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Greet April Showers with Vinyl Tarps for Rain Catchers

Rainwater harvesting isn’t just for farms anymore. It’s an economical and environmentally friendly source of water for any home or business. Now that spring is returning, you can turn a simple vinyl tarp into a rain catcher. Use the water you collect to water your garden, flush your toilets, wash your car, and many other functions. Even a small tarp can collect many gallons of water. Here’s how to get started.

How to Build a Vinyl Tarp Rain Catcher:

Start out with a new clean tarp. Tie each corner to a suitable support like a tree branch or trellis. Then, place barrels or other containers at the corners to catch the runoff. Make sure your tarp slopes down so the water will flow into your containers where you want it. Be sure to check your state and local laws too because collecting rainwater is illegal in some states or requires a special permit or other conditions.

Additional Water Friendly Garden Ideas:

To save even more water, use your tarp along with other popular strategies. Collect additional rainwater by putting one or more rain barrels underneath your gutter downspouts. When planting your garden, choose native species whenever possible because they’re suited to local conditions and will require less care. When you’re watering your plants, make it as efficient as possible. Less frequent but thorough watering does more good than daily light spraying because you’ll be getting the roots moist enough to support healthy growth. As always, avoid the midday sun so you don’t waste water that will quickly evaporate. Early morning is the best time of day. Educating yourself about drought-tolerant plants and gardening techniques is an effective way to keep your garden thriving during water restrictions or anytime you want to use water wisely.

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Three Reasons to Use a Vinyl Tarp at Your Trade Show Booth

Vinyl tarps can be a useful tool in every part of your day-to-day operations, but they’re absolutely essential if you travel to trade shows and take your business on the road. Here’s how:

Three Reasons to Use a Vinyl Tarp at Your Booth

Dyed vinyl has great coloring and detail. The last thing you want new customers to see is faded marketing supplies; it implies that your company is old or isn’t turning a profit. Instead, use a vinyl banner to show your logo and contact information. Because the color lasts for several years, using vinyl as your main banner material can establish your branding while you use other signs and banners for more temporary and seasonal information.

Vinyl tarps store easily. Whether you’re moving from site to site and visiting different trade shows in the region or you go to local events, your car space is at a premium. Vinyl tarps and banners can be folded into compact, flat packages that leave plenty of your trunk space for inventory, tables, and other supplies. They can also be folded without permanent fold lines, wrinkles, or cracks in the coloring.

Vinyl tarps are multipurpose. Sometimes you might need something to hang around the edge of your supply table that prominently displays your business name and helps you stand out from the crows. On other occasions, you might need quick rain cover to protect your wares from a brief storm or a quick roof for your lot. No matter what you need, vinyl’s durable, watertight weave can help.
For more business ideas and to find the right vinyl tarp to have on hand.

Three Ways to Use Vinyl Tarps to Protect Your Yard During Winter

Vinyl tarps are a useful all-purpose tool year-round, but they are particularly useful during the winter. Tarps provide a water-resistant, portable barrier that has unlimited uses. Here’s how to make use of them in the coming months:

Three Ways to Use Vinyl Tarps to Protect Your Yard During Winter

  1. Use vinyl tarps to protect weather sensitive plants during short freezes.Not all of your plants are strong enough for a heavy winter. Whether you have trees from other regions and climatic zones, new plants with vulnerable roots, or plants with out-of-season growth after a short warm period, cold weather can be damage your yard’s long-term growth. Wrap a tarp around the trunks of vulnerable trees and cover sensitive plants to repel icy rain and insulate some of the plants’ heat.
  2. Keep rain and plant debris away from your wood pile.Wood piles are already attractive targets for critters and insects looking for shelter from the winter weather. Even if you’re already taking preventative steps like stacking the wood tightly and stripping branches of leaves, the wind can still push leaves, dirt, and decaying organic matter into the cracks. Rainstorms will push moisture deep into the pile, creating the perfect environment for an infestation. Keep your wood pile sealed from the elements with a vinyl tarp and rope.
  3. Protect ongoing projects from sudden weather shifts.While many homeimprovement projects take place during thespring and summer, some projects just work out for winter. Whether your pouring cement to secure posts or digging trenches for deck repair or a hedge border, you need a way to protect ongoing work from sudden snowfall. Vinyl tarps provide a waterproof barrier that stopsyour work from being erased.

