Round Tarps

There are some occasions when a round tarp is right kind of fit for the job. Pools, baseball fields and pitcher's mound are just a few areas where round tarps are more suited to provide coverage and protection. Taking the time to cover up your pool with a correctly fitting tarp can save your time and energy in the long run. Why waste time cleaning up dirt and debris when you can stop it from getting in the water in the first place?

At Canopies and Tarps we stock circular tarps crafted from 7-ounce poly mesh material. The feature grommets fitted at every 2-foot interval around the edge of the tarp, and they have double lock stitched seams for added strength and durability. The polyethylene material the tarp is made from is entirely waterproof and has the added bonus of being resistant to UV rays. These tarps boast an 87 percent shade coverage, despite the breathable nature of the mesh surface material.

Round tarps are available in both solid polyethylene and mesh polyethylene. While the mesh material allows for more airflow over the solid material, both offer superb protection against harmful sun exposure, dirt, debris, foliage and other hazards of the outdoors. Sizing options for the solid poly tarps range from a 5' diameter to a 60' diameter. Round mesh tarps also range in size from 5' all the way up to a massive 60'. This extraordinary sizing scale ensures all sizing needs are met. Mesh tarps can be purchased in black, green and tan, while the solid poly tarps are available in two-toned colors of silver and black or silver and white.

Canopies and Tarps uses only the highest quality materials, so do not be fooled by the low prices. The versatility of these tarps alone is enough to make this purchase worthwhile. Round tarps are made to order, which means you should allow 15-20 business days for construction before the tarp is shipped to you.