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Three Reasons to Use a Vinyl Tarp at Your Trade Show Booth

Vinyl tarps can be a useful tool in every part of your day-to-day operations, but they’re absolutely essential if you travel to trade shows and take your business on the road. Here’s how:

Three Reasons to Use a Vinyl Tarp at Your Booth

Dyed vinyl has great coloring and detail. The last thing you want new customers to see is faded marketing supplies; it implies that your company is old or isn’t turning a profit. Instead, use a vinyl banner to show your logo and contact information. Because the color lasts for several years, using vinyl as your main banner material can establish your branding while you use other signs and banners for more temporary and seasonal information.

Vinyl tarps store easily. Whether you’re moving from site to site and visiting different trade shows in the region or you go to local events, your car space is at a premium. Vinyl tarps and banners can be folded into compact, flat packages that leave plenty of your trunk space for inventory, tables, and other supplies. They can also be folded without permanent fold lines, wrinkles, or cracks in the coloring.

Vinyl tarps are multipurpose. Sometimes you might need something to hang around the edge of your supply table that prominently displays your business name and helps you stand out from the crows. On other occasions, you might need quick rain cover to protect your wares from a brief storm or a quick roof for your lot. No matter what you need, vinyl’s durable, watertight weave can help.
For more business ideas and to find the right vinyl tarp to have on hand.

Want to Start Tent Camping? Get Yourself a Vinyl Tarp for Protection

viny-tarpSleeping out in the woods is an ideal way to de-stress from the chaotic nature of life. The easiest way to do this is to buy a tent, find a campground, and set yourself up for a few days. But, you will want to have a decent amount of camping supplies to make sure you have an enjoyable time while you are gone. It is a great idea to equip yourself with a vinyl tarp that can provide you with all sorts of benefits.
Keep Water Away
While your tent may be waterproof, you may not want to have rain pouring down on the top. A reliable solution is to take a vinyl tarp and string it above the entire surface area of the tent. It is best to know the size of your tent before ordering a tarp to make sure you get one that covers the whole surface. Also, you may want to add a few inches to give yourself extra clearance to exit the tent without getting soaked.
Break the Wind
When camping in the mountains, it is common for the wind to pick up. But, with a heavy-duty, vinyl tarp set up, you can break a lot of the wind that would otherwise pierce right through the tent. This is an important addition to have when you are camping in early spring or late autumn as it can get quite cold.
Easy Care
A vinyl tarp will be one of the easiest items to maintain in all of your camping supplies. You can get one that is waterproof, UV treated, and highly tear resistant, so it is not common for it to get damaged. Cleaning it only requires you to rinse it down before you put it away on the final day of camping.
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Vinyl Tarps and Tarpaulins, Designed for Those Who Desire Prepardeness

vinyl tarpsDo you own any vinyl tarps or tarpaulins? Did you know that vinyl tarps and tarpaulins come in handy around the house for a variety of things?
Consider what you might do if your roof suddenly sprang a leak. As the water began to pour into your home, what means would you have at your disposal to stop the flow and protect your belongings? If you owned a vinyl tarp, on the other hand, you could set up a barrier right away.

But home protection isn’t all. Vinyl tarps can be used for a variety of things.
Here are a few more uses that you might not have thought of.

– Drop cloth for projects or jobs
– Slipcover for furniture
– Protective curtain from weather or dust
– Rain block
– Sun block
– Wind block
– Shelter cover for the backyard and more
– For use when moving, protecting, and wrapping
– Cover for dog house or other animal shelters
– Hay or outdoor food stock cover
– Ground or soil protector
– Boat cover
– Car cover
– Deck cover

What’s more, vinyl tarps are washable, and they come in a variety of colors, sizes, and thickness, making them perfect for all types of professions, pastimes, or hobbies.
As we have pointed out in the past:

Homeowners, construction workers, handymen, outdoorsman, and just about anyone else that you can think of will benefit from having a high-quality tarp at the ready.

So, if you haven’t yet, consider how this versatile multi-purpose tool will benefit you.
Having a vinyl tarp at your disposal, or for any situation that arises, is the perfect way to ensure your ultimate preparation.

If you need vinyl or canvas tarps, tarpaulins, tents, hay covers, party tents, or even portable garages, please contact us today!

Vinyl Tarps and International Surf Music Month Events: A Perfect Hang 10

Vinyl TarpsDude, International Surf Music Month is rolling up on us like a rogue wave and those that arent prepared for it may just see their business profit potential wash away. So, take steps now to plan your special events and avoid being one of those washed up businesses on the shore. There are gnarly promotional opportunities to be capitalized on and weve got the setup supplies you need to hang 10 all month-long.


Blue Vinyl Tarp Surfing

Do you plan on hosting an International Surf Music Festival? If so, buy a surfboard bag full of blue vinyl tarps. Then set up tarp surfing spots throughout the music festivals grounds. Charge attendees to participate and have a photographer on hand too. The photographer could take pictures of the tarp surfers and sell them in a variety of ways. For example, they could put pictures of festival attendees tarp surfing on posters, t-shirts, beach towels, faux surf mag covers and more.