Winter weather can be harsh on your yard and exterior projects. No matter what you’re in the middle of, have a few tarps on hand for surprise weather and to keep outside supplies safe.Go to CanopiesAndTarps herefor more tips.

Want to Start Tent Camping? Get Yourself a Vinyl Tarp for Protection

viny-tarpSleeping out in the woods is an ideal way to de-stress from the chaotic nature of life. The easiest way to do this is to buy a tent, find a campground, and set yourself up for a few days. But, you will want to have a decent amount of camping supplies to make sure you have an enjoyable time while you are gone. It is a great idea to equip yourself with a vinyl tarp that can provide you with all sorts of benefits.
Keep Water Away
While your tent may be waterproof, you may not want to have rain pouring down on the top. A reliable solution is to take a vinyl tarp and string it above the entire surface area of the tent. It is best to know the size of your tent before ordering a tarp to make sure you get one that covers the whole surface. Also, you may want to add a few inches to give yourself extra clearance to exit the tent without getting soaked.
Break the Wind
When camping in the mountains, it is common for the wind to pick up. But, with a heavy-duty, vinyl tarp set up, you can break a lot of the wind that would otherwise pierce right through the tent. This is an important addition to have when you are camping in early spring or late autumn as it can get quite cold.
Easy Care
A vinyl tarp will be one of the easiest items to maintain in all of your camping supplies. You can get one that is waterproof, UV treated, and highly tear resistant, so it is not common for it to get damaged. Cleaning it only requires you to rinse it down before you put it away on the final day of camping.
If you have any questions about the vinyl tarps we carry, please contact us.

Why Not Get Crafty by the Yard with Canvas and Vinyl Tarps?

tarps by the yardDid you know that craft stores are not the only places well suited to unleashing a persons creativity? There is plenty for crafters to get excited about at Canopies and Tarps too. Sure, we have portable garages and vinyl tarps to complete a crafty souls work space but theres more. We also currently have canvas and vinyl fabric by the yard.

Whats so special about canvas and vinyl fabric by the yard? For one, the product variations make the creative possibilities endless. There are basic, tan canvas and clear vinyl selections on offer, thats for sure. In addition, crafters are likely to find a number of bold colors in the vinyl tarp category. Examples include, but are not limited to regal blues, sparkling whites, forest greens and sunshine yellows.

Accordingly, they could be fashioned into inexpensive, patio furniture cushions. Weve even seen the colorful, vinyl used to make custom table cloths, outdoor shower curtains, garden flags and DIY slip-n-slides. As for the canvas, it has more applications. For instance, in crafty hands it could be repurposed into accent rugs, placemats, awnings and hanging wall art.

Vinyl and canvas by the yard may be ordered at any time through our staff members. Just bear in mind the material does not feature seams or grommets. As such, theyll need to be purchased separately along with any other crafty accessories needed to complete a project. Weve got a number of them in stock, including plastic tarp clamps and repair kits for those whoopsie moments.

To examine the materials more closely and see what you can come up with, please reach out to us today. As long as weve got the canvas and vinyl material in our warehouse, it should reach you promptly. And special pricing may be available on large, fabric by the yard orders.

Stash Away Vinyl Tarps Before the Summer Storms Roll Into Town

Vinyl TarpsThe Atlantic hurricane seasons impending arrival always turns many Americans stress levels up a notch. However this year, even the most stoic storm veterans are feeling uneasy. Why? Meteorologists widely agree that recent events may cause this season to be a real doozy. With that noted, having a stash of vinyl tarps on hand is going to be more important than ever, especially for coastal property owners.

