your yard and safe for your children to use. For these two reasons alone,vinyl tarpscan be a great way to enhance a playground in your yard that youll be comfortable with your children playing in.

A Decorative Addition

One of the most appealing features of vinyl tarps is that they can come in a huge range of colors and patterns. Their versatility is what allows you to choose a tarp that looks great and fits in with the landscaping and other features of your yard. Keeping in mind the exterior of your home can also help you find a tarp that will look great once set up.

Sun Protection

While you may want your kids to spend more time outside, it can quickly become a concern for you if your child is being exposed to the sun for prolonged periods. On a sunny day, your child can become overheated and even sun-burnt after just a short period of playing, making a vinyl tarp a great way to shield your children from the sun.

Create a Small Hideout

A creative idea for using a vinyl tarp in a play area is by making a small hideout. Draping the tarp over a longer wooden or metal beam can easily make a tent that your children will love playing in, without being too confined or obstructed from your view.

If youre interested in using a tarp for your childs play area, pleasecontact us.

Athletic Field Covers Help Get Employees Moving During Health & Fitness Month

athletic field coverGlobal Employee Health & Fitness Month is coming and athletic field covers can help you prepare for it. The annual observance was partially designed to get people from around the world to temporarily walk away from their sedentary jobs and get their blood flowing. Consequently, its possible to host a wide variety of fitness and health events throughout the month, including those that are best suited to take place outside.

Our athletic field covers will help keep both indoor and outdoor fitness areas in pristine condition. For example, lets say that your company wants to host a baseball game during Global Employee Health & Fitness Month. One team will be composed of employees and the other will consist of upper management. Our collection of athletic field covers includes products that will protect both teams bull pens equally. We also have athletic field base covers, pitching mound covers and windscreens.

The windscreens are made from 8.2-ounce vinyl and feature evenly spaced grommets. So, you could use the grommets to hang up vinyl signs that support both the employee and management teams. The screens also come in colors that may just match one of the hues used in your companys logo. Some of the popular colors on offer are gray, white, forest green, Carolina and navy blue. As for the bull pen covers, they come in shades of black and white, which pair well with our silver and white base covers.

The gymnasium floor could be used during Global Employee Health & Fitness Month too. The come in various sizes and colors like yellow, red, black, white, royal and blue. Put them down to protect the floor before company basketball games, indoor aerobics or early morning yoga. The polyester reinforced, laminated vinyl will stand up to whatever your employees can dish out. To learn more about them and the other covers that we mentioned, please contact us.

First-rate Pond Liners May Be Used to Create Private Swimming Beaches

With the heat of summer on its way to reaching critical mass, you may be thinking about using your homes pond as a swimming area. Although it is appropriate to do so, youll need to do a bit of housekeeping first. Start by assessing your ponds liner. It should be porous enough to prevent incidents of beach sand leaching and resist damage from chemicals as well as heavy swim traffic.

At Canopies and Tarps, ourpond linersare extremely strong and customizable. So as long as your swim pond already has one in place, you should be good to go. If it doesnt, you may want to think about replacing your current pond liner with one of ours.Should your pond liner already be in tip-top shape, the next step is to focus on creating a sandy beach area.

Wed suggest using an additional pond liner to create the sandy beach area. The liner will help to prevent plant growth and keep the sand from leaching into the soil. Once the pond liner is into position, cover it with mortar sand until you have a 3:1 side slope and reach a depth that is somewhere between 6 to 18-inches. Then rake the sand until it is spread evenly and build a retaining wall to help prevent shore erosion.

Afterward, turn your attention towards issues related to water clarity. Youll want to consider using products like blue pond dye, manmade aerators, oxygenating plants, water pumps, biological filters and algaecides to get the job done. Some of the plants that may help are water hyssop, swamp ludwigia, ribbon grass, water ribbons and water milfoil. You can generally find these types of plants and supplies at aquatic supply stores and select garden departments.

To learn more about our pond liners and how they may be used to help create a swimming hole for your family this summer, pleasecontact ustoll-free. Our pond containment liner specialists may be reached by dialing (877) 811-3911.

Round Poly Tarps Can Help Reduce Pool Cleaning, Refilling and Heating Costs

With outdoor thermometer readings across the U.S. slowly creeping upward, it wont be long before Americans will be opening up their pools for the season. If you count yourself among them, dont forget to buy round polytarps. They can help you reduce pool care costs in three main areas, cleaning, refilling and heating. Heres how:

When left exposed to the elements, pool water can pick up debris, evaporate and cool down. Thus, leaving the pool owner faced with ongoing cleaning, refilling and heating tasks. All of which can cost the pools owner priceless time and financial resources.

Round poly tarps, on the other hand, are typically made with UV resistant, waterproof poly material. They tend to feature double lock stitched seams and rust resistant, modest-sized grommets. Placed evenly around the tarps exterior edging, the grommets are traditionally used to fasten the round tarps to grounded, guide wires or to the pools frame.

Once the round tarps are in place, theyll help to keep windborne and vegetative debris out of the water. They are also capable of protecting the water from cooling winds and sun exposure. Prolonged sun exposure, as you may know, can lead to costly, evaporation related, water loss.

It also is valuable to note that although the pool tarps come in various sizes, most are custom ordered. Thats why its best to order round poly tarps well before you decide to open up your outdoor pool for the season. That way, you wont have to leave the water unprotected.

Using the round poly tarps throughout the season is a simple affair. Basically, the tarp is placed over top of the pool any time that it is not in use. Then its removed in minutes whenever anyone wants to take a dip. To learn more about round poly tarps for indoor and outdoor pools, pleasecontact usat Canopies and Tarps today.

Protect Construction Tools in Between Job Site Runs with Truck Tarps

We all know that spring weather has a history of being unpredictable at best. It could be pouring down rain one minute and windy the next. So when moving from one job site to another, its important to protect your expensive tools from Mother Natures fury right? After all, no one wants to work with a rusty sawzall or hand tools.

In our experience, one of the best ways to achieve maximum tool protection is to invest in waterproof, poly trucktarps. Poly truck tarps are traditionally manufactured out of reinforced, laminated, heavy-duty polyethylene. They sport a tear resistant, 14 x 14 cross weave and 12 mil. thickness. So theyll hold up no matter what man or Mother Nature dishes out.

On top of that, each oil and UV resistant truck tarp is outfitted with beefy, metal D rings and evenly spaced, rust resistant grommets. The tie-down compatible grommets appear every 18 inches and the D-rings run in 2 foot intervals. Thus, fastening the abrasion resistant tarps to the truck in a secure fashion will be a cake walk.

Once securely attached to the trucks, the tarps will definitely help to keep tools and other cargo safe from the elements. To protect them from potential, transient shifting damage too, consider pairing the poly truck tarps with cargo netting, bed liners and bed mounted tool boxes. You can find those three items at most major truck retailers.

As for the poly truck tarps, youll find a wide assortment of them on offer at Canopies and Tarps. The tarps range in size from 07 x 09 to 11 x 24. Each one comes in basic black, which will help to hide the appearance of everyday road dust and organic debris. To learn more about them and secure a few before your next construction job begins, pleasecontact usat (877) 811-3911. When you do, be sure to inquire about our welding blankets, grinding curtains, machine covers and roofers tear-off tarps too.