WiFi Enabled Party Tent

In addition, you might want to set up a tech lounge underneath of a nearby party tent. Make sure that it has WiFi access, electricity and computer banks where attendees may hop online and share festival photos in real-time with their social media friends or family members. Just think of the public relations and overall marketing potential!

Surfboard Customization Garage

In addition, consider buying portable garages and curtains that would be perfect for a surfboard customization area. Vendors could use the items to protect themselves and passersby from paint overspray and fiberglass dust. Afterward, they could sell the customized items on the spot to International Surf Music Festival attendees in the market for boss boards and fins.
Those are just three ways our products can make International Surf Music Festival events a success. Our inventory may also be used to set up concert areas, food courts and more. To continue discovering why our canopies, vinyl tarps and other products are the best for surfing events, please contact us online or toll-free today.

Dos and Donts for Cleaning Heavy Duty Poly and Vinyl Tarpaulins

12x25-insulated-poly-tarp-coverAt this time of year, its not uncommon for heavy duty poly and vinyl tarpaulins to need a little sprucing up. After all, dust and dirt happen. Good thing both types of tarpaulins are easy to clean. Here are few dos and donts to keep in mind before you grab that scrub brush:

Dont clean the tarpaulins with harsh commercial or household cleansers. Doing so could cause any waterproofing or other special coatings to deteriorate. In some instances, the chemicals could stain and degrade the vinyl or poly too.

Do consider making tarpaulin cleaning projects easy on your back and knees. The best way to do that is to reach for a long-handled push broom and squeegee. If you do need to get on your hands and knees to clean a stubborn spot, remember to use knee pads and proper posture. They may help keep the post-cleaning aches and pains away.

Dont allow wet, heavy duty or vinyl tarpaulins to fold over or sit in the shade. Otherwise, your tarpaulins could end up developing mold or mildew spots in no time. Instead, hang the wet tarpaulins up on a clothes line that will allow them to be bathed in sunlight until they are completely dry.

Do give vinyl and heavy duty tarpaulins the once over before putting them back in use or away for the season. If any damage is present, go ahead and get it taken care of straightaway. Most vinyl and heavy duty tarpaulins are easy to repair and our experts would be more than happy to walk you through the process. Though we dont expect that need to arise very often because our tarpaulins are renowned for their incredible durability.

To learn more about cleaning or maintaining heavy duty poly and vinyl tarpaulins, please contact us. At Canopies and Tarps, we make selling high quality products and assisting valued customers our first priorities.

Vinyl Tarps and Childs Play: 5 Ways to Improve Backyard Fun

With the kids out of school, there is no doubt that many of you are ardently looking for ways to keep the rug rats entertained. And believe it or not, vinyl tarps might just prove to be the answer to your, what do I do with the kids now? prayers. What follows are five ways to turn our fabulous, top-notch,vinyl tarpsinto childs play:

1.) Souped-Up Sand Boxes" If your rug rats love to play in the sand, consider building a souped-up sand box with our vinyl tarps. Build the sand boxs frame out of treated 2 x 4s or railroad ties. Next, line the frames interior with one of our vinyl tarps. Then use another tarp to create as a shade-producing roof. Add the play sand and then cover it with an additional vinyl tarp when the kids are finished playing. The third vinyl tarp will help keep the local wildlife from using the sand box as an outhouse.

2.) Makeshift Slip-n-Slide" When its time to get wet, use our vinyl tarps and foam pool noodles to make a cool slip-n-slide. Use the foam pool noodles to create the sides of the slip-n-slide and the vinyl tarps as the base. Then add water from the garden hose and let the kids have at it.

3.) Fun Fort 101" Our vinyl tarps may also be used to build a series of fun forts. For a super easy variation, hang one or two of our tarps over a clothes line, tree limb or picnic table. Youll have a kid-approved fort in an instant. For more elaborate set-ups, consider busting out the tent poles or frames.

4.) Good Morning Picnic" Most folks associate picnics with afternoons and early evenings. But with our vinyl tarps, the kids can have one in the mornings. The vinyl will keep their little butts from getting soaked with dew. Just spread one out onto the ground and send the kids outside with portable breakfast foods. Ones that come to our minds are refrigerator oatmeal, yogurt parfaits, fresh fruits, bagels with spreads and hardboiled eggs.

5.) Picasso Perfect Art –Lastly, why not hang one of our vinyl tarps up outside and let the kids unleash their inner Picassos. Give them a box of grease pencils, washable tempera paints and wet chalk that they can use to decorate the tarps. Then afterwards, hose down the vinyl and let the fun begin all over again.

To discuss these ideas further and find the perfect vinyl tarps for creating backyard fun, pleasecontact usby dialing (877) 811-3911. We have an abundance of vinyl laminated, coated, mesh and fire retardant tarps to choose from and well ship them fast.