Were not solely referring to standard tarps either. Theres obviously a need for triage tarps too. They differ from basic, vinyl tarps in valuable ways. For instance, the come in universal colors meant to signal certain things to rescue teams. Which universal colors are most important when picking out triage tarps? We recommend four colors to start. They are black, yellow, red and green.

The black vinyl tarps, as you may have assumed, are typically used to mark off areas used as makeshift morgues. The other colors are designed to segregate storm victims based on the extent of their physical injuries. Examples include, but arent restricted to using the green ones to identify the least injured. Other colors beyond the ones weve already mentioned are also available.

What are the other vinyl tarps for? In reality, rescue teams may use them for everything from building makeshift checkpoints to food and water distribution areas. And rescue teams arent the only groups of people who will benefit from having stashes of vinyl tarps around during hurricane season. Remember, vinyl varieties are excellent for finishing a number of post hurricane tasks. For instance, they could serve as tent footprints or storm breaks.

Vinyl tarps will also likely be helpful during cleanup and rebuilding efforts. This includes diverting water away from wind-torn holes in buildings roofs or walls. To find enough of them and other color-coded tarps before the 2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season hits, please contact us now.

Vinyl Tarps and Tarpaulins, Designed for Those Who Desire Prepardeness

vinyl tarpsDo you own any vinyl tarps or tarpaulins? Did you know that vinyl tarps and tarpaulins come in handy around the house for a variety of things?
Consider what you might do if your roof suddenly sprang a leak. As the water began to pour into your home, what means would you have at your disposal to stop the flow and protect your belongings? If you owned a vinyl tarp, on the other hand, you could set up a barrier right away.

But home protection isn’t all. Vinyl tarps can be used for a variety of things.
Here are a few more uses that you might not have thought of.

– Drop cloth for projects or jobs
– Slipcover for furniture
– Protective curtain from weather or dust
– Rain block
– Sun block
– Wind block
– Shelter cover for the backyard and more
– For use when moving, protecting, and wrapping
– Cover for dog house or other animal shelters
– Hay or outdoor food stock cover
– Ground or soil protector
– Boat cover
– Car cover
– Deck cover

What’s more, vinyl tarps are washable, and they come in a variety of colors, sizes, and thickness, making them perfect for all types of professions, pastimes, or hobbies.
As we have pointed out in the past:

Homeowners, construction workers, handymen, outdoorsman, and just about anyone else that you can think of will benefit from having a high-quality tarp at the ready.

So, if you haven’t yet, consider how this versatile multi-purpose tool will benefit you.
Having a vinyl tarp at your disposal, or for any situation that arises, is the perfect way to ensure your ultimate preparation.

If you need vinyl or canvas tarps, tarpaulins, tents, hay covers, party tents, or even portable garages, please contact us today!

Chip Away at Late Winter Yard Work with an Assortment of Vinyl Tarps

vinyl tarpsDuring the winter months, it may seem like Mother Nature is taking a holiday but its not true. Despite the seasonal slowdown, yard work and home maintenance responsibilities continue to pile up. For instance, there are those broken tree limbs that will need to be picked up and gotten rid of before springs arrival. So youll unquestionably need an assortment of vinyl tarps.

Reinforced, vinyl tarps meant to be abrasion and puncture resistant are ideal for disposing of broken tree limbs. Simply spread the vinyl tarp on to the completely or semi-frozen ground and put the discarded limbs on top of it. Then grab the wood-filled, vinyl tarps by the seams or grommets and pull them to a designated location for further processing.

If you plan on running the discarded branches through a wood chipper, be sure to place extra vinyl tarps in front of the machines exit chute. Then position the chute so the chips will fly out and hopefully land on top of the surrounding, vinyl tarps. Afterward, the tarps ends could be folded over to protect the chips from precipitation.

Just remember, in addition to fire starters, theyll make excellent mulch and driveway filler for homes situated in rural areas. So once the chips have dried out, they could be bagged for future use or immediately tossed into the wood stove. Depending on how many pounds of wood chips there are, the vinyl tarps could double as temporary storage aids.

Furthermore, spare vinyl tarps may be used to protect the wood chipper from late season storms and store room debris in between work days. Our staff may be able to help find wood chipper covers for everyones machines as well as other vinyl tarps perfect for December through February yard work projects. To receive courteous, professional assistance, please contact us today.

Jump to it and Keep the Outdoor Trampoline in Operation with Vinyl Tarps

Vinyl TarpsTrampolines are among the most-loved, outdoor, recreational equipment out there. People of all ages traditionally use them throughout the spring and summer, then put them away in the fall. However, we have found that with the addition of vinyl tarps, some families have been able to keep their trampolines up until the snow flies. The secret behind their accomplishment is electing to buy the perfect one.

Which vinyl tarps are perfect for outdoor trampolines? In our opinion, its the round tarps. Round tarps are traditionally manufactured using either high-quality mesh with or without shade weave. Both types are UV and rip resistant with grommets appearing every two feet, around all of the edges. Naturally, they are vital features to have when it comes to protecting trampolines from the autumn sun and wind. So we wouldnt recommend choosing a cover without them.

That said, the shade weave tarps may be more appropriate for some trampolines than the other tarpaulins for one, simple reason. Theyre breathable. Remember, some trampolines are made from premium-grade bounce mats, plastic sheathing and fiberglass rods but not all. So the lower grade materials may dry rot or otherwise degrade if they arent placed in an area with some ventilation.
Thus, choosing shade mesh weave tarps accomplished two things. First, it shields all of the trampoline sensitive elements we mentioned above from the sun. Second, it allows lower quality materials an opportunity to breathe. Consequently, it is worth taking a hard look at a trampolines construction before selecting vinyl tarps. Of course construction is just one concern.

Before buying round tarps to cover outdoor trampolines, dont forget to take measurements. Pick a diameter tarp that is likely to provide the trampolines bounce mat with full coverage. And if necessary, choose one that will cover the trampolines side mesh walls too. To learn more about picking vinyl tarps for outdoor trampolines, please contact us today.

[Vinyl Tarps] Do You Have the Right Machine Cover for Your Riding Lawn Mower?

vinyl tarpsAutumns impending arrival signals the end of summer lawn care and honey-do tasks. We know that some of you are breathing a happy sign of relief over that. However, it also marks the time when homeowners must prepare their lawn equipment for winter hibernation. And that means there will be a bit more work in store for the weary. This is especially the case for those who use riding lawn mowers.

Before the snow flies, youll need to thoroughly clean the riding lawn mower and extract the battery. The battery should be cleaned too before being stored underneath of a chemical resistant, vinyl tarp with the rest of the batteries from your homes lawn and recreational equipment. Afterward, youll need to empty the fuel tank otherwise it may crack or gel up once the temperatures dip below freezing. Store the leftover gas in a metal can or use it up instead.

When youre done, cover the riding mower with a poly or vinyl machine cover from Canopies and Tarps. With enough advance notice and the right dimensions, we can use some of the worlds best, all-weather vinyl to craft a custom cover for your riding lawn mower or youre welcome to buy some of our standard ones. Then push or roll the riding lawn mower into its designated, winter storage area and seal the area up tight.

If you dont already have a suitable place to safely store your homes riding lawn mower and other equipment for the winter, dont worry. We have portable carports and garages that may be used to shelter riding lawn mowers, push mowers, weed whackers and the like throughout the winter. To learn more about our custom-made, riding mower covers as well as other top-notch items that will keep lawn equipment safe during the winter months, please contact us today.